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Heres why you should search for your future “Russian Bride” at dreammarriage rather than anyone else and how…
Dream Marriage is not a mail order bride company and states that clearly on their website. DreamMarriage is a site where US and European men can find Russian singles to marry.

The Cost Of DreamMarriage

Membership Costs:
Bronze Membership: FREE
Silver Membership: $9.99/month (Free 3-day trial currently on offer!)
Gold Membership: $29.99/month
Platinum Membership: $49.99/month

Dream Marriage Credit System

500 Credits – $199 US (35 % discount)
340 Credits – $149 US (28 % discount)
200 Credits – $99 US (18 % discount)
110 Credits – $60 US (10 % discount)
50 Credits – $30 US
Introductory Video Costs:
Bronze member -40 credits
Silver member – 20 credits (50% Discount)
Gold member – 20 credits (50% Discount)
Platinum member – 20 credits (50% Discount)
Live Chat Costs:
Bronze member -2 credits/min
Silver member – 1 credit/min (50% Discount)
Gold member – 1 credit/min (50% Discount)
Platinum member – 1 credit/min (50% Discount)
Live Video Streaming costs:
Bronze member -4 credits/min
Silver member – 2 credits/min (50% Discount)
Gold member – 2 credits/min (50% Discount)
Platinum member – 2 credits/min (50% Discount)

Dream Marriage Free Trial

At no cost you are able to get access to the massive database of single Russian women looking to marry primarily American men. There are limitations to this free trial which you should be aware of. You get a limited number of emails and you can view the introductory videos of the women (with credits)
So it’s stated as a free trial but you still have to pay for a lot for the site features. Dream Marriage obviously has a built in emailing system which you can use to contact the Russian women.
The Dream Marriage site looks a touch dated but the site has a reputation of connecting Russian women with men from around the world.
All the women are personally checked, but you can also see them via the dreammarriage live video stream.
If you are willing to fly over to Russia to meet the women from dream marriage you can set this up in advance and meet them all at one or one after the other. This is known as the dream tour.
The great thing about dreammarriage is the help you receive from their support team.
Translation or help with visa? Dream Marriage can help you once you are signed up.
Translation of any letters you want to send?
Translation of live calls?
Private Russian Language Lessons?
If you are a little foggy on the details of how to get to Russia dream marriage will sort that out for you to.

Dream Marriage Negatives

Dream Marriage is the leader in its field but there are some negatives to dream marriage. The site is not exactly “online dating 2010” It’s a little dated and some of the features show that. It’s free to join and when you do you will be a bronze member. You can search the thousands of Russian profiles but you cannot contact them in any way unlike other dating sites.
To contact you must pay to upgrade to either silver gold or platinum. This credit based system is a little more complicated than it should be so you need to keep an eye on the spending. The gold and platinum memberships are certainly pricy and for what you get perhaps not value for money when compared to other mail order bride websites online. What you are getting with dreammarriage is safety and the security that they will ensure your stay with them is a good one.

Dream Marriage Scam?

Dream Marriage Has A Serious Anti Scam Protection Policy!
This is not some internet joke/scam… they take this dating stuff very seriously.
It is quite natural to have suspicions… especially when you see how attractive the women are.
Also you are getting outside your comfort zone and actually travelling to another country! A huge emotional and financial move on your part. Dream Marriage do a great job with calming your fears and anxieties about taking the online connection to the next level. If you are interested but still have any issues with the whole Russian bride thing just give them a call.
Dream Marriage actually has a center in Russia where it screens and reviews all the Russian women that come through it’s database. DreamMarriage takes it’s Russian women to international men dating service extremely serious. If they are found to be a scam in any way it will impact the site in a huge way. So it’s up to them to ensure everything runs smoothly (and it does).
Every Russian women on the dreammarriage site are personally confirmed by a local independent representative. They speak with them and verify her passport and background.
There are certain dream marriage rules that have to be abided by and every women on the site has to abide otherwise they are warned or removed.
There is additional information on the site about their extensive efforts to keep the site clean.
All you need to do is read the testimonials at dream marriage for yourself.

Joining Dream Marriage

Just like any other dating site requires you to fill out 5 fields on their home page. This is just the usual name password email.
You will also need to complete some multiple choice questions as well as telling the girls a little about yourself.

Searching For Russian Women

Search For Russian Women By Screening For:
geographical region – country and city
age range
weight range
ability to search for members with photos only
drinking / smoking preferences
has children?
last login date
eye color
hair color
zodiac sign
proficiency at English
The Verdict On Dream Marriage:
If you have seen the US open lately you will know just how attractive Russian women can be. Many western men are looking for that perfect Russian women but finding them can be tough logistically.
Dream Marriage removes all of the friction, fears and difficulties that naturally arise as a result of trying to date women overseas.
They have been doing this international dating thing for some time so all of the problems have been ironed out.
All in all dream marriage is on par with the best Russian dating sites online. It’s customer service and quality is perhaps it’s best attribute. You might find a better Russian dating site elsewhere as far as cost and site features.
In saying that it’s definitely worth checking them out and searching the many Russian profile images to see for yourself.


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  1. I have found this also, so many of the girls are paid professionals, many are students paying their way through university, so please don’t be flattered by the number of letters you receive there BEWARE!!!

  2. This is not correct, DREAM-MARRIAGE.COM is a scam site, the problem is that a large percentage of the girls a paid by the agencies affiliated to the site.

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