Complete Guide to Finding Sex Online: From White Milfs To Asian Teens

International Dating

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Lets face it:

We’ve all used free dating apps before like Tinder and Badoo

And there’s no question that these apps are a great tool for finding new people.

But how effective are they for you? Are they getting you laid or are they just wasting your time?

Finding Sex Online

Today we are going to discover the best techniques for getting what you want out of your time on these apps – more dates and more sex online.

Finding sex online isn’t that difficult if you know where to look.

The key is looking in the right place to find the type of girls that you desire. Here you’ll find a guide to finding different types of girls for sex onlline.

If you are looking for hookups, romance, or the best social media apps, you’ll find everything you need to know here.


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Hooking Up

Looking for a girl for a one night stand or a friend with benefits? Here’s where to find them.

How to hook up with Milfs?

Milf stands for mother I would like to fuck. Technically, any sexy woman who has a child could be considered a Milf. However, a milf is generally considered a sexy woman in her 30’s or 40’s who has a child.

Hooking up with a Milf is a bit different than hooking up with a younger girl. They want to feel young again, and they are comfortable with their sexuality. This means you don’t have to play games to get them into bed. Just be young, fun, and don’t say anything stupid.

How to Find and Pick Up Milfs

There are two types of Milfs. The type that actively search for attention from men and long for the excitement of their younger years, and the type that are busy living their lives.

The first type is easy enough to spot in any local bar. It’s the woman wearing clothes that would be more appropriate on a girl 15-20 years her junior. She’s seeking attention, and likely wouldn’t be a problem to take home for the night.

However, if you prefer ladies of a little higher caliber, you’ll find them during the daytime. High quality Milfs rarely go to bars, and if they do, they are busy having fun with their girlfriends.

You’ll see them jogging through middle class neighborhoods, walking their dog, or at the park with their children. You can also find them at grocery stores, particularly the ones devoted to healthy foods.

Just approach her with some sort of question. If you are out in the neighborhood, you can ask for directions. In the grocery store, ask her how to cook something. Now that you’ve engaged her in conversation, flirt a little.

If she’s interested, you’ll know. There will be a slight smile on her face and a gleam in her eye that tell you all you need to know.

You’ll need to come across as calm and confident when you talk to a milf. A sexy smile, eye contact, standing up straight, and taking up physical space are ways to exude masculinity with your body language.

You’ll also need to engage her mind. Many milfs, especially the ones who spend most of their time at home with their children, crave intellectual stimulation. They crave adult conversation as much if not more than they crave hot steamy sex – great when you’re trying to find sex online.

This means that you’ll need to be able to hold an intelligent conversation. Stay up to date on current events, and work on learning new things.

You’ll need to turn up the sexuality if you want to get her in bed, but you have to be subtle. One way to do this is to compliment her on something that she’s never been complimented on, or something that tells her you are paying attention.

Compliment her on her intellectual prowess as well as her physical attributes. To be sure that you don’t compliment her on something everyone else does, disregard the first three things that come to mind. These are the things she hears all the time.

Sprinkle a few compliments into the conversation, but don’t overdo it. Then ask her if she would like to get together. When you ask her for a date, ask for something specific. Would you like to go out (dinner, wine tasting, art gallery) on (insert day).

Best Places to Find Milfs

  • Jogging/Walking
  • Grocery stores
  • Health Food Stores
  • Mall
  • Bars

How to Find and Pick Up Milfs for Sex Online

When you are trying to pick up milfs online, you can use dating sites specifically devoted to this type of dating.

You can also use a traditional dating site. It’s easy to find Milfs on nearly any dating site. If you are trying to pick up a Milf on a regular dating site, set the age range that you are looking for close to your own age.

Why set the age younger than the age you are actually looking for? When a woman looks at your profile and sees that you are looking to date women in their 20s, she will assume that she’s the exception to the rule. That you aren’t seeking out older women, but she was so sexy you couldn’t resist. All women want to feel special.

Keep your profile normal. Don’t make it obvious that you are seeking a sexy milf to date. Talk about your passions, interests, etc. Keep in mind that these women love intellectual stimulation, so add a few things to your profile that make you sound like an intelligent human being.

When it comes to what you are looking for, don’t be too specific. Have you ever seen a psychic reading where the reader was extremely vague? Notice how the client almost always identifies with the vague comments made by the psychic?

You want the looking for section of your profile to work the same way. Leave it vague enough that most women can identify themselves as what you are looking for.

You’ll need to chat a bit before taking things further. It’s preferable to use IM, but email will work as well. Get to know her a bit, and then ask for her phone number.

Give her a call, preferably the next day. Have a nice phone chat, and then ask her out on a date. Again, you’ll want to be specific. This shows her that you have a plan and that you can take the lead.

Best Websites For Finding Milfs

Where to Find White Milfs for Sex Online

You can find white milfs on any dating site devoted to milfs. Caucasians tend to be the dominant demographic on all general dating sites.

There are also many Milfs on traditional dating sites, so you may want to include them in your search as well. Traditional sites have a larger user base, and it’s easy to find Milfs using the search function.

Where to Find Asian Milfs for Sex Online

Finding Asian Milfs can be a bit harder than finding Caucasian ones, but it is certainly doable. Your best bet for finding Asian milfs is on an Asian dating site. The problem is that Asian ladies tend to be more conservative than their Caucasian counterparts, particularly those from Asia or whose parents grew up in Asia.

Don’t worry, however. There are sites devoted solely to helping you hook up with Asian girls. You’ll have to use the search function if you really want to find a Milf, but you’ll have lots of easy Asian girls to choose from.

Where to Find Black Milfs for Sex Online

When it comes to searching for Black Milfs, there are online dating sites that cater to this need. These sites make it quick and easy to find the sexy black Milf you’ve been looking for.

You should avoid the site Local Black Milfs. They use fantasy profiles, and the women that you talk to are more than likely paid employees of the site, instead of women looking for sex online.

Where to Find Latino Milfs for Sex Online

The best way to find a Latina Milf for sex online is a latin dating site, preferably a site devoted to hooking up. From there, you can use the search function to find sexy local latina milfs.

Teen Hookup

Lots of teen girls prefer to hook up with older men. They are more experienced and more confident in themselves. Teenage girls also have high sex drives. Thus increasing your chances of finding sex online. This offers lots of opportunities for older men who desire the attention of a sexy 18 or 19-year-old.

When you are trying to hook up with a younger girl, use your age as an asset. Be the older, confident, more experienced man that she desires. Do not under any circumstances try to act younger than you are. Bring her up to your level instead of trying to fit in on hers.

Younger women are already attracted to older men, so you really just have to be yourself. You do need to get her number quickly, however. Teen girls are easily distracted. You’ll want to get her number before she gets caught up in something else.

It’s easy to spot teen girls at bars and clubs. They are old enough to get in, but not old enough to drink, making them easily identifiable.

The rules with girls in their teens are a bit different than other age ranges. Let them do most of the talking. You can adopt a mentor/teacher role, and offer her advice or teach her how to do something.

Do not try to impress her. You are the older, sexy guy. You are the catch, and she should be trying to impress you. Use a little self deprecating humor when she asks you about your life, and don’t brag.

Light teasing works well with this age range. They also offer you plenty of ammunition with silly stories and the tendency to overshare. Just be sure that what you say comes off as playful banter, instead of mean or insulting.

Where to Meet Teen Girls

There are certain places that teen girls will go to in hopes of meeting an older man. If you spot a sexy young lady in these places, chances are she’s there looking for you.

  • Museums/art galleries
  • Lounges or Pubs
  • Happy hour at a trendy bar/restaurant
  • Comedy club

Of course, you can also check out places that are commonly frequented by teenage girls.

  • College hangouts
  • Parties
  • Clubs

Picking Up a Teen Girl Online

Teen dating sites will have a demographic that’s mostly under 18, so your best bet is to find a sexy teen on a website devoted to younger girl older man dating, or sites that are frequented by a younger crowd.

Over half of Tinder users are between 18-24, making it a go-to app for anyone looking to hook up with a sexy teen girl.

Where to Find Teen Caucasian Dating

If you are in a college town, check out the local college hangouts and bars to find a teen caucasian girl to hook up.

Dating sites and apps that are frequented by the younger crowd are another good place to look.

Where to Find Asian Teens

There are plenty of Asian teens that would love to hook up with you online. You can also do a google search for Asian clubs near you to find sexy Asian teens.

Where to Find Black Teens

You can find black teens looking to date on teen sites as well as those devoted to black dating. If you choose to use a black dating site, simply choose the appropriate age range.

Clubs are another place to find some sexy single black girls. It’s easy to spot the girls under 21, and you have to be 18 to enter.

  • Our Teen Network
  • Black Singles

Latina Teen Dating

Latina girls are sexy. Latina teen girls have a sexy body and a fiery attitude. What’s not to love?

The best place to find a Latina teen girl to date is on a website devoted to latina dating. Simply type in the age range you are looking for to find Latina teens.

How to Hook Up With Married Women

Hooking up with a married woman can be thrilling because it’s taboo. In most cases, it’s also the best way to hookup with a woman without complications. If you want a woman who just wants discreet sex online without worrying about a relationship, married women are a great option.

Married women crave the spark of sexual excitement that tends to fizzle out in a marriage. If you can make her feel sexy and wanted, you can probably have sex with her. It’s a common misconception that married women don’t engage in affairs. Statistics show that at least 30% of married women have had an affair, and that’s just the ones who are willing to admit it.

All that’s required of you is charm and the ability to be discreet. And being good at sex. That’s what she’s there for, after all.

Married women often feel invisible. They used to have men hitting on them all the time, but now they don’t. As soon as a man sees her wedding ring, he runs the other way. When a man takes the time to pay attention to them, they can be very receptive.

When you see a married woman that you are interested in, begin by talking to her. Talk to her about anything that distracts her from her everyday humdrum life.

Married women don’t get complimented often, either. Be sure to compliment her, and make her feel desired.

Romance is another thing that’s likely missing in their life. A candlelight dinner or a box of chocolates can go a long way toward feeling a need that she may have forgotten she had.

Touching her is the best way to get her thinking about having sex with her. “Accidental touches” on her hand or her leg can begin to ignite a fire.

It isn’t advisable to hook up with married women that you see in your day to day life, because it can get messy. Hooking up with a married coworker or your friend’s wife is obviously risky. There are plenty of places to run into married women in your day to day life, however.

  • Bars/clubs
  • Hobby classes
  • Yoga
  • Grocery stores

Where to Find Married Women For Sex Online

Another way to find a hot steamy affair is online. It’s discreet, and there are plenty of women searching for an affair.

BDSM Hookup

Does your idea of romance involve melted candle wax, handcuffs, or a whip? Do you dream of a Fifty Shades of Grey style relationship? BDSM is hot and kinky, and there are plenty out there seeking a BDSM hookup.

The first step to finding a BDSM hookup is deciding exactly what your kinks are. Are you dominant or submissive, also known as top and bottom? Some people are solely one or the other, and some enjoy both. If you are the dominant type, you’ll want to hook up with a submissive, and vice versa.

Finding a BDSM Hookup For Sex Online

One way to find a BDSM hookup is to visit a BDSM club or event in your local area. You can find these with a google search, and they are held in nearly any larger city. Whether you are dreaming of a submissive or a dominatrix, these gatherings are a great place to find one.

You can also check out Fetlife and Fetster. These aren’t BDSM dating sites. Instead, they are more like Facebook for BDSM lovers. These sites can help you find events and clubs in your local area, and there are people willing to give you advice about anything BDSM related.

Where to Find a BDSM Hookup

Where to Find BDSM Hookups Online

Another way to find a BDSM hookup is online. There are plenty of BDSM dating websites out there. Most of them also allow you to narrow your searches based on the specific aspects of BDSM that you are interested in.

BBW Hookup

If you think big is beautiful, BBW hookups may be your thing. There are a few rules to follow to be successful in hooking up with a BBW.

Just like any girl, BBW girls want to feel desired. Make them feel wanted and sexy. Put a little effort into your messages to her as well. This helps to make her feel wanted.

BBW girls looking for a hookup are seeking some excitement. They may not have as much sexual experience as their skinny counterparts. You’ll need to be confident sexually and prepared to take the lead.

You’ll also need to make it clear that you can give her what she wants. Be sexy and normal. Let her know through your confidence and words that you can satisfy her needs.

Don’t make her feel like you are only attracted to her because she is a BBW. When you compliment her, mention anything but her waistline.

Where to Find a BBW Hookup For Sex Online

There are many BBW out there in your day to day life. Many of these ladies aren’t used to being approached in their day to day life, so it’s best to take things slow. Strike up a conversation with them, and if things are going well, ask for their phone number.

Treat them like you would any other woman. No one wants to feel like they are treated differently because of the way they look. BBW want to be treated the same way any other woman does. This means treat them with respect, and do not objectify them because they are BBW.

  • Mall
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Bars/clubs

Where to Find a BBW Hookup Online

The easiest way to find a BBW that is seeking sex is through a BBW hookup site. BBW are different than the other women you meet online. They are generally confident with themselves, and they know what they want.

They are also eager to please, and sex with them can be amazing. BBW tend to rely on their skills and intellectual abilities instead of their physical attributes. They are warm, caring, and not as superficial as skinnier women.

You can be comfortable being yourself when you are chatting with a BBW. Just be sure that you make it clear that you like them for who they are, instead of just their size.


If you are looking for love, there are lots of women out there seeking the same thing. Online dating is a great way to find your next relationship. In fact, 1/3 of people married in the last decade met online.

When you are dating online, your photo, headline, and profile are your first impression. Keep this in mind when you are creating your profile. Take the time to create an excellent profile.

Before you begin writing your profile, check out your competition. You’ll notice many of the same phrases on most of them. Avoid using these phrases on your profile at all costs. You want to stand out from the crowd.

Be positive. Don’t say anything negative about yourself in your profile. Say what you enjoy and what you are looking for. Don’t talk about what you don’t want.

Your profile photo is of utmost importance. If you can, you may want to get a professional headshot. Regardless of who is taking the picture, looking away from the camera and not smiling is shown to be the most effective pose for men.

You’ll also want at least two photos besides your profile photo. One of these should be a full body shot, and one or both should be action shots. Use your photos as an opportunity to show your hobbies or personality.

If you have a dog, take a picture with it. Pictures with dogs are among the most successful men’s photos. Any other cute furry pet that you have would work as well, if you don’t own a dog.

When you find a girl that you are interested in, you’ll need to send her a message. There are some do’s and don’ts in regards to sending that first message.

Do Not

  • Send a generic first message
  • Say anything sexual
  • Call her baby, honey, etc.


  • Mention something in your message that you saw in her profile
  • Use her name in the message
  • Ask a question

When you send that first message, ask a question that invites an answer. “Hi. How are you doing”, is a generic first message. It isn’t likely to elicit a response. A better approach is, “I see you enjoy (insert hobby mentioned in her profile). The next sentence should either be “I enjoy that too”, or “I have always wanted to try that”. Next, “what’s your favorite thing about (hobby you mentioned).

This type of message shows her that you took the time to read her profile, and put some thought into your message. Including a question about something that she enjoys is also more likely to elicit a response from her.

Free Online Dating

Free online dating sites are extremely popular. Many of them offer the same features as paid dating sites, making them a budget-friendly option for finding your next relationship.

The issue with free dating sites is that you’ll find many more lcd (lowest common denominator) women, than you will find on paid sites. You may have to sort through women who aren’t interested in a serious relationship or who are looking for a man to support them. That being said there are women who are relationship worthy on these sites as well.

Free sites are a great starting point for online dating, and a great supplement to a paid site as well. The more sites you are on, the better your chances of finding a relationship. However, trying to use more than one paid dating site can get expensive.

The other advantage of free dating sites is that you know everyone that you try to contact can message you back. Many paid sites offer free membership, but you have to purchase a premium membership to be able to communicate with members. This means there’s a chance that you will message women who don’t have the ability to reply.

The Best Free Dating Sites

Paid Dating Sites

Paid dating sites are often more effective if you are seeking a serious relationship. People willing to pay for a membership are generally more serious about dating than those who use free sites. Many paid dating sites also offer extensive personality matching that can help you find someone you are truly compatible with.

Most paid dating sites allow you to sign up and conduct searches for free. You may want to sign up and conduct a few searches to see if the site you’ve chosen is the best fit for you.

Once you’ve chosen a paid dating site, make the most of it. Take time filling out your profile, and take advantage of any personality matching system that they have.

To take full advantage of the site, you’ll need to be proactive. The more active you are on the site, the better your chances of finding what you are looking for.

Don’t hesitate to browse through profiles, and send messages to anyone you find interesting. Don’t make your searches too narrow. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want, but getting too specific can cause you to miss out on someone great.

The Best Paid Dating Sites

  • Match
  • EHarmony
  • Chemistry
  • Spark

How is Senior Dating Different?

Dating after 50 is different than dating at 20 or 30. The fact that we live longer, healthier lives and a high divorce rate mean that there are a large percentage of people who are single and looking after 50.

One of the biggest differences of dating after 50 is what matters, and what doesn’t. The profile picture and age are the two biggest factors in whether or not younger people are interested in each other. After 50, common interests, health, and activity level are much more important.

Older singles are also much more open minded than their younger counterparts. They aren’t nearly as caught up in things like ethnicity, body, type or even religion. They are more open to meeting and dating people who are different from them.

Another interesting trend among older adults is the fact that not everyone is looking for a monogomous relationship. Some older singles aren’t interested in a commited romantic relationship.

Others prefer several partners instead of just one. They have lived long enough to understand that it’s difficult for one person to meet all of their needs for companionship.

Where to Find Seniors to Date

There are lots of opportunities to find seniors to date in your day to day life. Go to a wine tasting, a museum or art gallery, or attend or throw a dinner party. You can also take a class like cooking or ballroom dancing to meet new senior singles.

  • Take a class
  • Musuem/art gallery
  • Attend/throw a dinner party

Senior Dating Online

Many seniors take their search for love or compaionship online. In fact, seniors are the fastest growing online dating demographic.

When you are creating your online dating profile, you should enlist the help of a few trusted friends. You’ll need friends who aren’t afraid to tell you that the picture you’ve chosen isn’t the most flattering, or if your profile has too much or too little information.

You shoud also remember that you don’t have to limit yourself to sites specifically designed for seniors. If you are interested in a specific ethnicity, religion, or even hobby, you may want to choose a dating site based around that instead of your age. You may also choose a different site if you wish to date someone younger than you, or you are simply seeking a larger dating pool.

Interestingly, Match actually has the largest over 50 demographic of any dating site, including those specifically targeted to seniors.

Top Dating Sites For Seniors

Ethnic Dating

Many people prefer ethnic dating. Maybe you are attracted to a certain look or culture, or maybe you prefer to date someone that’s the same ethnicity that you are. As of 2012, 15% of marriages were interracial. Clearly, interracial dating isn’t taboo as it once was. There are still some challenges that you may encounter with interracial dating, however.

It’s important to realize that there will likely be many cultural differences between you and your partner. You’ll need to be accepting of these differences, and embrace your partner’s culture as well as your own.

Studies have shown that black women recieve the fewest responses on online dating sites. It also showed that women generally aren’t open to dating outside their race, unless the guy was white.

If you are a white guy seeking a relationship with a woman of a different race, you would probably do well on any dating site. However, you can still save some time by using a dating site devoted to interracial dating or ethnic dating.

Asian Dating

There are lots of reasons men choose to date Asian women. They are family oriented, beautiful, loyal, and they age gracefully. If you would like to date an Asian lady, it’s important to understand that family and respect are extremely important to them.

Most Asian women are also much more sexually reserved than American women. Some Asian women wait until marriage to have sex, while the majority wait until they are in a seriously commited relationship. Asian women whose parents were born and raised in the U.S. have much more American attitudes, however.

The best place to find Asian women to date is to use an Asian dating website.

African American Dating

Black women are strong and independent minded. There are some things you should know if you are interested in finding sexy black singles.

First, you should be yourself. Black women have an uncanny bullshit detector, so don’t try to be someone you aren’t.

You should also be honest about your finances. You don’t have to show her a bank statement on the first date, but don’t pretend to have more money than you do. Don’t take her to a five star restaurant if you are on a McDonald’s budget. She’ll respect you much more if you are honest, and talk about your plans to better yourself financially instead of pretending like you’ve already made it to the top.

These ladies want to know that you are dating them for a purpose. Whether that purpose is a good time or love and eventually marriage, let her know. Let her know what you see in your future together.

Black ladies value their freedom and independence very much. You will need to give her some space. Allow her to go out with her friends without questioning her or making her feel guilty. Giving her the freedom she needs gives room for her feelings for you to strengthen.

You can find black single ladies in your everyday life. Your favorite coffee shop or grocery store may be a better place to find love than the club. Hobbies that allow you to meet other people can be effective as well.

Of course, you can also find lots of attractive black women online. There are plenty of dating sites devoted to African American dating.

Latino Dating

Latina ladies are sexy and passionate. What’s not to love? They are also more family oriented than most caucasian women. You should expect to spend time with her family and be treated as part of the family yourself when you date a latina lady.

Latinas raised in a Hispanic culture may have a different view of sex than their American counterparts. These ladies may be slower to have sex. It’s important to learn her views on sex before trying to become intimate.

If you are looking for a sexy seniorita in your everyday life, try hispanic night clubs. You can find them by searching for hispanic, latin, or salsa clubs near you. You may want to take a few salsa lessons ahead of time if you really want to impress the ladies.

There are also many dating websites focusing on Latin American dating. These are a great option for finding a sexy latina romance.

International Romance

International dating has its challenges, but it offers unique opportunities as well. If there is a specific culture that you are interested in, women who are living in that country will be truer to the culture than ladies already living in America.

International dating also offers you the opportunity to get to know people from different cultures. It offers unparalled knowledge, excitement, and new experiences.

The best way to begin International dating is online. Many international dating sites offer different methods of communication, including messages and video chatting. 90% of communication is nonverbal, so video chatting is an important step in a forgein love affair.

Most international dating sites offer translation services to help you overcome any language barrier. Many of them can help you make arrangements to travel and meet your love interest as well.

  • Dating 
  • International Cupid
  • Int-Dating


Friendship is often thought of as secondary to love. However, having quality friends signifcantly ipacts your quality of life. Good friends can increase your earning potential, your health, life expectancy, and your happiness.

You can find friends in everyday life by starting a new hobby. Take a class or join a recreational sports team. You can also find groups that meet in your local area for a wide range of hobbies on Meet Up. 

Coworkers are another often untapped friend resource. The trick is to spend time together outside of work. This allows you to build a relationship that will last, even if one of you changes jobs.

Volunteering is also a great way to find friends. Animal shelters, habitat for humanity, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters, are a few ways that you can volunteer.

Where to Find Friends

  • Hobby
  • Class
  • Recreational Sports
  • Meet Up
  • Volunteering

Friend Finding Websites

Friend finding websites offer you the ability to make new friends easily. Some sites are useful for finding online friends, while others can help you find friends that you can spend time with in your everyday life.

  • Cyber Friends
  • Friend Match
  • Meet Up
  • Not4Dating

Friend Finding Apps

These apps allow you to find friends on the go. Some of them are location based, which makes it easier to meet up in real life.

There are many ways to find companionship online and offline. Whether you are looking for a hookup, marriage, friendship, or an International love affair, there’s someone out there looking for the same thing. The key is knowing where to look, and how to get what you want.

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  2. I’m in Beaverton Oregon I’m 16, I’m male and I’m 5 foot 6
    And I’m looking for someone who wants to fuck me just give me your message number.