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Pure Review

Pure Review: Pure prides itself on being the most anonymous hookup app on the market. It seems to be tailor made for individuals who want to cheat on their partners without getting caught. However, it’s not without its problems.


Sign Up

Signing up for Pure is extremely easy. You’ll need to agree to the terms of service, and allow geolocation. You can also allow push notifications if you wish.

You’ll have to enter your credit card information. You’ll receive a free 7-day trial. If you don’t cancel it before the 7 days is up, you’ll be chared for a monthly membership. You’ll enter your gender and sexual orientation and post a selfie.

Member Interactions

Once you’ve completed the minimal sign-up process, you’ll be taken to your home screen. Once you submit your profile, it will be visible to anyone on the app within a 30-mile radius for one hour. Similar to Snapchat, after the hour expires, so does your information.

Similar to Tinder, your picture will be displayed to members of the opposite sex near you who are also active at the time. If you both like each other’s picture, or you get a notification that someone likes you and select “me too”, you are matched. You can then begin chatting.

You can send pictures, text, and your location via the app messenger. Your conversation will be available for one hour, then it is deleted. To encourage instant hookups, you can even get an Uber ride to your match’s house from the app.

The only thing the app saves is your payment information and sexual orientation. Everything else automatically deletes after your hour is up. This makes it the app for cheating on your partner. It’s also great if you simply value your privacy.

The downside of Pure is that if you don’t live in a large city, you aren’t likely to find anyone else on the app. According to users, even those in large cities have a difficult time finding someone to hookup with on the app. The userbase is small, and even the users in your area have to be on the app in the same hour timeframe that you are for you to match.

The five cities where Pure is most popular are London, Moscow, New York, Los Angeles, and Mexico City. If you aren’t in one of these cities, you can give it a free try for a week, but don’t get your hopes up.

Pure Review: Bottom Line

If you live in a city where Pure is active, it can be the best wingman you’ve ever had. If you live in a rural area, you are likely wasting your time with the app.

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