Reasons To Use Sex Personals

Reasons To Use Sex Personals:


  1. Ease of use
  2. Speed
  3. Filtering and Search Abilities
  4. Niche interests (bdsm, couple, bisexual) can be sorted easily
  5. Anonymous – Secret – Private
  6. Fun
  7. High Volume Of Users
  8. Available anywhere in the world
  9. Increase sexual confidence
  10. Overcome shyness and approach anxiety
  11. Low barrier to entry
  12. Meet new people
  13. Experience new cultures
  14. Participate in blogs and forums
  15. Spice Up your marriage
  16. Find threesome
  17. Find yourself a f&^k buddy

Localized sex personals is the real motivation of singles on the lookout for casual sex – in most cases your not interested in talking to a stranger in another country because there is very little chance of actually meeting in real life.
Your really on the lookout for the girl nextdoor… that seemingly innocent neighbourhood girl that secretly want’s to meetup. She doesn’t want to come across as slutty to others but is motivated to find a guy to meet up with under the cover of darkness.
Casual dating personals sites give the motivated and adventurous the power to create their online avatar and fulfill their carnal desires. Never before has it been so easy to get into contact with sexual matches that you wouldn’t have known previously.
Yeah I get that their is facebook and that you can increase your social circle through this network but it’s kind of screwing the crew in a way. Gossip get’s out inside your friends circle and you don’t want to get the label of the one night stand guy.
With casual personals sites it’s an anonymous encounter with a women you don’t know – if it goes pear shaped = no bad repercussions for you.
By having a friend with benefits outside your personal circle you give yourself the opportunity to experiment. You allow yourself to take on a more adventurous side of your personality.

Reasons To Use Sex Personals: Friends With Benefits

The idea of friends with benefits is that you are actually good friends – you hang out and do what normal friends do… except on the off you sleep together.
Anyone that has arranged this sort of thing before will know that sex really does complicate things – sex is designed to do much more than just produce offspring! It also creates a bond between two people so that they stick around to help each other during the child rearing stages.
The odd sexual encounter isn’t going to affect you too  much if you don’t know the person but frequent sexual acts with a friend WILL start to send messages to your brain. The love center will start to kick in and feelings of attachment are common. As a result friends with benefits morphs into so much more than an innocent attempt at casual sex.
Sex personals allows you to separate your friends from your uncontrollable cravings… sometimes you just gotta have it and your work colleague might seem a good idea at the time but what if it get’s weird?
Women commonly choose sexual partners that are very distant from their friends network:
Sexual freedom + No label seems like a win win…
and in most cases it is – providing you choose carefully and protect yourself with offline transition safety measures you will find the people you meet online to be just like you. Most of them will be new to meeting others online for intimacy… most will be nervous about meeting you… most will be exited and eager in the knowledge that they know your real intentions.

Reasons To Use Sex Personals: Intent

It’s really the intent and your knowledge of their intent that makes the meeting via a casual dating site so interesting. There is a usually a long drawn-out process that takes place between to people on a date.
Usually there is constant feedback and testing of boundaries while trust is being established. This obviously still goes on with online relationships when they transition offline but the big difference is escalation safety. There is a hidden knowledge because you both have had a long online chat about what you would love to do…
Now it’s just a matter of getting to know each other and acting it out. This rapid sexual escalation from online to offline is unprecedented in human history. So if you feel a little odd about it know that your running into uncharted territories.
NOTE: some of the free options below are not specifically designed for casual dating. Many of the users within the large network that is pof will not be interested. Respect their intent and treat them like you would like to be treated. If they do not have casual dating in their profile it’s because (at this point in their life) they are not interested in casual sex.
Going with a paid option such as the friend finder network allows you access into a whole community (millions strong) of casual daters swingers and alternatives. You need to weigh up what your looking for – cupid and benaughty would be an example of a dating network that hits the middle ground and let’s you in the door without committing to full on sexual expression. So I guess there’s a site for every bodies needs – as you mature and need more variety you can upgrade to a more serious option.

Sex Personals Options

oasis active
plenty of fish
friend finder network
no strings attached
get it on
be naughty

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