Real Life Cam Review

RealLifeCam Review


Here’s a list of the good and the bad for Real Life Cam


  • Easy sign-up process
  • Straightforward website layout and design
  • Live cam action



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Sign Up

Accessing the account for free, you’ll see the different apartments but all with limited view. Mostly just the main living area.

To be a member of Real Life Cam Review, you must provide an email, password and pay the subscription fee of $29.95 USD for a standard membership. With the payment comes the perks of accessing the ‘private lives’ of people in an apartment that is equipped with live cameras, no holds barred.


Real life cam is not an interactive website where you get to communicate or chat with the people at the other end of the camera. To view the videos, the website requires Adobe Flash Player.


Soon as you sign up, you will be paying up $29.95 USD for a standard subscription that allows you to access 7 apartments and watch 3 simultaneous streams.

If you find the 7 apartments quite restrictive, upgrading to a premium membership has the following features:

  • 25 Apartments, 340+ Cameras
  • Up to 5 simultaneous streams
  • Motion detection
  • Multiviewer
  • Preview of all popular cams
  • Preview in menus
  • Auto-follow top cam
  • Full-screen mode
  • RLC Remote

Premium plan prices start at $44.95 USD for 30 days. There are cheaper options valid for longer periods. The 90-day validity membership is for only 114.95, making the cost lower at $38.3 USD for 30 days. And the 6-month subscription is priced at $ 199.95 USD or $33.3 USD per month.

By purchasing tokens whilst subscribed to a premium plan, you also get the capability to access up to 7 days worth of playback – for those days/times when you weren’t able to watch everything that’s happening 24/7.

Interesting Information

The apartments are either occupied by couples or roommates. You can even follow them when they go on vacation.

The people in RealCamLife are either in their underwear or naked just walking around the house, going about their day, watching TV, cooking, cleaning, fiddling with their phones, or simply sleeping.

On free access, you’re less likely to catch the apartment dwellers doing steamy things. Again, the cameras usually activated when you’re accessing RealLifeCam for free are either the living room, the halls, or the kitchen. Here, you get to see the stack of plates in the sink, the laundry they hung to dry, or the mug they left on the coffee table without a coaster – how immoral!

Bathrooms and bedrooms are reserved for paying customers because all the naked and sexy fun happens there anyway.

Bottom Line

RealLifeCam is the ultimate voyeur experience, you just get to watch, observe and hope that something interesting happens.

If voyeurism is your thing, RealLifeCam is a really awesome way to get off without ending up in the police station – these people all consent to having their lives watched.

In the free access, you’ll chance on the people walking around naked or in their underwear, and if that’s enough for your voyeur thirst then that works. However, if you want to see what really goes down, a paid membership might be needed.

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