Seek Long Term Relationship Viability Over Short Term Sexual Gratification

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The majority of guys are out searching for quick sexual gratification putting little thought into the long term viability of the potential relationship.
Has your quick fling turned into something more serious?
If so is the women you enjoyed time under the covers together with really a suitable match?
The male sexual drive has no comprehension of compatibility and long term marriage potential. It’s job is to get in and out and then find someone else to do the same with. Mistake your sexual drive for real love and you will end up with an unhappy marriage or divorce.
The problem is most relationships are created as a result of initial sexual attraction… How does a man ignore this urge and find a women that really is a great match spiritually and emotionally. Do men really have the ability to ignore such powerful forces?
Perhaps women were right all along with the argument regarding getting to know each other first and withholding sex until she really knows you.
The delayed sexual gratification will be worth it ONCE you find a women that really gets you.
Or ignore this advice and let your manhood lead your decision making. You may find yourself waking and realizing that you and your partner cannot actually hold down an enjoyable conversation despite the great sex life.

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