Russian Dating: Focus on Connection Rather Than Beauty

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Russian Dating: Focus on Connection Rather Than Beauty
The obvious attraction with Russian dating agencies is their beauty. But falling into the trap of marrying a women based on looks alone is sure to backfire! Remember you are going to need to communicate and get along with this woman (obviously) so this should be your main concern.
You will need to gauge her personality and level of English first before jumping into a commitment. This can be hard to do when you are so far apart but video and text chat can help. Ask about her life story and hobbies rather than idle chat that does not help with further connection.
Dont be afraid to ask the agency for further information regarding the story behind the picture. You want a as much knowledge about this Russian women as possible! Often men can get excited at the prospect of dating such a beautiful girl and don’t take the time to really get to know the personality behind the face.
Russian agencies are serious operations that expect men to be serious about marriage. So in order to BE serious about marriage you need to be clear about who you want to be with.
This includes understand the types of women you get along with.
There might be aspects of your personality that annoy other people. Understanding this is a huge strength and letting your women know about this early shows character not weakness. Beauty is fine as an initial screening process but even then, don’t you think your eliminating so many interesting profiles that could not only be your future bride but could be very beautiful in real life? Often the pictures posted online by agencies do not tell the full story and could be outdated. The only way you will really know is through video chat.
I would recommend that in order to find a Russian bride based on connection rather than looks that you DONT screen profiles based on looks. This way you will find a selection of profiles that you are interested in and that share YOUR passions and hobbies. You THEN video chat via skype etc and find out what they really look like.
This way you can choose from 10 or so women that all are interesting and you will be surprises at the beauty of pretty much all of them.
This type of dating is based on principles rather than superficial looks. You will find that this type of value based dating will work much better for you. Looks might be the motivation when looking into Russian dating but try and look at beauty as a bonus rather than a main overriding attribute.
This personality driven search should what men and women do first in America too but unfortunately its not. In fact you will find the majority of men AND women look primarily at LOOKS first in ALL dating sites. This is because we connect with a person’s face first but there is a big flaw in looking at profile pictures first.
You tend to be MASSIVLY biased towards an attractive profile compared to an average looking profile. This means you are not really looking for compatibility at all as you tend to make a final decision on looks alone anyway.
Russian women are attractive … Yes. But when marriage comes into the equation you should be focusing more on compatibility, principles and values.

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