Reasons Why Your Ex Left

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Reasons Why Your Ex Left
One thing is for certain – your ex won’t let you back into her/his life if you don’t change something about yourself. Whether it be a poor attitude, bad habit, cheating or even violence.
The ability for humans to forgive people continues to amaze me as sometimes a simple apology will do the trick (even when it shouldn’t)
If you are able to get back into your ex’s life with a simple apology only it’s unlikely that the relationship will survive.
Have you really changed?
If you have spent time carefully considering what you have done and you have resolved the issues in your head then an authentic apology is fine but more often that not it simply will not cut it.
Getting your ex back can be really tough sometimes because once you destroy someone’s trust in you (often repeatedly) getting them back into your life requires hard work.
What you need to do is sit down and determine the specific reasons why your ex left.
You Sleeping Around
She Slept Around And Found Someone Else
To Much Time At Work
Does Not Feel Understood
Lack Of Intimacy
You Grew Apart
Compatibility Issues
Money Issues
Inherent Lack Of Trust
Mental Issues
There are many reasons why she could have left but pick the ones that really stand out.
And then really drill down into each category and find out the real reasons why she left.
If you picked say : Compatibility Issues
Perhaps the two of you have nothing in common and you weren’t meant for each other anyway?
If she loves underwater hockey and you love knitting I struggle to see how the two of you can really bond.
If it was Boredom you may not be putting the effort into the relationship that you should be.
Remember boring people get bored
There are so many interesting things to do in life you just need to want to do them. Your probably should have started new hobbies together to break the routine of marriage.
The usual reason for breakups is of course SEX.
The old s word which leads to a complete break down in trust between two people. The one unwritten rule of a relationship is that you have intimacy with only one person unless otherwise agreed upon.

Relationship Trust is HUGE

And if you have broken that trust then shame on you! (haha haven’t heard the term shame on you for awhile though I’d throw that in)
Really though trust is massive and it’s really fricken tough to re establish years of trust issues.
Women take trust VERY seriously so if you want save your marriage or get your ex back you are going to have to come up with a way to rebuild that trust.
Trust building with your ex requires that you keep your promises EVERY TIME. You tell her where you are going and what you are doing EVERY TIME. If you go out and stay an hour later than you said you would you RING HER and tell her what you are doing.
Just imagine for a second how you would feel if you trusted someone with the biggest secret of your entire life and the next day behind your back they went and told everyone while all the while laughing in your face.
You would most likely feel like kicking him to pieces. Well your ex has the right to do the same to you and never see you again. A betrayal of trust is one of the worst things that can happen to a women that has opened up her fragile heart to a man.
If she does decide to take your sorry ass back then by god you better thank her for it and prove that you have changed for the better.
There is nothing worse than seeing a women continually take back a man who has obviously not changed for the better.
Only approach a women and ask to her to get back with you if you have changed and you have learnt your lesson.
Take another look at the reasons why women leave and find out which category you are in.
You might just find you have some growing up to do…
No matter what age you currently are!
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