Save A Loveless Marriage With Men Attracting Pheromones

There is no question that the smell of a women influences how men respond. Women have been rubbing and spraying all sorts of stuff on them for thousands of years in the hope that it will attract men. Now it’s easy with a couple of sprays of the latest perfume women can smell perfectly rosy and alluring.
But can women do better than just smelling nice?
This is kind of gross but there is a pheromone that is secreted by only the female genitals… This (odourless) chemical is said to increase male sexual drive. Makes sense.
Love potions
The nose knows!
Arguable but none the less interesting studies have been performed and women with artificially created human pheromone performed better than controls when attempting to attract men.
The University of San Francisco have concluded that women wearing synthesised human pheromone outperform those who don’t.
So do perfumes have this pheromone? Not many… If any…
It makes sense from an evolutionary stand point that both sexes would secrete chemicals that would increase their chance of mating when the time was right. A women doesn’t want a man who can’t “get up” right. This female pheromone (Estratetraenol and Copulins) do just that.
So why not stray this stuff on as well as the normal smelly stuff?
Good Question
For women that want to attract the right older man this extra boost in female pheromone could do the trick. I mean it would at least be a fun experiment. Older men might not get as stimulated as the younger guys who don’t need any extra stimulation at their age.
You can see up to a 50% increase in the sexual attention of men when wearing the female version of pherX. Now how this attention is measured is measurable actions such as : petting kissing touching or even sleeping closer at night.
What most women want is simply more affection outside the bedroom. PherX can help you receive more love rather than just more sex.
When women get older the excretion of this odourless pheromone starts to drop. PherX simply gives you the ability to increase the pheromone that causes attraction from men.
The pheromone creates it’s own affect by reacting with a persons skin. When it reacts with the bacteria on your skin that is when the sexual pheromones are realeased.
“When it works for a woman, it doesn’t seem to matter what perfume she wears.”

More Than Sexual Attraction

There is so much more to human sexual pheromone replacement than just sex.
– Better performance in the workplace
– Increased affection
– Increased attraction from friends
The idea of replacing secreted pheromones later in life is kind of like hormone replacement (think thyroid).
Simple changes in social interactions in your life would be worth it even if sex did not improve.
Sexual pheromones are still under a cloud of scientific ambiguity but sometimes you just know when something seems right.
Smell is a powerful attractant so using it in your arsenal could ensure you attract that man you have been after.
PherX love pheromones could increase the intimacy in your marriage (even save your marriage) simply by increasing the chemical signals you are emitting.
If you feel your husband just does not love you anymore and are wondering why it could be the lack of sexual pheromones.
Bring back the passion in your loveless marriage with human pheromone replacement therapy. By giving it a go for one month ($20) you could see a dramatic increase in your husband’s affection and love for you.
You may be sceptic, you may exited but you will never know until you give it a try.

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