Sex Online: Possible Or Probable?

So if we are really going to talk about getting sex online from the comfort of your sofa lets get right into it… You can be sure that many a dollar is spent in the pursuit of sex and the same is true online.
If your aware of sex online then you have likely seen ads for a casual friend finder. They are the leaders in casual sex and probably your best bet if that’s what your after…
Now lets roll back the covers and really find out whats going on behind the scenes of this website – Sex online… possible or probable?
You will see the strong majority of men and strong negative majority of women. But hey that is only alexa and their data could be a little screwed up anyway. I mean as a guy you expect that there is going to be alot of meat floating around in the casual dating world webs…. but how bad is it?
One of the better ways to get a good overall judgement of the site rather than just one of user experiences is the user reviews.
One alexa click on the REVIEWS tab and read through a few… they are surprising positive with a few guys frustrated that there was nobody in his area.
Pretty good site for trying to find a sexual woman/man or swinging couples. I met many women on the site about 4 years ago, but haven’t joined back up since then. I’m still in contact with one woman I met through the site and we’ve become really good friends/F-Buddies.

If it wasn’t for AFF I wouldn’t be having the good times with her. Try it out if you have the money to spend and the sexual energy too.

Sex Online: Possible

Meaning it COULD happen if you play your cards right or get lucky but it’s not guaranteed
This is the conclusion that the sane must some to when signing up for a casual dating site… eg (FREE!) How can you guarantee something as personal as sex?
It’s possible to get laid online (despite your looks or social status)
It’s only possible because it depends on so many factors :
– your location for one: there may be very few singles in your area that are willing to take you up on your offer of a casual fun time.

Sex Online: Probable

Meaning it WILL happen, you just need to give it time and be in the right place at the right time

It doesn’t take long on the site to realize how OPEN everybody is about their sexuality.
It’s no uncommon to have full frontal nudity as your profile picture and exactly what you want to do with your onlookers. There are plenty of singles chatting and on webcams with the intention of meeting offline. There was one 18 yr old girl from Australia that was solely looking for 3 black guys for group sex!
It’s up to you whether you want to dive in an be exposed to this sort of blatant advertising  of yourself.
There are other options that include benaughty, upforit, no strings attached etc … there are a ton of alternatives but AFF has the most users so I would try them. I mean you can alway go with plentyoffish or okcupid or girlsdateforfree but you will find (quite rightly) that they are looking for relationships and not one night stands.
So if your looking for sex online then take up on the free option!. Even if you dont end up having sex you should find the experience rather liberating and exiting. You are web chatting with all sorts of different characters (often with their clothes off) about all manner of subjects.
You can also just be looking for a single to email and chat with online and that to you will find.
So I would have to conclude that even after seeing alexa stats about the huge number of male users and also being genuinely skeptical about the levels of attraction of many of the profiles they use to sell you I would conclude that sex online is PROBABLE.
In fact it’s CERTAIN that you’ll get laid if your a normal kind of guy and active in the community + willing to accept offers from women.
Dont expect to have any luck if you dont upload a profile picture and dont actively email girls! but if you take the whole thing seriously and really try to let everyone know in your area that your happy to get together then I see no reason why you cant be in the sack with a stranger very soon.
I wish you all the best soldier – the online sexual atmosphere can get a little sticky at times so watch yourself.

Cost Of Sex Online

Roughly depending on your currency
$30 per month
you can bring it down to around $8/mo by purcashing 12 month plans

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