Selfie Fails (PRO TIP: check for mirrors!)

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There are certain checks that should be done before uploading selfies:

  • Check for dildos
  • Always flush
  • No babies taking pictures of you with a g-string

Wait wtf… these people are just crazy with a dash of unlucky.



clear-the-area context-is-important dont-look-like-an-asshole framing-is-important it-might-take-a-minute Mirrors-Reflect-Absolutely selfie-driveby selfiefathertime selfiemonkey selfieredback selfiesurgery the-medium-is-the-message theres-a-time-and-a-place watch-out-for-kids-too watch-out-for-mom watch-those-reflective-aviators who-watches-the-watchmen you-look-like-crap

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