Seduction: Can She Trust You? Get Girls By Being Genuine

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Making a women feel special – the seduction community focus a lot on being the confident alpha male which is a very important aspect of attracting women. But there is a big piece of the puzzle missing.
They would have you believe that you only need to be confident and the rest will fall into place. Well love and seduction is not that simple – there are many different personalities – some women find the arrogant overly confident guy extremely unattractive and would rather a nice guy that they know is going to treat them with respect.
So if you believe that it’s your true nature to be that nice cute guy then focus on your strengths.
You can still work on being more dominant and confident but realise your true self and stick with what you know works for you.
There are plenty of women out their that will dig your sensitive side so don’t go thinking that you have to change who you are to get women into bed. You don’t have to hit up the bar scene every weekend and get drunk just to get women.
Only SOME women actually go out to bars and clubs. There is a certain type of girl that goes out to bars looking for guys – they typically are pretty arrogant and think the world (and guys) owe them a favour just because they have a nice rack.
Conversation with these women is far from stimulating and they will bust your balls at the first chance they get.
If you love the chase and a challenge then realise that this game is for you and love every second of it… if it’s not understand that there ARE many other options which will work for you.
In fact it’s much easier to seduce a more intellectual women than the arrogant bar types.
These girls don’t get a whole lot of attention and would love the opportunity to get seduced by you.
They may not have much experience in the bed and so if you are just starting out this could be a good place to practice your skills.
Don’t mistake an intellectual women for a nerdy girl – university and college girls that are more interested in studying than drinking can be very very attractive… They just have different values and goals than the nightclub girls that crave attention.
So test out what type of guy you are and where you feel most comfortable – If competing in drinking games and stumbling over yourself (and other guys) to get to one prized cheerleader sounds like hard work to you then you should be comparing other options available.

Go where the fishing is easy

– while every man and his dog are fighting for the apparent goldmine you are casually dating and chatting up the girls in the library, coffee shop, mall, sports ground, dance class or even from dating sites…

Make a women feel comfortable

It all depends on which personalities you are working with – if a women is half drunk she wont need any persuading or comforting…
If she is a confident 9 or 10 she may already feel comfortable. But many guys that have little game can make a women feel very uncomfortable in their presence because they are not comfortable within themselves.
What you outwardly portray to a women is what you are currently feeling inside – it doesn’t actually matter what you say, it’s the emotion with which you say it that is important.
The emotions you feel when you are with a women are very important – if you feel anxious and nervous she will pick up on this straight away.
You cannot fake or cover up any strong emotion that you feel so it’s important that you learn to control your emotions and be in the present moment. (e.tolle the power of now)
If you want to get a women into bed or move from the friends zone to the boyfriend or casual dating zone she is going to have to feel comfortable with you. Many a guy will focus to much on impressing her with words and actions, or trying to show her that he is confident and alpha.
This is great but there is another important missing piece of the puzzle.
A women must feel as though she is respected by you – she must feel that you are not going to cheat her out of anything. She must feel as though you are genuine guy that will treat her with respect.


Let’s say your out one night and you are with a girl that you get on really well with. You think that there is sexually chemistry and you think that she might be interested in casual sex. But you go to heavy on the confident ball busting style cocky comedy and she flakes out.
What went wrong?
A women is constantly thinking… can I trust this guy? What is his motive and is he just trying to game me…
She is a confident self respecting women and she will not be gamed by anyone.
If she feels that there is mutual respect between you and a real connection past any superficial surface chatting then your chances are very high that she will feel comfortable enough to go home with you.
Suggest a movie or that you will drop her home (not that she should come home and sleep with you) eg make it easy for her to say yes.
TRUST and RESPECT need to be focused on more than anything else.
You do this by sharing secrets or personal stories with each other. Open up and show her the real you – don’t be afraid to show a little weakness.
It goes against many seduction tips you have heard but it works like a charm because it comes from the right place in your heart.
You GENUNILY want to make love to this women and establish a close relationship with her. When you are GENUINE and HONEST everything else falls into place.
Rather than cheating yourself into bed with lies and tricks… let it happen naturally with women that you get on with and in situations you feel comfortable in.
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