Rejection Anxiety: The First Hurdle

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For some reason guys get shy at the prospect of approaching and saying hi to women – if you have a crush that you have had your eye on lately and don’t have the balls to talk to her read on…
The following video talks about how asian guys should stop being so shy about approaching women outside their race. As well as not being intimidated by black women and their expectations of your size in bed.
Video on asian guys and black women:

Changing The Motive

One of the big reasons why guys are nervous to begin with is because they believe they have some sort of motive that the girl will not be interested in.
Perhaps you have a crush on this amazingly hot girl… your motive is that you want to go out with her or get her number or jump her bones… this becomes obvious in your approach and how you communicate with her. You become so preoccupied with NOT screwing the whole thing up that you forget to connect with her and come across normal.
It becomes an obsession of what could I lose rather than what could I gain… the reality is that you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. But you see it like you have everything to lose by approaching her and very little to gain.
By changing your motivation for approaching her you change the game completely.
No longer does it become a win lose situation with her winning and you losing but just a conversation… just a simple question.
If she is in the library and you have never talked to her before then it’s all about making first contact…
You will know much about her life because you are obsessed with her but she wont know you exist yet so it’s time to get on her radar…
You remove all sexual tension and weirdness by just asking her one simple question about class homework or the book she is reading… The more normal and boring the better – you can learn to escalate later but right now it’s just about coming across as normal as possible.
There will be no phone number or kiss after this conversation… It might just be a passing comment about when homework is due.
If your in a work environment… the question could be related to what needs to be done after lunch.

To eliminate initial rejection anxiety remove the source of the problem… your expectation of result or lack of result!

Later you can use mystery and seduction techniques but right now it’s just about getting over that first hurdle.
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