Sex Dating

Sex dating involves the search of singles in your area for the sole purpose of creating casual sex relationships.

The idea is that everyone on the site is under the same assumption that serious relationships are not on the cards...

Inside a sex dating site anything goes, all niche interests and sex interests are welcomed and open contact is promoted.

You always have the power in the conversation because you have the option of blocking users and not replying.

Sex dating is distinctly different from serious dating (eharmony).

Serious dating runs under the intent of marriage and long term relationships - much effort is put into scientifically matching two people.

Sex dating is simply an open network of singles and attached sexually motivated people.

You search and filter based on your needs - you get to know another person based on their profile and the email correspondence you have on the site.

If you choose to meet up offline that is your choice and the site then has no control over your safety and is thus not responsible for you.

Sex dating is 100% sexually motivated - there may be motivation to find your right sexual match or motivation to be anonymous (no strings attached) but for the most part sex dating members are open and honest about wanting to find fun emotionally healthy singles.

Sex dating is motivated by sexual intent. It's a great place to find anonymous sexual encounters, but don't epect more than that.

Of course your sexually motivated date could turn serious when you realize you have more in common. But that's usually no the point of the meetup.


Hookups: The New Way to Date?

Modern day sex dating flips the usual boy meets girl scenario on it's head.

It's by no means seedy or underground - members who choose to find others are just in a point in their life where serious relationships don't fit.

They still want emotion passion respect and fun, just not all of the arguments and expectations that come with serious relationships.

Sex dating is about having fun with many different people - it attempts to focus on an open and honest user intent.

It allows you to create and develop relationships with like minding  people in your area - swinging groups and fetish communities area already actively meeting in the weekends - you just need to join.

Sex dating sites allow you to set up your own groups where people can join and share information such as meet up dates , photos and stories.

The term dating is really rather false - because you don't date online at all - you meet people and interact with them in the hope of meeting up offline.

Usually the interactions inside forums and blogs is enjoyable enough however when you meet up with someone in your area that you get on with well - the magic really happens.

It's not really dating until you meet in real life. Up until then, you are just getting to know each other.

Sex dating usually allows you to meet irl faster, and meet more people. It's a  win-win.

So it's not really dating until you suggest an offline meeting - all of the dating happens offline - It's really a matchmaking and personals ad directory.

All of the power of sex dating is allowing you to get the number of someone close-by that happens to have the same motivations as you.

Nothing to complex about the whole situation it just relies on you having a profile that attracts attention.

So long as your online often enough or email enough singles you will meet people. Whether you get on with them offline is a whole different story.


Video interaction such as skype allows users of causal sex personals sites to interact on a much more personal level.

I would advise you if you feel the need to do a google chat or skype call with your potential sexual partner.

It might take some of the mystery out of the blind date offline but it's worth it for the safety.

Changes in Men's Attitudes

It seems that changes in men's attitudes are influencing female behavior.

Here are some interesting quotes from an article from NZ about the dating culture where nz women have on average 20 sexual partners (source)

In candid interviews about their sexual experiences some of the women who are all in their twenties felt empowered by having sex and wanted to celebrate and enjoy it.

"If the first-up sex wasn't any good women weren't prepared to waste their time progressing the relationship. There is no dating culture anymore."


No dating thanks... just the sex... Is this the new way of dating? Can you really find that much out from sex?

Apparently that's all we need and one night stands are on the rise. The empowerment of women and the easing of standards and judgement is enabling women to have multiple sexual partners and not be labelled as would have occurred in the past.

Perhaps female sexual behavior is strongly correlated to how male's judge female promiscuity.

If having many sexual partners before marriage greatly reduces the chance of a successful relationship as a result of the slut label then of course women would be weary of sleeping around.

Female behavior is strongly affected by how men judge female promiscuity.

Men are more accepting of women having many sexual partners, allowing women to enjoy their sexual freedom.

Now it seems it's not necessarily the women who have increased in confidence and libido but he restrictions that held them back have been lifted.

This is of course on occurring in some cultures but thanks to sex dating sites men and women are hooking up more and enjoying the sexual freedom they were born to enjoy.


Best Sex Dating Sites & Apps

If you are determined to find a partner strictly for sex and casual dating, online dating sites and apps oriented on sex are your best bet.

There are numerous dating sites and apps on the market today. Some are geared more towards long-term dating and finding a partner for serious relationships, while others are designed to find you sex as easy and as fast as possible.

But the search for the perfect and legitimate sex dating site can be overwhelming and tiring.

To help you save the time, money and your mental health here are the top free and paid dating sites and apps, built with only one purpose in mind - to find you a partner for easy and effortless sex dating.


Adult Hookups

Adult hookups is a dating site oriented towards casual sex and hookups. Of course, if you are looking for something more serious, you can find that too.

The site was voted the best dating site in 2011 by an Online Dating Council surveys and has 60 million active users. It has also been featured on TMZ, Howard Stern, and Playboy TV.

The moto of the site itself is: The fastest and the easiest local one night stands anywhere. That should tell you everything about how easy and simple it is to use.

When you visit the site, you will be asked to answer some simple questions like- who are you, what are you looking for, what location are you in etc.

It's quick and you can get straight to the point.

With 60 million users there really is something for everyone. You can find one night stands, friends with benefits relationships, serious relationships, master/ slave relationships, sugar daddy/baby or even partners interested in swinging lifestyle.

Adult hookups is 100% legit site but like with everything else on the Internet, enjoy but be careful.


The name says it all. Instabang doesn't sell you a story of you finding your wife or a love of your life on their website. But if you are looking for sex and hookups only, then you are on the right site.

Instabang is easy to use and navigate and also free. To use it simply enter some information about yourself, like age and location, set up your profile picture and name and quickly search through millions of other users near you that are also looking to hookup.

With your free account you can browse photos and video galleries, and in just a few days you are guaranteed to find a list of your favorite users. You can also use video chat but only as a paid member.

The site provides safe and secure browsing experience for all of its members because the website is encrypted. It also uses discreet billing information, so no one will know that you have a gold membership in Instabang.

If you are currently experiencing a dry spell in your sex life, and you are in search of quick and easy hookups, Instabang is the right choice.


Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder was launched in 1996 as Friend finder but quickly changed its name to Adult Friend Finder because of the users sexual intent.  

Since then it has become totally sex oriented and has approximately 50 million users.

It was also featured on Ask Men's top 10 hookup sites list.

Adult Friend Finder tells you that it's the place to find worldwide sex dates, sex hookups, and fuck friends. It has helped millions of horny members to meet through online chat, chatrooms, sex cams shows, members blogs and e-mail.

AFF is free to use but free users can't use all the features that the site has to offer, like send e-mail and instant messages. Also, some search functions are limited.

Paid version comes in three levels, Silver, Gold and VIP. With paid version, you have full access to chatrooms, webcams, and email communication.

AFF has excellent search options and you can search users by their location, gender, sexual orientation, preferences and even with what you have to offer.

AFF has certainly earned their credibility and presents an excellent way to find no strings attached sex.

Other Options For Sex Dating

There are other options for sex dating  as well, including some that offer free sex dating.

Some of these aren't geared specifically towards hookups, so there may be a bit more work involved.

However, you'll find that they are well worth the effort.


What to Expect From Sex Dating?

Is sex dating just a phase filled with cheap and fast sex thrills that all singles eventually go through, or is there something more to it?

Well, it totally depends on you, your preferences and the life phase you are currently going through.

Sex dating can mean a lot of things, from casual one night stands, fuck buddies relationships, friends with benefits dating and open relationships. It can even lead to a more serious relationship arrangement.

It all depends on your situation and preferences and also the person that you are seeing for sex.


Best Options for Fetish and Kink Lovers

If you are more on the kinky side of the spectrum and looking for a partner for no strings attached play, below are some of the most popular dating sites and communities.

Since the movie 50 shades of gray became so wildly popular, interest in BDSM and all other kinds of kink is constantly on the rise.


If you are all about kink and sexual fetishes Fetlife is the best option to find like minded individuals.

On Fetlife you can't post personal ads, and it is more like a community rather than a dating site. Something like Facebook of the kink world.

It doesn't have a search function integrated like other dating sites but you can join local groups and groups focused on kinks of your preference.

That means that you will have to actually participate in the community and meet people the old fashioned way, face to face.


Unlike Fetlife, Collarspace is all about hooking up and no strings attached sex, with a bit of kink mixed in.The site is oriented on all kinds of kink and fetishes like leather, master/slave relationship, and BDSM.

Alt was first released in 1997 and it was the first BDSM dating site on the Internet.

Over the years it became the best BDSM and fetish website for kinky singles and couples.

Open relationships

Open relationships are very similar to long-term committed relationships. They are based on trust, mutual sexual and emotional connection, sex, friendship, and love.

What separates them from long term committed relationships is the lack of monogamy. They are simply operating on the different set of rules. Partners in an open relationship are allowed to date other people and even have sex with them and there is no room for jealousy and trust issues. 

Friends with benefits

When two people meet and have sex together, and they can feel the spark of sexual attraction it can easily transform into friends with benefits relationship.

FWB arrangments include having fun times together and sex but commitment is not in the rules book. You can spend the weekend together and not leave the room, but in the morning the two of you go your separate ways.


Fuck Buddies

Fuck buddy relationship is based strictly on sex without any emotional attachment. It is a perfect solution for people who want to remain single and have an active sex life at the same time.

It can involve friendship but that is not necessary and fuck buddy relationships usually take place somewhere in private because they are not socially acceptable.

One night stands

Often involve meeting with someone with the purpose of having sex and never meeting them again. They can be fun and exciting but also dangerous for your health.

Casual Sex Dating Statistics

In a recent study, Ok Cupid analyzed responses of 1 million users on their attitudes towards casual sex, the number of sexual partners and online dating in general.

What they have found is very interesting. The study showed that the younger generation, more precisely Millennials have become more reserved and more conservative towards casual sex and dating.

The overall number of sexual partners have decreased comparing to ten years ago, and Millenials are less likely to have sex on the first date.

"People are 19% less likely to have sex on the first date comparing to ten years ago"

Another interesting fact is that the number of men who would have sex on the first date has decreased from 84% to 61%, which is hard to believe when we take in the consideration that men are always been more open to casual sex without commitment.

The number of straight women open to sex on the first date also dropped from 48% to 25%.


People are 19% less likely to have sex on this first date.

Women willing to have sex on the first date has dropped drastically, from 48%-25%.

Also, the survey shows that Millenials are less likely to consider a relationship focused solely on sex. The number of men looking strictly for sexual relationship dropped from 60% to 51% and the number of women from 33% to 24%.

From this survey, we can conclude that casual sex dating has become less appealing to younger crowds, and their focus changed to serious long -term relationships and finding love.

A survey from Match's 2016- singles in America shows that:

  1. Baby boomers are more than twice as likely than Millenials to have one night stand sex on vacation
  2. Boomers are 53% more likely to have a threesome than Millenials.
  3. Millenials are 3x as likely to be under of influence of drugs and alcohol during first time sex.

It is also worth noting that today, online dating has become a normal way of meeting a sex or a relationship partner, when before it was considered taboo and even strange to some people.

According to statistics, 49 million of Americans 54 million singles have tried online dating at least once in their lifetime.

Sex Dating Tips and Rules

To ensure that both of you have the best possible experience together, without all the hassle which goes hand in hand with committed relationships, it's important to follow some rules and guidelines.

Casual sex dating implies that there are no rules and only sex comes into play, but some rules are necessary because things can quickly get out of control. As much as having sex without obligations seems fun and exciting, sex is, after all, a physical and an emotional act.

One or both of you could easily develop feelings as you keep seeing each other and that could mean the end of the arrangement if feelings are not mutual. Either way, casual sex arrangements have an expiration date, but by following a few simple rules you can prolong the duration of the relationship.


Casual Sex Rules:

  • No jealousy
  • Don't introduce them to friends and family
  • Limit cuddling
  • Don't be needy
  • Limit boring texts
  • Be discreet
  • Be a good lover
  • Experiment with fantasies
  • Only meet once or twice a week

Be Discreet

What the two of you do between the closed doors is only your concern. Your privacy and discretion should be very important.

Don't immediately tell all your friends that you are having a new sex friend. That screams insecurity and if found out could easily lead to the end of your sex relationship.

Be a Good Lover

After all casual sex arrangement is based exactly on that- sex. If you are not a master in bedroom acrobatics, nevermind.  Use this opportunity to practice and become a better lover.

Don't be shy to ask your partner what is turning them on, or how to best give them an orgasm. When you two see each other it should be only fun, good feeling and pleasure.

Learn how to give your partner enormous pleasure and you will become irreplaceable.

Experiment With Fantasies

Show your adventurous side and talk about your secret fantasies. This is the perfect opportunity to try something you've always wanted to try but was to shy or nervous to tell your partner.

If you have always wanted to have a threesome or a group sex, tell that to your partner. You never know what are his/her fantasies. Maybe they could become a reality.

Some of the most popular sexual fantasies are:

  • boss and employee fantasy
  • having sex somewhere outside 
  • exhibitionism
  • masturbating in front of each other
  • stranger fantasy
  • threesome fantasy
  • making a sex video

Minimize Boring Texts

Texting constantly whole day long is the fastest and surest way to kill sexual attraction. It also kills mystery and anticipation of your next rendezvous.

After all, the two of you are not in a committed relationship. There is no need to send multiple texts throughout the day.

Text to arrange your next sex date and keep the fire alive till then. Some sexting and firing up imagination is ok, but don't overdo it.

Meet Once or Twice a Week

If you two see each other more than once or twice a week, you are dangerously in a potential relationship zone.

The more time you two spend together the greater are the chances that feelings and emotions will come to the surface.

I mean, that is not some hard rule. It all depends on your wishes and what you want from your arrangement.


No Jealousy

If you are not prepared for the possibility that your partner is seeing someone else besides you, maybe a casual sex relationship is not the right fit for you.

Casual arrangements imply that you are not in a monogamous relationship. You are free to see and date other people until the two of you both express a wish to change that.

Don't Introduce Them To Friends and Family

Your sexual life is not their concern and by introducing him/ her to them you are only making the situation potentially awkward for the both of you.

They will be curious and ask stupid questions like where have the two of you met, how long are you two seeing each other and other unnecessary question that are best to avoid. 

Keep Cuddling to a Minimum

I mean don't be an asshole and run away the second you have an orgasm, but try to minimize relationship stuff like cuddling and pillow talk.

That is the fastest way to set the wrong expectations or even fall in love. To prolong the relationship try to avoid those things.

Don't be needy and have your own life

The reason why many people start a casual relationship in the first place is because they don't have the time or the will to have a committed long-term relationship.

Keep busy with your own life and let them live theirs. Don't be that boring guy that is always available at the drop of a hat.

If you leave some space in between your meetings it will be only better when you actually meet.

Neediness kills relationship attraction.

Pros and Cons of Casual Sex Dating

While casual sex dating certainly has some pros to it, it also has some cons.  It's best to be prepared and informed in advance to avoid any bad situations and hurt feelings.



  • Freedom
  • Lower Expectations
  • Ego Gratification
  • Sex is good for your health
  • Self-esteem boost


  • Risk of STDs
  • Risk of unwanted pregnancy
  • Risk of emotional pain
  • Missing opportunity for love


You have all the freedom in the world. You are free to try new things, to experiment and lead your life exactly the way you want it.

You are not tied with boring obligations like in a committed long-term relationship.

That means no wining and dining and spending your hard earned cash on expensive dates.

You simply meet, bang and later go your own separate ways.

Lower expectations

When your relationship is of sexual nature, meaning based strictly on sex, there are lower expectations to impress your lover. That means that you can really relax and let go.

Be your real self.

No judgment and lower expectations also lead to a much better sexual experience.

Ego Gratification

You are having sex with a hot girl or a hot guy. What can be better? Your ego is validated and your self-esteem is through the roof.

Sex is good for your health

It is discovered time and time again that sex has some serious health benefits. You have a stronger immune system, you experience less stress in everyday situations, your hair and skin are glowing and your happiness levels are much higher.

Boosted Self Esteem

If you are overly shy and sexually conservative, casual sex arrangement could help you to explore and express your hidden sexual side. It will also make you feel good and boost your overall self-esteem.

Cons of Casual Sex

If you are overly shy and sexually conservative, casual sex arrangement could help you to explore and express your hidden sexual side. It will also make you feel good and boost your overall self-esteem.

STD's and unwanted pregnancies

Definitely not sexy and something you love to hear, but STD's are not uncommon today. Let alone the fact that you could make an unwanted child. Always prepare yourself, be safe, and use protection.


If you keep seeing the same person for longer periods of time, eventually someone could catch feelings and get too attached.

That could transform your arrangement from fun and passion to game-over very fast.

Opportunity cost

Simple economics rule can be applied even on casual sex dating. While you are enjoying your non-committed sex situation, you are missing the opportunity to meet someone who would really like to date you. You are emotionally not fully available for a real and healthy long term relationship.

We can see that casual sex dating has many pros and many cons. It all boils down to personal preference and open-mindedness.

What one person enjoys, maybe another person will hate.

Sex dating could be just the right thing for you if you are freshly single, freshly divorced or just miss the old-fashioned roll in the hay without any strings attached.

Just always be safe, don’t catch feelings and have fun.

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