“Seduction & Evolution” – Have you seen this weird video?

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I wrote you about this video yesterday, and I want to make sure you got it
Anyway my mate Shafin (I call him shafino) has brought out the next video in the series! It’s another 30 minute content packed vid that uncovers the secrets to the psychology of attraction.

This has only been released to a select few people: You can get it here.
I have gotten a number of emails from those that got the email and checked out the video.
Truth is I have been interested in human psychology for some time now and know a great course when I see one. Shafin knows his stuff.
Shafin is a pretty spiritual guy… he writes and teaches but he was once a hypnotherapist!
What’s weird is that not only is he spiritual but he also understands the evolutionary hardwiring in us all. We are already programmed to be attracted to certain behaviours – the great thing is that you can learn these behaviours and mimic them to achieve the same results.
Behaviour in humans has become extremely complex however certain mating behaviours never change. In fact these behaviours are actually pretty obvious and you can easily spot them in seconds once you know how. This gives you a major leg up over the competition.
Shafin leaks 5 specific behaviour patterns that he claims anyone can learn and incorporate into their life.
These patterns will allow you to easily and effectively communicate lust romance and authenticity to any women thus magnetically attracting them to you… keep in mind when you get good at this women wont have any choice in the matter as they do not decide who they are attracted to.
Evolution and the selfish gene did not leave mating to chance… it’s to important for the survival and evolution of the human race. It’s not going to leave natural selection up to user choice are you crazy?
No it’s very much an automated and efficient process – even though you believe you have a say you don’t.
Obviously you can make the decision to not take up the offer of smoking hot sex with the women of your dreams but evolution has solved that problem too.
So the psychology of attraction is very much a subject you should become educated in and shafin is the guy to teach you. He is an expert in evolutionary psychology and neuro biology.
Here is what the media thinks about this:
“…a PhD of masculinity… this is a must experience for all men ready for the big game.”International Business Times
“…a refreshing, fun, educational journey that is sure to make you rethink your understanding of life.”The Miami Herald
Enjoy learning!

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