Sex Online: Trust And Thoughts On Emotion

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Get sex from online dating websites can be tough…
You are a complete stranger to everyone online
There are already massive walls up – trust is low in online dating sites especially within sites like plenty of fish.
You are competing with a ton of other guys: The ratio is NOT in your favour.
However there are still places you can go (if your prepared to pay a few dollars) to find sex online.
Even if you don’t believe it now women are interested in meeting up for casual encounters and getting involved in casual dating.
They have busy lives and needs just like you and would love the opportunity to be feel loved by a great man for one or two nights a week. But they have certain emotional requirements that must be met before they will allow you to enter their most private of areas.
They are taking a big risk allowing you to contact them offline via a casual dating site .Respect that and give them the reassurance they seek.
Women need to feel safe in the knowledge that you will not harm them in any way… I’m not talking about physical yet that is obviously implied but rather emotionally.
It’s all about… TRUST
If she has one requirement – that is that you should not speak of the meetings offline then will you keep everything hush or hush or boast about your sexual encounters to friends?
If she lets you know that she is fragile and has come out of a long term relationship (wants to take things slow) will you be empathetic towards her needs or push sex on her and get annoyed if rejects you?
She is taking a risk not only in her safety but in her time and effort – Women have choices online and they get requests from many men asking after their time. Before any sex occurs as a result of a casual dating site you must make her feel special – their must be some sort of chemistry present…
You might be thinking – it’s called “CASUAL dating” for a reason! There isn’t supposed to be weird emotions involved….
Yeh I get it – and this is needs to be accurately understood by both parties before commencing and routine meetings. Because if you spend enough time together – even if it is for casual sex their WILL be emotions developing whether you like it or not.
Emotion is what makes sex so amazing – if you are involved in zero emotion sex I feel a sense of pity. Casual encounters are what they say they are but it does no mean your not attracted to this women enough to care about her in an emotional way.
Can you have sex without emotion? Yeh of course…

Every guy has different wants and needs but I believe that in the end we all want the same thing and that is love and connection… It so happens that we show love through sex as well as protection and being the provider.
So this is just a pre-warning… In case you don’t know already attraction is NOT a choice.
You cant help being attracted to certain people… you just don’t have any say in the matter… weird huh?
So what tends to happen is we head out their looking for amazing sex and connection with women online…
We “fall in love” with the idea and eventually meet up with a real firecracker highly sexual women. Initially of course we were only in it because of the short term need to fulfil some sort of sexual desire.
But what your not immediate aware of is the lack of loneliness and companionship you also seek. In meeting women via free or paid dating sites and getting to know them you unknowingly form deep connections with them. This is NOT a bad thing by the way.
This whole process of falling for a great women is amazing and should be celebrated… But through lack of communication your idea of casual no strings attached sex falls over when you uncontrollably start to fall in love with your “FU*K BUDDY”…
The real nuts and bolts of this post is to bring to your attention the reality of sex… Whether you like it or not it’s a very emotional and spiritual event.
You can try to strip all the meaning away from it by calling it “casual” but the reality is sooner or later your going to feel a lot more than a rush of blood to your dick for this amazing trustworthy and adventurous women.

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