5 Relationship Stages And Why Love Is The Key To a Happy Life

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Humans are social creatures. We need social contact with other people to stay happy and content in our life.

Because of that deep-rooted human need, we form relationships with other people.


Those relationships can be on a friendly basis, as family members, business partners or love relationships. Every relationship has its own purpose. But in the end, every relationship helps us to address and meet our needs.

Relationships can be a source of support, encouragement, and validation. Things we all humans beings need and crave to stay healthy and live a more balanced life.

In this article, the emphasis will be on the romantic relationships. You will learn how they affect us and make us change . Every relationship goes through particular stages. You can use that knowledge to your advantage, and improve your relationships.

How Relationships Change Over Time

Before we enter a serious relationship it is best to first learn about them in general.

When you know how relationships work in general you know better what to expect. You know your personal likes and dislikes, standards and priorities, so you stand a better chance at maintaining a happy and fulfilled relationship with other people.

One crucial piece of knowledge is that every relationship goes through 5 stages. By knowing about them, we are able to recognize them and act accordingly at different times.

5 Relationship Stages

Phase 1 – The Honeymoon

This is the first stage when we first meet someone new. Everything is new, exciting and fueled with intense emotions. It is very passionate and romantic time, and in this stage, we fall deeply in love with our partner.

At this stage, the sexual attraction and passion are at its highest.

All we can see is positives in our partner. Everything seems easy and effortless through our rose colored glasses.

Phase 2 – Accommodation

In this stage, the honeymoon phase slowly starts to wear off. Some time has passed and the reality of everyday life has set in. We can’t stay in the honeymoon phase forever.

With time we’ve gotten to know our partner better. We know their habits, good sides, bad sides and their personality.

Certain roles and expectations have been set and it is hard to reverse them now. That’s why it’s important to set the right expectations and standards from the beginning of the relationship.

In this stage, it is not uncommon for conflict to arise. It’s very important to learn proper conflict and problem-solving techniques. Effective communication is one of the most important skills to develop in relationships. Good communication can do wonders for maintaining and fixing relationships.

Phase 3 – The Challenge

The third phase can make or break any relationship. Relationships are not all fun times and happiness. Sometimes, we will face difficult and tough times in life. Maybe we are facing the unemployment, illness in the family, or some tough financial situation.

In situations like these, partners get to know what to expect from one another. Can we rely and depend on our partner’s support and guidance when we need it the most?

In this phase, we may experience some disillusionment. We don’t see the relationship how we envisioned them. We see them the way they are happening right now, in real life. That can make us feel unhappy.

It’s not uncommon for infidelity to happen in this phase. We can start to fantasize about our past lovers. Even feel a strange sexual attraction to other people.

The challenge phase will determine the future direction of the relationship.

Phase 4 – The Crossroads

In the challenge phase, we already experienced tough and challenging times.

We know how our partner reacts in a crisis and what we can expect from him.

Some individuals in the crossroads phase can develop these 3 negative patterns:

  • they stick with their bad decision and stay in an unhealthy relationship. The best course of action would be to break off the relationship that doesn’t meet your needs.
  • some people become emotionally withdrawn which doesn’t solve anything. They run from the problem, instead of addressing it and solving it.
  • they force their partner to change. It is very difficult to force somebody to change if they themselves don’t have the will to change. By forcing them, we can only trigger resentment and hurt their feelings even more.

Phase 5 – Rebirth

Rebirth is the final stage. Only 15% of couples even reach this stage.

Tough times have helped us to connect better with our partner. Maybe we don’t agree on everything, but we have learned to love and appreciate our partner, and to accept the difference.

In the rebirth phase couples learn how to:

  • focus on our partner’s good qualities.
  • accept each other’s frustrations, hurt and disappointments
  • learn how to agree to disagree and respect our partner’s viewpoint
  • maintain a give and take sexual relationship
  • listen to each other needs and communicate better
  • spend more quality time together every week and bond more
  • talk about the issues that pop up in the relationship. Not just put it under the rug and ignore

Change Is Inevitable

We will experience times when nothing goes as we planned. After many beautiful months or years, our relationship has taken a bad trajectory. It changed, for the worse.

We fight and argue with each other constantly. Problems are multiplying every day. Everything our partner does or says irritates us and makes us angry.And we don’t know how to handle it all.

This phase is absolutely normal. Every relationship goes through it sooner or later. And we can look at it negatively and worry, or look at it with a more positive outlook.

Everything is happening for a reason. Maybe the universe is telling us that it’s {time for a change.} http://tinybuddha.com/blog/when-relationships-change-growing-together-not-apart/

Work more on your relationship. Learn how to communicate better. Be more present, compassionate and patient with your partner.

So, when you encounter a phase like that, stop worrying. Accept the situation as it is and embrace the change. Change is a chance to grow and expand the relationship.

How Relationships Affect Us and Our Happiness

Why are relationships so important?

Relationships are important because, we as a human beings, need love and affection. We love to share the love and receive love in return.

In today’s materialistic world it is easy to forget what’s most important to us. We are busy and distracted with work, our finances, and myriad other problems.

And the only way to love and to be loved is through good relationships. That will make us happy, not material possessions.

The greatest joy comes from relationships

When we think only about ourselves, our needs, our problems, our wants, we forget about others.

We become selfish with our time, money and emotions, and we forget that the greatest joy comes from sharing those things with others.

When we learn to share with others and give value to them, our life becomes wonderful. So share with others everything. Laughs, attention, experiences, and find the only thing that matters. Happiness.

Only through relationships can you have lasting impact on others

Remember the last time when you had some kind of a problem in your life.

Who did you seek first to ask for an advice or guidance? Was it some random person from the street, or someone very close to you?

It was someone close to you. Someone we have a close relationship with. In close relationships we can count on the people we love to give us the support, advice, and guidance.

Also, we can give support and guidance back to them.

By building relationships we can have a more meaningful impact on others.

Relationships are the only thing that matters

People often forget one simple and undeniable truth. That our days on this planet are limited. Eventually, we are all going to die.

There is a popular belief that seconds before our death all our life experiences pass in front of our eyes. We can see our whole life in a few seconds.

And in those moments, we won’t remember what car we drove, or what brand of jeans we wore. Status and our achievements won’t be important anymore. The most valuable thing in those moments will be to share them with our loved ones.

The most precious things we possess are our memories. And experiences we shared with our loved ones.

So learn to slow down your life. Appreciate the little things, and try to see the positive side of all people. Especially people that we spend the most time with.

Our Relationships Define Us

The basis of all our relationships should be a relationship with ourselves. If we can’t give love and attention to ourselves, how can we expect to develop meaningful bonds with others?

Our relationships are like mirrors. They reflect back at us who we are through the way we interact with others.

When we develop relationships, we develop deep bonds that instill values and lessons for a lifetime. For a relationship to grow and prosper, we must invest in it. We invest our attention, time and money. That way our relationships define us because we wouldn’t invest in something we don’t value.

Some relationships define us more than others. Relationship with our parents defines us the most. Also, in a romantic relationship, we project what we learned in a previous relationship to our new partner.

Relationships Make Us Happier

Interpersonal relationships lead to a greater life satisfaction.

In a study from 2007, researchers from Journal of Positive Psychology found that strong social relationships with others predict a greater life satisfaction.

We don’t have to marry to feel happier

Authors have discovered that you don’t need to get married.

After the honeymoon, the participants didn’t feel happier or more satisfied. That means that marriage doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Romantic relationships have a greater influence on life satisfaction than work.

We appreciate success in relationships more than success at work.

Seniors in sexually active marriages report feeling happier.

Older couples who still partake in sexual activity, report happier relationships and increased personal happiness. It is a known fact that sex reduces the stress levels and {improves our health.} https://www.healthtalk.umn.edu/2015/02/13/relationships-affect-wellbeing/

Our personal longevity is better if we have stronger relationships

Participants with stronger social bonds had a 50% increased likelihood of survival

Love is the key to a happy life

Make Your Relationship Last With These Tips

It’s easy to meet someone and fall in love. Maintaining that relationship long term is a little harder.

After the initial honeymoon phase is over, things become known and routine kicks in. We must work more on communication and appreciate the times with our partner.

There are no guarantees that any relationship will survive long-term. But, if we work on them and follow certain truths, we can increase our chances.

  • Make time for each other every week

You will need to work to keep the romance alive. Decide beforehand, that you will have a date night once a week with your partner. For a bond to deepen, we must share quality time with each other.

Possibilities are endless. From cooking the dinner together, going to the movies, or preparing a simple and quiet night at home. Talk to your partner and be present with him. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. Small things count big time.

Plan your date before and commit to your decision. If necessary learn to say no to your friends.

  • Make love at least once a week

When we are in a longer relationship, it’s easy to take things for granted. We take our partner for granted, our time together and most importantly our intimacy.

Make love at least once a week. It will grow your intimacy and bring you two closer together.

Intimacy doesn’t mean only sex. Combine everything, sex, cuddling, talking, touching, and kissing. Try new things. New locations, new positions. Maybe even introduce sex toys to your sex life. There are countless ways to make things exciting.Just like in the beginning of the relationship.

Use your imagination.

  • Work on your communication skills

It is important to talk to our partner. Ask them about their day and how are they feeling. It will show them that you care.

Compliment your partner, with words and actions and show him how much he means to you. Actions speak louder than words.

Keys to a {good interpersonal communication} http://www.byregion.net/articles-healers/Communication.html

are honesty and trust. When we share out thoughts, fears, worries and feelings we are building trust and comfort. All good things.

  • Learn to compromise

Relationships are give and take. Not just take. When making decisions you must take into consideration that there are two of you.

Keep your ego in check, and learn how to compromise. Make decisions so that both of you will be happy.

  • Share and enjoy activities together

When we just met our partner, maybe we shared the same interest in some activity. Maybe that activity brought us closer together.

Maybe we liked the same band or shared the same enthusiasm for sport.

Why not continue to enjoy something together? That is an excellent way to share quality time together, grow your relationship, and bring passion and excitement back.

You can try all kinds of different activities:

  1. painting
  2. learning a language or an instrument
  3. workout together
  4. go hiking or camping
  5. go to a dance class
  • Travel together

Is there a better way to bond with our partner than to travel the world together? You don’t even have to travel that far.

Organize a day or a weekend trip. It will give you a new perspective on your relationship and shake your daily routine a little bit.

All these activities are a great way to improve your relationship and make it last. But there are also some things that are best to avoid if we want to have smooth and enjoyable connection.

Relationship Killers

Relationship killers are negative characteristics and character traits that make our lives harder and our relationships unnecessary complicated.

Things like emotional neediness, jealousy, negative pessimistic mindset and outlook on life etc.

We are responsible for fixing those things before even entering a relationship. If we are emotionally needy, there is a great chance that we will attract an emotionally needy partner. That will make our relationships only harder to maintain.

Some of the most common relationships {problems} http://www.yourtango.com/experts/mr-robert-najemy/basic-relationship-problems

Neediness – We can’t expect our partner to fulfill our emotional needs and fix our issues. They probably have enough of theirs issues to fix. We all have.

To have a healthy and balanced relationship, work on yourself first and find happiness yourself first. Don’t burden your partner with your problems.

Not taking care of yourself. – If we don’t take care of our body, mind, and spirit, eventually it will become harder and harder to maintain a healthy relationship.

That’s the reason you see all those couples that look like strangers while they sit in a restaurant together.

Maintaining a relationship requires energy. If we don’t exercise, or at least eat healthily, we won’t have enough energy or willpower to maintain the relationship in harmony.

Low energy will bring depression, fear, worry, criticism and complaints in your relationship. You don’t want that.

Jealousy – don’t make your partner jealous. Jealousy will make them feel like you don’t care anymore, and it can only bring troubles in your relationship.

In conclusion…

We need intimate relationships to experience the real happiness and joy in life.

Relationships make us happier, healthier and more fulfilled human beings.

Sometimes, relationships are easy, sometimes they are hard.

They require a lot of maintenance and personal sacrifice. In terms of our time, energy, personal freedom and money…

But what we get out of relationships is priceless.

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