Read Her Mind And Get Laid

Have you ever heard:
“Women are too complex”
“Women think too emotionally”
“Men just don’t understand women”
Well it’s Bullshit…
Yes women do think very emotionally but it’s not some secret code that we have to stress over. YOU already have all the tools to understand a women’s mind. Just access the knowing and natural empathy within yourself and you will be streaks ahead of every other guy.
In most cases women are nervous and uncertain when it comes to dating confident guys. They don’t know how they should act… if they come on too strong we get turned off. If they play hard to get we may not follow.
So long as your not completely in the dark on  female psychology you should have enough knowledge to be able to seduce something!
But I Still Need Help!
If you still need a little help unlocking her mind and discovering what she is really thinking with 97.5% accuracy take this quiz…
There are 8 questions to answer about the women you are interested in… The quiz will ask you about her personality.

If you know just a few things about the women you are going to approach (from a friend or just by asking her) you can find out very intimate secrets about her life and sexual attitude.
By taking the quiz you should be able to find out from a women if she is:
More women are open to one night stands than you are lead to believe by women and media figures. Find out first hand by asking her these carefully disguised questions.
Some women are happy to be single – it allows them to date multiple guys at once. If you are just after casual sex then these female personalities are fine. If your looking for gf material avoid these women like the plague!
Some women just don’t have the emotional security to stick around in a relationship for very long. They freak out and leave or they put on a fake persona for the first 3 months and are completely different people inside the relationship. Find out if this women is girlfriend material by putting her through this test.
One of the questions asks you about whether she is a risk taker in life – another asks you if she hangs out with predominantly male or female friends.
The answers the female quiz receives is then able to guess at the type of person she is likely to be in the future based on science also used by e.g. the US Air force and the Wharton school of business.
Now you can go into a bar or predefined situation armed with a set of questions that enable you to profile a women. If your on the lookout for casual sex you can screen out the serious girls so that you don’t waste your precious Saturday night sarge hours.
The set of questions is also a fun and unique value adding exercise.
Even though women are not as complex as you have been lead to believe they do require just a little decoding… a little mindreading. You will be able to read a women’s mind with the help of 3questionsgetthegirl
You see there really isn’t mind reading in the magical sense but you can read her mind if you understand natural feminine responses to certain stimuli.
By asking her predefined questions and by having an excellent knowledge of the likely answers you can predict with high certainty:

  • What kind of personality she has
  • What she’s like in bed
  • Her thoughts on casual sex
  • Her current level of interest in you (no more guessing… phew!)

In fact you can find out almost anything about her… but you have to know which questions to ask. Phrase them in a certain way and she’ll pull away from you rather than open up and reveal her personality.
As a contrast to reading her mind with reactions from your questions – you can read her body and get far. A women will often start the seduction process by signifying her interest with body language. A successful seducer knows which battles to pick by choosing the women that are already interested.
A womens body language and gestures are a good mirror to her thoughts and feelings. If her body language is closed and withdrawn you should assume that her thoughts are too. If she is smiling open and flirty the obvious assumption is that you are having a positive effect on her.
In order to read her mind and get laid you must understand more about what’s going on in her head.
Discover how what questions to ask and what body language clues to look out for inside:


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