Seduction Success With Women (Roadmap)

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Most guys rely on natural personality traits which invariably include quirks and errors in judgement. This is called natural game and you should be out to improve your ability to attract and influence others on a day to day basis.
If you are impatient like me and want to speed up the process with a quick start guide (a roadmap) read on.


Women take there own appearance very seriously… this means you should to!
Your aim is to not outdo your female counterpart but to ensure that your at least par for the course.
Smart casual and in style clothing will get you in the door but it wont seal the deal. Your personal clothing choice and upkeep is a requirement of successful seduction… You should be doing this as a default setting.
If your wardrobe is dated and your style out of touch it’s time for a makeover.
You can choose to wear an outrageous hat to get attention but in most cases clothes that are in style will do just fine. Quality leather shoes and jeans with a dress shirt will do wonders for your confidence.
I understand that there are many differing styles and cultures in the world. As a general rule of thumb you should attempt to match your clothes with your target audience. Dress appropriately and in style. Cologne should not be overpowering! It should exert a sense of comfort or mystery…


Become self aware and aware of others. Your ability to provide quality non judgemental +/- feedback is vital to your improvement. For some reason as we age we stop wanting to improve and believe that we know the best way to do things. This is where many guys can get stuck using the same old lines or stuck with the same personality traits.
Become aware of female emotion!


Copy and paste seduction is doomed for failure. Natural selection is far smarter than that. You have to be able to customize what you learn into your own personality. If your a quiet guy that is in touch with his emotions you will be GREAT in the comfort phase but perhaps not so great in the ATTRACTION phase which comes BEFORE it.
As a result you never get to talk to any women. You never get the opportunity to show a women how great you really are. In this case you need some work on your attraction skills – but talking in front of a large mixed set is going to freak you out right? There are other ways to attract women to you. Learn a little more about edge elements and subconscious body language.
Become aware of your weaknesses and where you have the most leverage. Finding out your weak points is perhaps the most vital ingredient to rapid dating and seduction improvement.
Because it’s very hard to critique yourself ask a good friend or family member to bring up areas of your personality that need work. This should be done in a very mature way so that feelings are not hurt.
Being honest with yourself about your own conversation skills or personal hygiene is important. The guys that are not great with women have no clue that they are actually coming across seedy or weird to women.
Are you in denial? Do you reject the notion that you might have a lot to work to do?
Being overweight, unhealthy or angry can and should be worked on over time. Presenting a more mature and well rounded personality to the world is your best chance to attract women into your life.
Customize the openers on this site to your preference. If you cannot remember what to say revert to a question or opinion opener… what are these? Basically you suggest that you need a womens opinion on something of importance to you. It’s non threatening and opens the discussion up.
More interesting openers could include:
Personality tests
Palm reading
5Q IQ test
Astrology guessing games

Remove the Sex

A close second behind being self aware of your own limitations is removing the sex. What I mean by this is when you go out tonight remove the idea that you are going to approach a women to get laid.
I know that’s why your out in the first place! Transmute your sexual motivation and energy away from a seedy taking mindset into a value and energy giving mindset.
Rather than creeping around the bar looking around… hold your head up high, smile and greet people that pass you. Ask groups of women questions that are on your mind just because you want there opinion on something.
Talk to unattractive girls and attractive girls the same way.
Eliminate your win/lose attitude to approaching and picking up women.
Approach to impress your positive confident and amazing personality and attitude upon a women or group. If they are impressed you will get the indications from women to pursue further into the comfort phase.
At some stage in the future of your conversation you then introduce the idea of a sexual connection with a bit of flirting.
Girls run from guys that come on strong sexually in the beginning.

Push yourself and have fun

Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone every now and then… Try something new and do it for 30 days just for fun. Eg 40 mins exercise every day or cut out sugar or alcohol for a month.
Positivity is infectious! If you forget everything else on this site remember to go out there and have fun. If your having fun other people want to be apart of it (it’s why there out in the first place)
Your efforts in seduction should be taken with a grain of salt… Meaning you should not take it to seriously. You cannot control how a women is going to respond to you. The best favour you can do for yourself is to NOT beat yourself up over a lost opportunity. Live and learn.

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