#63 of the Hottest Sex Chat Roleplay Ideas

Sex Chat Roleplay

Online sex chat roleplay can be a great way to find some sexual satisfaction. It allows you to explore fantasies that you may not be able to carry out in real life.

If you have a particular fantasy, it can be difficult to find a real life partner to carry it out with. However, it’s much easier to find someone who is interested in your particular fantasy, kink, or fetish online.

However, you may find yourself struggling to come up with ideas for your online sex chat roleplay. Below you’ll find many different role play scenarios covering many different areas, as well as where to go online to find an online sex chat roleplay partner.

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Sex Chat Roleplay

Age Play

Age Play refers to role play in which one person plays a mother or father figure and the other plays a child. Generally, the person playing the child will be a submissive, and the one playing the adult will be a dominant.

If you are interested in age play, you can find an active DD/lg chatroom at Kinksters Chat.

Care taking

These sex chat roleplay ideas involve caring for the little in some way.

1. Shower/Bath

Giving a little a shower or a bath can be a very erotic experience. The little is naked and vulnerable, and the adult figure is caring for them and taking care of them.

Depending on your inclination, this scenario can be nonsexual and nurturing or sexual. 

2. Sick Care

Sick care is a popular scenario in age play. It can involve things like putting the little to bed, taking a rectal temperature, or playing doctor. You can cuddle the sick little, and be sure that they take their medicine.

3.Diapering/Toilet Training

Many people into age play enjoy toilet training scenarios. It’s particularly popular online, because you don’t have to worry about a physical mess.

It’s often used as a form of humiliation, with the little being forced to urinate or defecate in their diaper or training pants. Then the adult figure cleans the little and changes them, offering opportunities for sexual play if desired.


Enemas can be used as part of diaper or sick play scenarios, or as a form of punishment. They are a big turn on among age players, and there’s something very sexual about the act.

New Experiences

Give the little a pleasureable new experience with these ideas.

5.First Time

First time sex scenarios are popular as well. In these scenarios, the adult “teaches” the little about sex. Many people fantasize about taking someone innocent and turning them into their “dirty” girl or boy.

Age play allows this to be taken to the extreme if you desire, with the little pretending they have no idea what is happening or what to do, and the adult taking their innocence.

6.Little Time

Little time scenarios are normally non sexual. Coloring is a great example of little time. The little can draw a picture and show it to “mommy” or “daddy”. Little time can also involve giving treats, a bottle, or a sippy.

Trips to the park or the zoo can also be fun during little time. Nap time is another example. This is a great time to give their little their favorite blanket, read a story, and cuddle.


Incest sex chat roleplay is taboo, however, many people are attracted to it.

7. Daddy/Daughter

She’s always been daddy’s little girl, but today things seem different. Daddy is staring at her the way he looks at mommy sometimes. Maybe it was the new clothes mommy bought her, that accentuate her budding breasts and rounding butt.

She’s a good girl, and she always wants to please daddy. When he explains what he wants her to do later, she shows him what a quick learner she can be.

8. Mother/Son

A teenage boy accidentally clicks on incest porn. Sure he’s had sex before, seen porn before. Nothing like this though. He can’t get it out of his mind. He starts seeing his mother in a different way.

He isn’t sure if she’s noticed, but she seems to be wearing nicer clothes. Bending over in front of him. Things that she hasn’t done since his dad left years ago.

After a few weeks she comes into his bedroom and just looks at him. They don’t need words. They both know what they want.


Kink can be associated with BDSM, but it encompasses many sexual practices that are considered kinky or out of the ordinary. Online sex chat roleplay is a great way to explore your kinks.

You can find lots of kinky people up for online roleplay at Sex chat.


Online sex chat roleplay allows you to get creative with toys. You aren’t limited to what you have at home, so you can get imaginative.

9. Suction Cup Dildo

One way to do this is to take a suction cup dildo, put and put it on a chair. The woman rides the dildo while the man watches.

10. Double Penetration

If you are up for double penetration, put a vibrator in and let your partner have his way with you at the same time.

11. Vibrating Panties

Vibrating panties are another fun idea, let him control the remote while you go about your daily chores. By the end of the day, you’ll be begging him to make love to you.


Electrosex can be a bit intimidating, but there’s no reason why you can’t incorporate it into your online sex chat roleplay.

12. Violet Wands

Violet wands are small wands that deliver a shock when it touches your body. This can be used on nipples or anywhere else you feel like giving a shock.

13. Electrosex Vibrators

You can also use vibrators that are specially designed to give you a shock. Get ready for a very intense experience. You control how powerful the shock is, but higher currents can cause you to orgasm.

Guys, you aren’t left out either. There are electric penis straps that will give you the same experience.

14. Tens Unit

Tens units can be used as well. They have small pads that you stick on the body wherever you desire. It also allows you to control the shock.


Cuckolding involves a wife having sex with someone else while he watches or has knowledge of the event.

15. Sex With a Friend

The husband comes home with one of his friends. He’s noticed the way they look at each other. She just happens to be wearing a very short dress when they come home.

He asks her if she would like to have sex with his friend while he watches. She looks him over and says yes. They proceed to have hot passionate sex while the husband watches and masturbates.

16. Night With the Girls

In this fantasy, the wife goes out with her friends. She has a bit too much to drink and starts dancing with a stranger. They go back to his place and have a hot drunken one night stand.

When she comes home, she tells her husband, and gives him all the steamy details.


Watersports is a taboo fantasy, but it’s not all that uncommon. There are different variations, but all of them involved getting sexually excited from urination.

17. Clothes Wetting

Accidents happen sometimes, right? You are driving down the road, and your girl’s just had a very large drink. She needs to pee, but there’s nowhere to stop. She has an accident, and pees her pants.

18. Peeing on Someone

This one is more common in the BDSM community. The Dom tells the sub to kneel, and proceeds to pee all over them.

19. Holding It

Your partner needs to pee, but you won’t let them. They beg you to let them, but you won’t relent. You make them hold it.


Voyeurism is the act of watching someone with or without their knowledge. It’s actually more common than people think, with men generally inclined to be more interested in voyeurism, and women being more exhibitionist.

20. Peeping Tom

It’s dark. You sneak around the side of the house and look in the window. You see your sexy neighbor engaged in sex with her husband. You masturbate while you watch, enjoying the fact that they don’t know you are watching.

21. Sister In Law

Your brother is married, and his wife is beautiful. She’s also an exhibitionist. You notice that she leans down in front of you in a low cut shirt, she bends over wearing a mini skirt.

You happen to be walking by and notice the bedroom door is “accidentally” open. She just happens to be changing clothes. You watch as she takes off her clothes and stands in her underwear choosing her outfit.

Gang Bangs

Gang bang fantasies are common. Many people have the fantasy, but not the desire to act it out in real life. Online sex chat roleplay gives you an opportunity to experience the fantasy without risks or consequences.

22. Innocent Girl

An inexperienced girl is invited to a college party. She drinks way too much, and a group of fraternity brothers see their opportunity. Five of them take her to an upstairs bedroom and have their way with her.

23. Husband and Wife

The husband has always fantasied about having a gang bang with his wife. He finds a group of guys online, and they are interested. He takes his wife to dinner, and the guys just happen to be there.

The guys keep staring at her, and she enjoys the attention. Once dinner is over, he takes his wife to a hotel. They begin having sex, and then the men from the restaurant show up.


Many men have a fantasy of either taking a girls virginity or seducing a woman who has decided to be celibate. It seems like the ultimate challenge, and can make for a very steamy fantasy.

24. Older Virgin

Your at the bar, and you see a girl in her early 20s. She’s sitting by herself, and she’s obviously shy. You strike up a conversation and buy a few drinks. You discover that she’s a virgin and barely been kissed.

You decide to change that. You spend the evening talking and having drinks, and then invite her back to your place to watch a movie. Of course, you don’t see much of the movie, and she’s no longer a virgin by the time it’s over.

25. Swore Off Men

You’ve been friends with a girl for awhile. After a horrible break up, she decides that she is no longer interested in men. There’s always been sexual tension between you, but neither of you have ever made a move.

You watch her as time goes by, and she seems to be getting more and more frustrated. The sexual tension between the two of you starts to increase.

One evening you are hanging out watching a movie, and she gives you a look that says “fuck me now”. You take the cue and kiss her, and things move from there.

Knife Play

Many people find the idea of knife play very erotic, but it may not be something they want to try in real life. It also helps that you don’t have to worry about physical safety, so you you can enjoy more risky activities safely.

26. Romantic Knife Play

You and your partner are laying in bed, and you whisper “do you trust me”. She says yes, and you show her the knife laying on the bedside table. You run the knife gently along her body, looking into her eyes.

27. Bondage Knife Play

This is sexy because the partner that’s tied up has no control over what’s going to happen. It can be romantic or rough depending on your inclination. Either way, it’s completely up to the person holding the knife, which makes things interesting.

28. Non Consent Knife Play

Many people have fantasies of taking or being taken against their will. This fantasy can certainly stand on its own, but knife play can add more excitement. Knife play can be risky in real life, but those concerns aren’t there with online sex chat roleplay.

A knife makes it very easy to control someone. It’s impossible to fight with a knife held to your throat. You can also hold it against any area, so that if the person moves they will get cut.


Uniforms can allow you to feel like and pretend to be someone else. These outfits can be cost prohibitive in real life, particularly if you want to try out different roles.

However, online sex chat roleplay allows you to explore any character or role you wish, making uniforms a fun and potentially kinky addition. You can find others interested in this type of chat at Fetish.com.

Authority Figures

Many people fantasize about being or having sex with a person in authority, making this a perfect role play scenario.

29. Principle

One person plays the student and the other plays the principle. Of course, the student was naughty and gets sent to the principle’s office. You may want to start with a good paddling, and then move to another type of punishment.

30. Boss

Boss/employee relations are always taboo… particularly when the boss uses their position of authority to coerce of bribe the employee.

However, it is a steamy role play scenario. The boss can be a high powered executive who has just taken an interest in his new secretary. He asks if she would like a substantial raise, but informs her that there are certain “duties” that she will have to perform to get it.

31. Policeman

Police officers have a lot of authority over the average citizen, which can make them intimidating. Add handcuffs and weapons to the mix, and it’s easy to see how this type of sex chat roleplay can be alluring.

The police officer comes over because of a disturbance call. They come inside. Once inside they begin to abuse their authority, making it clear that they could easily take you to jail for evidence that they planted.


Caretakers are people that take care of us or the things in our lives. It can also make for some very interesting sex chat roleplay scenarios.

32. Nurse/Doctor

We trust nurses and doctors to care for us when we are sick and vulnerable. This puts them in a position to nurture us yet tell us what to do. This combination makes for interesting sex chat roleplay.

The exam starts out normally, but quickly becomes sexual. The nurse or doctor seems to be taking more liberties than needed to do their job.

Then the nurse or doctor can seduce the patient, or the patient can get excited and decide to take control.

33. Maid

The sexy maid is a common fantasy. The maid dresses in a maid outfit, and seems to bend over in front of the master of the house more often than necessary.

He starts watching her while she “cleans”, until he can’t take the attraction anymore. One day he stops her amid her duties and has his way with her.

34. Handyman

Many women find the idea of a handyman attractive. Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, with a tool belt,and good at fixing things. The woman has just experienced a break in and needs her door replaced.

She’s still a bit shaken up about the event, but watching the handyman at work quickly gets her mind on other things.

He seems completely oblivious to how attractive he is, simply absorbed in his work. She decides to get his attention by going to “change” and comes back out wearing nothing but a smile.


Some people in our lives are protectors. This makes them easy to respect and admire, and also makes them very attractive.

35. Fireman

Every woman is turned on by the idea of a fireman. Rescue a girl from a burning building, carrying her out in her arms. Then, let her show you just how grateful she is for being rescued.

36. Soldier

Soldiers are also attractive. They are seen as brave defenders of peace. A soldier appears in a bar and strikes up a conversation with a woman. He is going out on a deployment the very next day.

Of course, his only wish before he leaves is the opportunity to completely have his way with a woman for the night. Knowing that he will be gone the next day allows her to open up and show her kinky side.

Power Dynamic

Power dynamics are the cornerstone of the bdsm community. All of the kinks and practices involved in bdsm involve some sort of power play dynamic. If you are interested in power dynamics or bdsm, online sex chat roleplay is a great way to try it out. You can find kinky people interested in power dynamics at Chatzy’s BDSM room.

Impact Play

Impact play is the act of  giving or receiving spanking or hitting in a consensual sexual context. There is no physical risk with online sex chat roleplay, but impact play can still be very exciting.

37. Hand

There are many implements that can be used for impact play, but your hand can work just as well. Your wife is nagging you again. Instead of arguing with her, simply take her over your lap and give her a good hard spanking.

This will undoubtedly lead to steamy sex, instead of the usual fight.

38. Paddles

You are a dom and your submissive has just disobeyed your command. You pull out a paddle and stare at her. You tell her to undress. When she’s naked, you point to the bed, waiting for her to bend over it.

You tell her to count every smack, and to say thank you sir each time. If she forgets, she gets more.

39. Whips

Your a female dom, and you have something special planned for your male submissive. You tie his hands together and secure them from a hook in the ceiling, so that he’s standing on his tip toes.

You then start whipping him, leaving red marks on his back and butt until he begs you to stop.


Some people are extremely turned on by humiliating someone or being humiliated. It’s also an act of submission for someone to allow themselves to be humiliated.

40. Names

Some girls like to be called baby, while others get wet at degrading names. Sex with your girlfriend is getting boring. It’s always the same old routine, until you decide to spice it up.

You start foreplay, and focus on teasing her. Once She is sufficiently excited, you whisper in her ear, “If you want this dick, you’ll have to tell me your my little cum slut”.

41. Pet Play

Pet play is another form of humiliation. The girl has been misbehaving, so you decide to teach her a lesson. Put a collar and leash on her, and force her to walk around like a dog.

If you want to take it to the extreme, you can have them eat from dog bowls.

42. Public Humiliation

Having people watch can certainly make things hotter, and more humiliating. Your at a party and your girlfriend picks a fight with you in front of everyone.

You grab her roughly and tell her to strip in front of everyone, in a tone that doesn’t allow for argument. As she’s standing there naked, with everyone staring, you have her tell everyone what a bad little slut she is.

Consensual Non Consent

Many people fantasize about being taken against their will. It makes for a very hot sex chat roleplay.

43. Prowler

The woman is laying in bed wearing a night gown. She is sleeping. A noise startles her awake. A prowler has broken the window, and is standing in her room staring at her.

He’s wearing a mask so that she can’t see his face. He grabs her hands roughly and ties them to the bed. He whispers in her ear, behave and this won’t hurt… too much.

44. Bar

A girl turns 21 and goes to the bar for the first time. She’s never had more than a drink or two, but tonight she wants to celebrate. Unfortunately, her long term boyfriend, and the only man she’s ever had sex with, had to work.

So she goes to the bar with her girlfriends. She has a few too many drinks, and starts dancing with an attractive guy. He keeps buying her drinks.

At this point, she is drunk. He asks if she would like to go back to his place for a nice glass of wine. She’s innocent and doesn’t realize what he’s really after, so she says yes.

Once they get there, he tries to seduce her. She gets mad and says she has a boyfriend. He tells her that she’s a tease, and she should learn better. He grabs her hands and holds her down, taking her on the couch. 

Begging/Delayed Orgasm

Begging and delayed orgasm are another form of power play. They can be very intense, even in online sex chat roleplay.

45. Begging for Sex

Men are often seen as the ones being in control, but it can be fun to flip the dynamic around. The girl has the man lay on the bed. She puts his hands over his head and whispers, “If  you move them, everything stops.”

She then starts teasing him. She runs her hands lightly across his body, touching everything but his dick. He’s so turned on that he can’t stand much more, and begs for her to fuck him.

46. Delayed Orgasm

You and your girlfriend have always been competitive. After a few drinks, you decide to issue a challenge. Whoever can go the longest without having an orgasm wins, and the loser must be the winner’s sex slave for an entire evening.

This leads to days of hot steamy sex. Eventually one of you wins, and takes full advantage of the bet.


One of the ultimate forms of power play is breath play. When you control someone’s ability to breath, you literally have their life in your hands.

47. Choking

You’ve had a rough day at work. You come home, and your girlfriend makes a smart comment. Instead of arguing, you just grab her by the throat and push her against the wall.

You keep increasing the pressure on her neck, making it hard for her to breathe. Soon the defiant look in her eyes changes to one of submission, and she’s more than willing to make up for the comment.

48. Oral Sex Breath Play

Your with a girl that is terrible at giving blow jobs, so you decide to teach her how to do it properly. You choke her with your dick and then pinch her nose, so that she can’t breath at all.

You tell her that when she is doing well, you’ll allow her to breathe. If she’s not, you won’t allow her to have any air at all. She’ll either improve quickly or pass out, at which point you can always try again.

49. Drowning

Your girlfriend is scared of drowning, and you tell her that you can help her get over it. You take her to the bathroom and fill the tub, telling her to take her clothes off.

You bend her over the tub and stick her head in the water as you have your way with her, letting her up for air occasionally.


Ownership fantasies are another common power play dynamic. They can be taboo, depending on how far you take the idea.

50. Queen/Servent

The woman is a queen and the man is the servant. Of course, he must do whatever she commands or risk serious consequences. The last servant that displeased her was beheaded.

He’s happily married and has lots of integrity. Still, when she commands him to please her sexually, he has no choice. Not if he wants to keep his head.

51. Branding

Branding is a fairly extreme sign of ownership, but it can be very hot. Someone agrees to be your sub/slave. You tell them there’s something they have to do to show their commitment.

You lead them to the fireplace, which has a nice fire going and tell them to kneel. You then show them a branding iron with your initials. To be accepted as your slave, they must choose where to be branded.

52. Auction

If the idea of being bought at auction or buying another turns you on, there are auctions that you can participate in. Slaves must obey the owners of the auction house and the master that buys them.

Bidders may talk amongst themselves and admire the merchandise. Once a slave is bought, they are the property of their new owner. You can find an auction here.


Bondage sex chat roleplay allows you to get creative. You aren’t limited to the equipment you need to do some types of bondage in real life, and there are no safety concerns.

53. Pool Table

Your at the bar shooting pool with your friends when your wife starts complaining about wanting to go home. She starts nagging, so you clear all the balls off the pool table and find some rope.

You tie the rope to one of her hands and lay her on the pool table. You run the rope under the pool table, pull it tight, and tie her other hand.

54. Chair Torture

One person plays a spy and then the other one captures them. The captor ties them to a chair. Then they use pain and pleasure to get the spy to tell all of their secrets.

55. Strip Club Tease

You are in a strip club. You have a few too many drinks and start touching when you aren’t supposed to. You are warned that this club handles that differently than most, but you just can’t resist touching again.

A bouncer walks over with wire ties. They use a wire tie to secure your hands behind your back. You are forced to sit there for the rest of the night with your hands behind your back.

A few of the strippers decide to add to your torture and give you lap dances while you are restrained.


Fetishes are fairly common. It can be difficult to find someone willing to induldge your particular fetish in real life, but it’s much easier online. You can find people interested in many different fetishes to chat with at Fetlife. 

Foot Fetish

Many people, particularly men, have a foot fetish.

56. Use Your Mouth

The woman walks into the room wearing high heeled leather boots. She has the man kneel in front of her, and then start licking her boots. Once she is satisfied that he has done a good job, she sits down and allows him to take off her boots.

Once they are off, she instructs him to lick and suck her toes and lick her foot with his tongue.

57. Foot Job

Your girlfriend knows you have a foot fetish, but it’s not something the two of you have ever really engaged in. It’s your birthday and she tells you she has a special surprise.

Your only hint is a picture of her feet, freshly pedicured.

By the time you get home, you are excited with anticipation and curiosity. She’s wearing sexy lingerie and tells you to undress and sit on the bed. You notice she has a chair sitting in front of the bed.

You sit on the edge of the bed, and she sits in the chair. She raises her feet and begins to stroke your dick with them.

58. Toeing

You’ve always fantasized about being fucked by feet. One night you finally get up the nerve to mention it to your partner.

Instead of being disgusted by the idea like you feared they would be, they tell you how naughty you’ve been for not saying something sooner. They then see how many toes they can fit inside you.

Pregnacy Fetish

Pregnancy fetishes are known to be fairly common with men, however, women have them too.

59. Make Me a Mommy

The girl and the guy are having sex, and instead of standard dirty talk, it’s all about getting pregnant.

The guy says “You want me to cum in you and get you pregnant?” The girl says “Yes. Please come in me. Make me a mommy.”

60. Leaking Boobs

The girl is very pregnant and out with her boyfriend. She looks down at her shirt and realizes that her boobs have leaked and soaked her shirt. She’s so embarrassed that she doesn’t realize the effect it has on her boyfriend, until they get home.

She takes her shirt off to change. Before she realizes what’s happening, he grabs her and starts sucking her nipples. The taste of her milk in her mouth drives him wild.

She gets turned on to, making for some great sex.

61. Pregnant and Tired

Your wife is very pregnant, and very tired. The two of you lay down for a good night’s sleep. You start rubbing her large stomach, and decide sleep is the last thing on your mind.

She complains at first, saying that she is too tired, but you quickly change her mind.

Paranomal Sex

Paranormal fantasies have become quite popular in recent years. There’s something erotic and mysterious about it, and its become a fairly common fetish.

62. Deal With the Devil

A girl is browsing online and sees an interesting proposition. A deal with the devil, or at least a demon. Whatever her heart desires, in exchange for satisfying the demon’s sexual desires.

She clicks a link and the demon appears before her. He’s naked, and clearly well endowed enough to satisfy anyone, although his red color and tail may be off putting for some.

He explains that he can grant her any earthly desire, in exchange for complete sexual submission, whenever, wherever he wants. Since she doesn’t yet realize that he can only be seen when he wishes to be, she doesn’t realize the implications behind everywhere.

However, she will soon enough.

63. Vampire

A girl goes to a new club in town. It has a reputation for being a bit wild, and there are rumors of women disappearing from the bar. Despite this, the girl goes to the bar alone.

After a few drinks, a man catches her eye. He’s tall, handsome, and there’s something magnetic about him. She finds herself drawn to him. He stares at her, and she walks over to talk to him.

She isn’t the type to go him with a stranger, but his eyes and his voice have a slightly hypnotic affect on her. She realizes why when they get to his place and fangs pierce her neck for the first time.

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