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In this article, you will learn how to find sex online by creating your personal sex contacts list. You will learn what sex contacts list actually is and how to create your own by using the correct tools and correct mindset.

They say that finding sex has never been easier in this day and age. I completely agree with that statement.

We have numerous tools and ways available to find sex and love online. Also, the general public view on casual sex has never been more liberal than now.  Casual sex is considered normal, and people are encouraged to explore their sexuality.

That is all great but on the other hand, statistics say that only 10% of people have success with online dating tools. The rest of them dabble in online dating a few times and ultimately fail. Why is that, you ask?

People Look at Online Dating the Wrong Way

The individuals that try online dating sites and apps and fail are the ones that have the wrong perception of online dating. They think that it easy, and they rush into it without learning a few things first.

Then, they randomly choose the first dating app or dating site they hear about. They create a profile without really putting any effort into it, and then they send spam messages to a lot of women thinking that that will bring them sex and success. That is the wrong approach to online dating and it will only lead you to disappointment and failure.

The people who succeed in finding sex and relationships online are the ones who take their time to create a profile that stands out from the crowds. They also take time to learn a thing or two from people who have been there before, and they incorporate their winning strategies.

To find sex contacts online you must follow a process. To succeed at anything in life we must follow the process. Just randomly trying will maybe work for some people. But ultimately by following a process and strategies that produce results, you will save your time, money and mind.

How to Look at Online Dating Game?

Finding sex contacts online is not hard when you know what you are doing. It will even be an enjoyable experience.

But looking at online dating as a magic tool where you just press a button and next moment you have sex is not rational and you will quickly become frustrated. You see, online dating apps and sites are just tools.

Nothing in life is 100% guaranteed to succeed. When you are learning to drive a bike as a kid you probably failed the first time. But you learned and got back on the bike. After a while, after a few falls, you learned.

If you know that only 10 % or even less than that are successful in online dating, your mindset will change.

You won’t expect success overnight and you won’t quit so quickly. Finding sex contacts online is not so different than finding sex in the real world. As in the real world, you will have to present yourself in the best possible light. You will have to approach people, talk to them, and sometimes accept rejection. Well, you will face rejection probably more times than you would like, but all of that is only a part of the game.

To increase your chances of success and minimize rejection you need to read a manual first to learn a few things.

Let this article be your manual. Read it and apply what you’ve read.

I hope that this will change your mindset and that after reading it you will look at online dating as a game. A game in which sometimes you will fail and sometimes you will succeed.

Apply Business Principles when creating your Sex Contacts List

We know that the majority of people are not interested in business and it is hard to spot the similarities between the business world and online dating. But in reality, a lot of the processes that people follow in the business world can actually be applied in online dating world. If anything it is a good analogy.

There are many similarities, from choosing the right tools, finding your audience, creating an appealing offer that you will present to the right audience, and in the end using the right process to combine it all together.

So what are the similarities?

What are you searching for = What are your business goals

When creating a business the first thing to do is to write out your business plan. That means that you must resolve what are your goals. What are you trying to accomplish by creating that business?

Translate that into the online dating world and you can see the similarities. When creating your online dating profile you must ask yourself what is it that you are searching for. What is your goal?

Is it to find a love of your life? Someone who is sharing the same values as you and has the same goals as you? That is a good goal and it will produce better results for you then randomly taking what ever you can get.

Is your goal to find as much sex contacts as possible and to have sex with as many people as you can find?

That also is a good goal if that is what you want. Whatever floats your boat, but be specific when setting your goals.

Know your Audience

When you are running a business your goal is to present your offer to people. But it is very important to know exactly who your people are, more precisely who is your audience.

If you are selling food you think- well everybody has to eat so it will be easy. But that is not correct. Many people are vegetarians and if you are selling them meat products you are certainly going to fail.

The same principle applies to the online dating world. If your goal is to find multiple sex contacts and have as much sex as possible, your best bet is to find people who share the same values and who also want to experience as much sex as you.

If you are contacting people who are strictly monogamous and they are searching for committed relationships, your offer to have no strings attached sex will not be very appealing to them. They are the wrong audience for you.

Create a Funnel

In the business world, the principle for success is to create a funnel that will filter out people. For example, 10 people will come to your website or your store and look at your offer/ read your articles. From that 10 people, 3 will find your offer interesting and continue to investigate further. In the end of your funnel, 1 person will accept your offer. That one person is your ideal customer.

The same principle applies when creating your sex contacts funnel.

10 people will see your online dating profile. 3 of those people will find something interesting in your profile and start the communication with you. In the end, only 1 or 2, if you are lucky and know what are you doing will continue the communication and meet you in real life.  So don’t be discouraged if you encounter a lot of rejection. It is all a part of the game and your funnel will actually help you find your ideal sex match.

Make them an Offer they can’t refuse

In order for a business to prosper, you must attract the customers and convert them by giving them as much value as possible. That way your customers will be happy to pay for your product or service and they will happily return to purchase from you again.

Apply the same principle when creating your online dating profile. Don’t just scribble stuff on your profile which doesn’t describe you in a good light. Your profile is like a window through which other people see you. Whether you like it or not, people will judge you based on the information in your profile. From your profile photos,  about me information, your grammar and the way you express yourself.

Keep that in mind and do things the proper way if you want to increase your chances of finding a sex partner.

Use the Right Mindset when creating your Sex Contacts List

Mindset is everything in life. Mindset filters the winners from the losers. If you think you can do something you will probably succeed. If your mindset is one of failure, well failure is what you are going to get.

The same can be applied to online dating. If your mindset is one of taking instead of giving value, it will show through your messages and your profile. That will ultimately decrease your success rate and leave you frustrated. Maybe you will cross online dating from your tools arsenal altogether.

But there is a correct mindset you can apply when using online dating tools to find your sex contacts.


sex contacts


When you lack something that means that you are in scarcity. Scarcity is the total opposite of abundance. Abundance means that there is more than enough of something.

Just look at how these simple shift in mindset can change the whole online dating game for you.

When you are in scarcity you will say to yourself things like- Oh if I want to find a partner for myself I must use every tool available, and I must message every girl on the dating site.

But that is not the correct mindset. Not every girl will be the right fit for you. And if you plan on messaging every girl on the site you will spread yourself too thin. That means that you will loose much time and energy, and you will mix up everything. You won’t remember the details from the conversations with people and they will sense that. They will think that you do that to every girl and that they represent only a number to you.

Remember that there is enough for everyone and that there is someone for everybody. Relax, and find the people who are a match for your values, interests, and lifestyle.

Outcome Independence

Outcome independence means that you accept everything that happens. Whether you get the number and the date or not, you are content. You know that if you apply the principles someone will show up who is the perfect fit for you.

Some people are so clingy and needy in their conversations that they ultimately get the opposite of what they want. Neediness is the biggest repellent. So, when you start the conversation with someone or even get their number, don’t cling on that like your life depends on it. Continue to build a great vibe and try to get to know someone for who they really are. Then invite them for a date, but be content even if they say no.

It sounds counter productive but that is the reality.

Learn to Accept the Rejection

Remember the funnel analogy that we mentioned?

Online, people have a vast amount of options. The fact that you started the conversation doesn’t mean that you will meet them in real life. There will be situations where everything will go according to plan, and then, out of nowhere that person will disappear or straight out reject your date offer.

In that situation, you can cry about it and be angry, or you can accept it and continue forward until you meet someone who will be happy to meet you.  And be sure that you will find your match if you apply yourself the right way.

Play the Numbers Game

If your goal is to create a list of sex contacts which you can call at any time you want to have sex, that means that you will need to talk to a lot of girls. The more girls you talk to the higher are your chances of finding a sex partner.

But keep in mind that you follow your criteria. Don’t waste your time on people that are not attractive to you.

You know that saying- Be the chooser, not the beggar. Although you are playing the numbers game, you are choosing only the people you are attracted to in some way. Even better is when the attraction and interest are mutual.

Best Tools to use when collecting Sex Contacts

When you have decided on what are your goals there is only one thing left before you start applying what you have learned here.

And that is choosing your tools- dating sites and apps.

Some of them are free and some are paid. There is a slight difference between them. Free tools are enough to meet someone but paid versions will give you more options to play with, sometimes even give you an advantage.

Also, some dating sites and apps are known to be more oriented towards casual sex and dating.  Others are known more as serious and long term dating tools.

Here are our recommendations according to that criteria.

Best for Casual sex and Flings


Tinder is one of the most popular and most used dating apps. It is popular because it is very easy and straightforward to use.

Generally, it is free and if you don’t want to pay for it, the free version will suffice. But, it is good to know that you can pay to get extra perks inside the app- like extra exposure to the most popular profiles in the app.

To create the profile you will need to log in with your Facebook profile or your email. But no worries, Facebook doesn’t show your Tinder activity in the news feed. You are the only one who will know that you are using Tinder.

Adult Friend Finder

If you haven’t heard about Adult Friend Finder you must be living under a rock.

Adult Friend Finder has more than 60 million users worldwide and it is one of the most popular casual sex dating sites.

The basic membership on the site is free, but it goes with a slight catch. If you want to message other profiles that you find attractive you will have to upgrade your account.

Adult Friend Finder also offers lots of adult content. You can watch adult movies on the site. You can also watch live webcam feeds of other members on the site who enjoy putting on a show. On the more professional side, you can also watch professional cam models. Models usually charge for these shows, but you do get a credit for being a member of the site, which gives you a discount.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish is most commonly known as POF. It is one of the largest dating sites on the web with more than 30 million active users.

POF users have the option to participate in tests and quizzes. Their role and purpose are to get to know you better in order to match you with the people who are similar to you in your tastes and values.

A great site, with plenty of users and a great tool to build your sex contacts list quickly and easily. The best of all- it’s free and free version is more than enough to reach your goals.

The paid version gives you a few extra perks like no ads, priority status for your profile, and the ability to see when a message is read or deleted.

Date Hookup


Another popular dating site with a big pool of users, and it is growing all the time. Statistics say that it is the third most popular dating site.

When you open it you will quickly find out why it’s so popular. It’s so easy and straightforward to use that old grandma could use it.

The site is legit and there is very small amount of fake profiles, so it presents you as a great tool to build out your list of sex contacts.

Although the name suggests that it is only for hookups, the reviews and the ratings from the users suggest that it is not only a hookup site. It is possible to find something more serious on Date hookup.

Best Sites For Something More Serious


Again – Plenty of Fish. Different people use it for different things, but it is a great tool for everybody who is tired of hookups only. There are plenty of people on Plenty of Fish who are searching for a relationship, even marriage. You never know until you try.

Anastasia Date

sex contacts anastasiadate

Anastasia Date is a very popular dating site. It goes in the ” mail order bride ” category. That means that the majority of people are using it to find committed relationships and marriage partners.

It is full of Eastern European and Russian women who are searching for American husbands. Anastasia date is now over a decade old and they are proud to pronounce that thousands of people found their special someone on their pages, from dating to marriages.

People from Anastasia Date are the ones responsible for adding and verifying women listed on their website. They are the ones who do the background checks and screen the women members looking for American men. They also help facilitate date correspondence and meet ups. does not charge any membership fee. Anyone can sign up and create an account without the need of credit card information. Although their standard registration process includes a payment information form as the final step, this can be disregarded and still you have your standard account created. The catch is this,  to read and send emails, chat, and interact with the ladies you will need to buy credits.

You can check the full review of Anastasia date on this here.

Ok Cupid

If you are looking for the best Free dating site in America, Ok Cupid is the best choice.

It even has a nickname- the Google of online dating.  It is very popular because of its simple user interface. They really know their stuff when it comes to a great user experience. There are around 45 000 active users online at any given moment.

Even though it has some bad sides, like slower servers, it is a great opportunity for everyone who is looking for partners for serious long term dating. The best of all, it’s completely free because they earn money with ads on the site.


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