Sea Captain Date Review

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Sign Up

Signing up will require your email, username, full name, and password. It will also require your date of birth and the desired age of your potential match.

It will then ask you to fill out profile information on your preference, physical features, habits, living conditions, etc.

The final step is agreeing to their terms and conditions, and a captcha. From which, you will be notified that the website sent a message to your email address.  Verification is not real-time and will take a couple of minutes before the email pushes through.

Upon verification, you will receive another email that contains a short guide in navigating the website.


There is an app function that lets you go through the matches in a Tinder-like fashion. Their profile photo will be displayed, with their age, sexual orientation and relationship status.

Swipe to port for no, which comes with a blaring horn sound. Swipe to starboard for yes, which will give out a loud wave crash sound. Alternately, you can click the scope icon, or click on the profile photo itself to read a short headline they’ve provided.

If you matched with someone using the app, a “ding-ding”, “hello, sailor!”, “nice catch”, “reel him in”, “all hands on deck”, “catch of the day” and other nautical inspired phrases and sounds to serve as your notification for matches.

Once matched, it will then give you the option to keep fishing, i.e., continue going through the profiles with a fishing line image, or send a message to whom you matched to, with a caricature of a message in a bottle.

The red buouy icon provides your account options and settings. You can also choose between night time and daytime views which changes the background of the app from a sunshiny day to an animated moonlit seaside scene.

Old captain at the upper left-hand side will show in the red heart smoke of his pipe how many matches you’ve got. The message in the bottle in the upper left corner displays messages you’ve received.

The animation is fun and interactive, the sounds are also reminiscent of your time near the port, with waves crashing and seagulls caw-ing. If anything, the resident sea caption mascot is endearing with his white beard, and you’ll just want to try it.


Once verified you’ll land into the member’s area dashboard page where you’ll find a summary of your matches, quick search options, a hot list, and your latest and top matches.

The My Profile tab will show the information you’ve provided when you’ve signed in. The Photo Tab is where you can add and view the photos you’ve uploaded to the site, as well as those uploaded by other users.

My Matches tab provide a list view of other members whose profile information matches with yours, while the Search tab allows you to narrow down your match results based on various factors like gender, age, type of relationship, interests, physical features, and even those who are online or are with photo on the network.

At the bottom of the screen is a facebook-type chat interface that will display your contacts.

There is also a quick link to messages, notifications, and profile information at the top right portion of the website.


Specially designed for those seafarers and sea captains, Sea Captain Date ought to provide those lonesome swashbuckling sailors a chance at love with someone who understands the complicated arrangement of the sea life. Whether it is for actual long-time love or a short-time one ;P

If it fails, at least you were able to play with that cute and fancy animated app of theirs. And maybe you’ll wonder, why are a majority of the sailors wearing a white beard and mustache combo?

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