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Want free sex? Most of what you will find online are porn sites and most of them will lead to far from honest dating sites. In 2015 free sex means the rise of location based hook-up apps. Don’t worry if you have never heard of tinder but do worry if you don’t have a smart phone… because your missing out!

There are many great location based dating apps for free sex… here are some of the best.

  • What you will need:
  • Facebook account
  • Smart phone with gps enabled
  • Dick pic
  • Go

In no time you can have the app installed, synced with Facebook and be swiping through fleshy pics for your local free sex. Desktop and pc dating is great but even better is the personal touch of instant messaging hot local girls on your phone.


If you are attracted to you a Facebook friend down helps you hookup without the rejection. You express interest in them but nobody is notified on Facebook and they are not even notified unless they reciprocate that interest by themselves. So if they were never interested in the first place they won’t ever know you were = no rejection. It’s like at school when you used to go through a 3rd party or friend to let them know that you “like her like her”… But in this case it’s an anonymous computer bot doing the heavy lifting.

It’s a great easy to use app but a big downside is the reality that few people have the volume or the sexual interests in the current facebook circle and both people have to have the app and express interest for anything to happen so it can be a little slow paced.


No chit chat before you meet up – pretty much nothing at all actually – you indicate interest and it’s straight to the offline date without contact so fast free sex could be on the cards… OR lots of awkward first dates with users that are actually interested in serious dating. woops.

  • Great user interface
  • Gets you the hell off your phone and into the real world. yay
  • Free (but 2015 may have a paid version)


Tinder seems to be great because everyone is using it which is real power for the free sex side of things – more users = more chance of dates.
Mostly legit users because of the Facebook authentication registration only
Fast based and fun
Has a hookup culture already instilled in the app because of the superficial nature of judging dates based on a profile picture so you may end up with someone that you have no interest in at all… In saying that if free sex is all you are looking for. Her taste in fabric colour or passion for small dogs shouldn’t worry you right? Unless you do actually get a crazy.


Your interest stays secret unless it’s reciprocated
Once again a really easy to use and fast user interface
Includes a wide array of people
Tinder is fun and intuitive

Once you swipe someone or by accident that’s it, can’t take that swipe back
It’s pretty aggressive
It’s an image focused app with not much other functionality at present.
You can’t register any other way than through Facebook

Other contenders are


So load up that iPhone android or windows phone with hookup apps and get social – make sure your facebook profile picture is a good one and sex for free should be closer than you think. It’s free because the majority of these apps don’t even have ads on them…

That’s not to say they won’t be acquired for huge amounts of money and the new owner will force you to upgrade or put ads everywhere. So get in while the goings good with free sex and free fun!

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