Relationship Advice : Time And Expectation

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When issues in your relationship arise you might start to ponder your next move…
How good should a relationship be?
Am I really asking too much of this person?
Over time the main issue that pops up is one of loss of self. Along the road of relationship sacrifice you lose apart of yourself to form ONE stronger person. But what if the partnership you create becomes less than what you could have accomplished by yourself?
You might be thinking…
How much am I really missing out on?
How much should you demand and expect from your spouse or partner…
Will excessive time together spoil the relationship?
Most times you will let the relationship run its course until you hit a major road block, then attempt to deal with the issues that arise.

The road block could be

Spiritually related
Differences in opinion
Communication issues
Personality differences

The catalyst is usually

Excessive time spent together…
Excessive stress
Once these issues in your relationship arise it can be difficult to narrow down where the root of the problem is. You will be very much aware that there is a problem… but you not so sure how you should fix it.
Communication in a relationship is the single most important aspect when you are trying to heal or fix a sticking point. The two of you need to be able to honestly communicate what you want and how you feel about certain actions and situations.
Is the relationship in need of some simple advice or tips to get it back on track or are there some more serious issues at play?
You might want to consider if it’s unreasonable to expect that the relationship will be perfect all the time especially if you are spending a lot of time together…
If you are certain that the relationship issue runs deeper than a little cabin fever then take a look at personality differences. It could be that no matter how bad the two of you want the relationship to work…
It’s just never going to be what you want it to be. The relationship will require to much compromise from the each party – so much so that you will no longer be you.
You might find yourself being and acting a little fake half the time and then the roles swap over. Sooner or later something will crack.
Finally what are you providing and giving to the relationship that will make her feel special. Are you a worthwhile part of the relationship or are you taking her for granted? This could be giving financially to the relationship…
Taking to much emotionally and not giving back…
In the end you never really know until you ask your partner. If they seem silent and reserved at first keep probing for answers. Sooner or later they will start letting you know their expectations and needs spiritually/emotionally and financially.
Everyone is different and the more you GIVE in a relationship the more likely they will be to give back and love you in return.

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