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RSVP Australia Review

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Pretty funny ad I thought! Well targeted to Australians and pretty true. So how does rsvp measure up?
Mixed feelings about rsvp Australia: One of the biggest dating sites in Australia owned by the big Fairfax media company.
RSVP is free to join and search, but is based on a paid subscription service:
Costs in AUD:
1 month for $14.90
3 months for $34.90, which is $11.69 per month – save 22%
6 months for $59.90, which is $9.99 per month – save 33%
12 months for $79.90, which is $6.69 per month – save 55%
You are able to send kisses to other members without paying. A kiss is kind of like a wink nudge or hows your father, basically you are sending interest to them and they can reciprocate if they want.
There is also a pay per contact mehod that uses “stamps”
Costs in AUD:
• 6 stamps for $59.95, approximate price per stamp is $9.99 and are valid for 2 months
• 12 stamps for $79.95, approximate price per stamp is $6.69 and are valid for 3 months
• 24 stamps for $109.95, approximate price per stamp is $4.59 and are valid for 6 months

You can get in contact with one member and open up free 30 day communication which I think is a great idea. If not used properly it could be costly but if you no you really want to get to know a girl/guy then open up a communication month and go for it.
If you buy 24 stamps you have 6 months to use them which seems weird. Why would they put limitations on your time? Surely you have bought them and now you can use them whenever you want? Seems a silly feature when you compare it to free dating site which allow communication whenever you want.
One great thing about rsvp Australia is the amazing amount of other content on the site apart from dating. This is not really a benefit and feature of a dating site but RSVP seem to be diversifying.
They are into connecting people further than just quick dates in the weekend but rather cover topics such as travel and health which is all part of dating. They have a ton of blogs podcasts prizes and dating advice via their eMagazine.
RSVP is one Australia’s largest dating sites founded in 1997!
You are able to reply to members emails for free but it costs to send them meaning if you want to take any action on getting to know someone then it’s effectively free! So if your a hot guy/girl and you write a sweet profile up then you are effectively getting the use of a paid dating site with paid quality members free.
If you happen to be an Australian single then you will likely already know about
If not then you should consider signing up for a free site and searching around. You will find a lot of the women are just looking for friends with potential romance later.
This dating site is owned by a large company which is always a good thing.
Communication is free is not initiated
Filtering of members who are not using the site which keeps it active and free of fake null profiles.

Positive Features of RSVP

More than 1,200 new Aussie singles a day join keeping lively and fresh.
“With 1,200 new singles joining every day, you’re sure to find dating success”
If you’re a wanted man or women you can make it effectively free by reply to emails sent to you. (free to reply to email)
Other members are only contactable if they have properly filled out their profile. Meaning rsvp has less blank profiles.
Inactivity is easy to filter by searching by last logged in.
Because it is an aussie site most areas of Australia are full of singles.

Negative Features of RSVP

Paid advertisements litter the site despite it being a paid dating site.
No membership type that gives you complete access to all members at any time

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