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If you have recently been dumped there are a few things you should consider – you may have been dumped before but nothing can prepare you for the whirlwind of emotions you will feel over the next month or even year. The predominant emotion will be sadness and loss… Netdoctor have a segment on how to deal with loss and sadness as a result of being dumped.
You feel a loss because part of you has suddenly disappeared – that part of you was the place your ex had in your heart.
Now they’ve gone you have to deal with life’s issues and stress all by yourself and sometimes what you have left of yourself just doesn’t seem enough.
Your ex used to help you make decisions and care for you when you were down, they were always there if you needed a chat and now that they are so suddenly no longer in your life you are reeling.
How do you cope with such as sudden loss that is comparable to the death of a family member – because that’s pretty much as bad as it is if not worse
They have died in your life because they are no longer present and because they were such as HUGE part of your life… you life now seems utterly pointless and empty.
This loss is completely normal and everybody feels it no matter the terms of the relationship breakup. The trick to dealing with a break up is how you respond to adversity…
Reading through yahoo answers about stories of how people coped with being dumped could help.
There will be sudden tears and sadness after certain songs and movies but time keeps ticking by and you wont cry forever… Believe it or not there IS an amazing person out there for you that is BETTER suited to you than your ex was.
Your ex will always be an important part of you even if they left in a negative circumstance. It pays to not think about them to much otherwise you might find yourself sad an unhealthy amount of time throughout the day…
If you find a song getting you down just TURN IT OFF… don’t think that you have to put yourself through it.
They dumped you for whatever reason and now you have to deal with the feelings they have left you with… The best coping mechanism is to reach out to family and friends for support.
Simply talking to people about how your feeling is enough to heal the emotional wound.
Talking helps to put your feelings into context and better understand that you are not the only one who has gone through this (not by a long shot)
Putting what you are feeling into words can be tough so be sure that you choose a friend that understands what you are going through.
A friend that has been through a break-up in the past is your best chance of getting what you need.
They will be grateful that you have chosen them to share your secrets and feelings and this will bond you closer together.
Establishing new friends and re-connecting with old friends is very important after you have been dumped. Even if you secretly want to try to get your ex back you need time to heal and grow.
The time apart can do you wonders so make the most of your now single life! It helps to look on the bright side after being dumped and see it as a new opportunity.
“Remember it’s not what happens to use but how we respond to it”

Just Been Dumped… Moving Forward

You have a few decisions to make:
Get your ex back and repair the old relationship,
Choose just to be friends
NEVER see their face again
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The last one being the easiest for you to deal with… The problem is that you invested so much time in the past and they really would be a great friend to hang out with if you could just not think about them as an ex…
The trouble is, or though the friend option is what everyone want it’s VERY hard to do…
Some people can manage to be friends with their ex but in most cases you are unable to control your emotions around them and simply seeing them brings back all of the good and bad times…
Even though it’s up to you, it’s recommended that you don’t see your ex for at least a couple of months after the break up.
This may seem like a long time but emotional break-ups can take A LOT out of you and they take a long time to recover from.
Many guys and girls that have recently broken up actually end up leaving town altogether to start a new life… They suggest that landmarks, parks, roads and areas of the town bring back to many memories for them and it’s best if they just move away.
This is an extreme tactic but one that can work very well. Moving to a new city is a metaphor for a new life.
Do not underestimate the power of emotions you are feeling. You might think other people do not understand or care about what is going on in your head but they cant read your mind..
You don’t have to do it all on your own BUT there are some things you need to sort out for yourself. You are going to be by yourself a little more than usual which is just part of the break up process.
Being alone for a period of time after a break up is actually recommended but don’t leave it to long…
When you are ready make sure you make that effort to go out and meet NEW people. You don’t want to be the guy/girl that fell apart just because you were dumped.
Treat this situation that you find yourself in as a positive move forward to an amazing new life… Write down a few things that you love doing but never got that chance to do when you were with your ex.
With your new found freedom you can do whatever you like!
It’s 100% up to you how you choose to respond to being dumped – you can sit in your room and sulk about how bad your life is going to be (which will be a self fulfilling prophecy)
After the period of mourning you can celebrate your new life and the possibilities it holds…

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