Serendipitous Sexual Experiences

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When they tried to translate “Serendipity” into other languages it turned out that it was one of the top 10 hardest English words to translate… They cam up with “happy accident”…
Every women wants that romantic serendipitous experience! It’s what all of the chick flick TV programmes and movies are based on. So your trying to create a happy accident!
However you know to well that you cant just wait for “fate” to take it’s course – if you want to seduce a women your going to have to take charge. You have to take charge because she wont! She might display signs of interest or close the proximity (if you have not spoken yet), she might continue to reply to you or keep texting back… But it’s unlikely that she’ll specifically ask for any sort of sexual experience from you.
Always push and escalate the interaction! She wants you to… she needs you to…
Serendipity is what you are looking to establish… if you have to do it artificially with a little planning of attraction and comfort elements then so be it.
But don’t leave sex to serendipity alone!
It’s your job as a guy to push the interaction and sexually escalate! Why do you think we have been blessed (or cursed) with an insanely persistent sexual drive.
To many of you reading right now are scared of taking charge and claiming what is yours. This is not sexist talk – if she let’s you know in an obvious way that she is not interested, you (of course) respect her boundaries.
But in MOST cases…
She will resist because she has to – no girl wants to feel slutty!
She wants and needs you to escalate physically. If she is giving you signs of interest and you feel as though she is waiting for something to happen, the awkwardness is brought on by you not accepting the signs and escalating as necessary.
If you have just met this girl she will need some time in the comfort element phase to make her mind up about you but this all depends on the personality.
When it comes to having sex she will always resist once – there is a difference between her verbally resisting and physically resisting. If she says a line like “I‘m not ready” or “I just want to take it slow” with an unconvincing tone it’s just her trying to keep her dignity. She does NOT want to come off easy to you. So just be aware that it’s NORMAL for her to resist your initial advance.
If you sexually escalate and she pulls away a little that’s fine… She didn’t reject you. I’m not saying push anything on her that she doesn’t want. Ask her a non related question or move the conversation away from sex. Then at a later date when she is more receptive to your keno escalation try again.
You will very rarely find yourself in an accidental sexual experience! (women are much more careful than that)
Rather than feel creepy about taking the sexual initiative feel empowered! It’s your job as the dominant confident guy to be asking for it….
But you don’t ask for it with words! You need to turn her on with your displays of status value and later make he feel comfortable using comfort elements and keno escalation. Very few girls would say yes to the question “can I have sex with you…?”
So the real point I am trying to make here is the reality of your situation as a man is simple. You have to be the one who pushes the interaction that final inch (bad pun intended)
But it’s a little more complex than this – When you ask for her sexual approval you lower your own value (seem weaker to her). In order to sexually seduce her you want her to be seeking your approval and seeking your validation rather than the other way around. When she is doing this she is talking and controlling the interaction. However you need to be the guy that is controlling the conversation flow.
So it becomes a toss up between talking and conveying your own value to her through stories etc and getting her to seek approval from you with her own stories and statements about herself.
It’s possible to create a serendipitous sexual experience however it no longer becomes serendipitous because you are aware of it!
Even though I have said that you need to be the guy in the end that demands it… you can often get a girl to initiate it or at least make it really obvious that she want’s it. Sexual innuendo elements and sexual physical touch should (in most cases) rapidly move towards sex anyway. If it doesn’t and she is still waiting around… she is waiting for you to escalate further!
Often women will be very comfortable with flirting kissing and touching but when it comes time to go any further they freeze up. Your role here is to act like there is no resistance… it’s just and extension of what you have already been doing the whole night.
Create your not so serendipitous sexual experience with a women this weekend but be sure to ask for it when the time comes.

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