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Yet another dating social network by the friend finder network… This one is targerted to 40-50+ demographic which is indicated by the quantcast age ranges. The site is running around 50:50 gender ratio which is good for any dating site.
Like any friend finder network site it’s based on the same interface with a user friendly intuitive setup. If you have any questions head over to the senior friend finder help section where you can find answers to most frequently asked questions.
Like any other site it’s based on a free membership startup with the opportunity to upgrade your membership to contact members with other privledges.
The free membership allows you to REPLY to any email sent to you which is great if you don’t want to upgrade but still want to be apart of the social group that is seniorfriendfinder. There is also a IM CHAT feature which allows you to send requests to other members and set up little instant message sessions.
The free version of senior friend finder also allows you access to limited access to the search tools however you are unable to view the full version of profiles.


The upgraded version of this site is based on silver and gold membership.
I would suggest that if your going to upgrade you only need the silver membership – with this it gives you close to 100% access to the site. You can email users and search through everyones profile. Silver membership for seniorfriendfinder gives you unlimited communication as well as, Fast tech support and profile placement in search results amongst others.
Because of the less computer savy crowd that uses this site there is alot of focus on ease of use and SAFETY. One of the big friction points of users is the idea that the site is not safe. That somehow somone untrustworthy could get hold of their personal information.
If you read the policies you will understand that it’s friend finder networks aim to keep all of your information 100% confidential and private. However it’s still your responsibility to keep yourself safe. So I would suggest that you set up a seperate email for this account or at least a previous email that you dont use for work eg gmail or yahoo mail.
Because of the size of this company they have a dedicated support team for security and complaints about personal abuse and email abuse. Plus you are within your power to delete any email coming through and block users from emailing you.
As far as personal use – I would advise that you use your own intutuition with some initial caution about the validity of the users you are chatting to on senior friend finder. 99% of them will be real but it’s best for safety reasons to at least have some caution. Certainly dont go sending money or fallling in love with anyone online before you have met them in REAL LIFE.
To help this you are able to video chat with members online – this allows you match a face to a name and get to know them on a more personal level.
On of the more valuable areas of senior friend finder is the community magazine sections – this is an area where registered members contribute life stories advice and even poems to the community. This interaction area is actually a better place to find your match than the search form becuase you can get to know more about certain individuals in your area this way.
This strong sense of community that the friend finder network creates keeps memebrs coming back.


A final bit of advice about seniorfriendfinder is to be as honest as you can – the more others know about you the better – this will help when you finally meet up in real life! Also dont take the whole expereince to seriously. Leave the serious love talk to when you actually meet up and get some chemistry going offline.
Be sure you know what you want before you sign up – you can always change this as you grow and mature over time but you will need to know what your intent is when you sign up. The reality is that many of the users within this site will be past having kids and raising a family and just want something casual. Eveyone is different and you have to make your intent known to the community. It could be causual sex, your motivation could be for marriage, it could be for an activity partner in the weekend or travel partner.


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