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Online Sex personals has evolved from a simple craigslist ad to dynamic matching and worldwide video chat.You can now interact with pre-selected matches on a ‘personal” face to face level.

The friend finder network has focused on sex personals with many niche dating sites. However you also have other personals sites that are less obvious about their sexual intent that could arguably be used for the same end result.

Most users on free dating sites are not looking just for sex which is why there is a sex personal industry in the first place. You have to decide if it’s just sex that your looking for as this will significantly  narrow down your reach.

If you choose to try other methods to get laid online you must be respectful to those looking for more serious long term relationships.

The likes of hornymatches is an ugly low end version of a personals site. It offers the basic functionality such as email and searching in your area.

Like the old plenty of fish… it gets the job done. Everyone is there for casual dating so horny matches could find you a match if the site is popular enough in your city.

There are other sites like be naughty that have obvious sexual intent and are much more professional.

They are another paid dating site that focuses on membership fees to keep it running.

No strings attached and ashley madison are pushing the ethical boundaries of sex personals because they are “affair” dating sites. They actually help you to cheat! is another site that is untested by PL Dating but by all accounts seems to be legitimate however taking one look at ( would be a good idea!

Unfortunately there are many fake sex dating sites that claim to have real women registered but actually generate fake profiles and fake email messages.
This is really the main problem with sex personals – many of the women are fake users which makes the men far outweigh the women in number!

At fck we are attempting to bring some sanity to the sex personals business by providing a 100% free online dating site for casual daters.

We do not claim to have a squeaky clean site – the women that sign up may or may not be real but that is for you to decide. The reality is that we have no idea and neither do you until you actually perform a real one on one video chat with them.

The market and number of authentic signups will determine the quality of this site.

There will never be an end to the lying and scamming that goes on… But we can integrate tools that demand authenticity by users. For example Badoo demands that you upload pictures of your face and fill out your profile to a certain degree before you can talk to anyone else.

There is the ability to restrict a users ability to contact you inside by changing your permissions. This can be done under the dashboard of PL Casual Dating under the tab permissions.

In the end, sex personals is shrouded in controversy and illegitimacy. Women trying to p themselves and men posing as women attempting to front as a US teen when they are sitting in a bungalow in senegal…

It’s the sad reality of bad ethics and shallow sexual motivation. A free sex personals site can be an open and honest environment if it’s regulated properly.

The friend finder network for the most part works well as the payment to contact users keeps the fake users out.

I would suggest if your going to use PL Casual Dating then you set your permissions to friend only contact. This will enable you to regulate user contact and filter and control your dating experience much more easily. You can also control which users can view your personal photo albums video and blog content.

Sex personals need not be a shady industry – one night stand sex need not be looked down upon.

If users are given the control to self regulate those in the community and they are actually interested in meeting up with someone close-by then there really can be a sex dating version of plenty of fish aka tinder.

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