139 Sex Positions Illustrated To Spice Up Your Love Life

(illustrations should be updated within the week)

Whether you’re a couple looking to spice up your love life with a new position or just a curious guy… This page and the links within it hold almost all the known sex positions!

You can do more of these sex positions successfully with a longer more flexible penis but the point of the variety is that you find the ones that suit you!

68 – Hers

The 68 hers is an amazing change up to the regular cunnilingus spread eagle that everyone does. Feeling you under her body and allowing her to push back into your face gives her a sense of power. Your arms are free to stimulate her breasts and clit as well as her ass. Some guys like to use their legs to gently wrap around the womens throat to pin her down against him.

68 – His

Adventurous? You have to be with this one… It shouldn’t be your first sex position to try that’s for sure… and make sure you shower and clean before suggesting this one.


Perhaps the most popular of all sex positions. The mutual oral stimulation works wonders – try to cum together at the same time!

69 – Inverted

69 sex position

Not a position that is used often – once again shower and clean yourself down their so she doesn’t feel weird having your balls in her face! Also keep an eye out for gag reflexes – you will have a tendency to want to thrust into her mouth… Let her control how deep you go.

69 – Kneeling

Works best with a strong guy and a smaller girl. You can only do this for a period of time before the blood rushing to her head get’s the better of her. Great to use as a lusty transition into something else. Don’t ask just pick her up and take charge while you flip her over into something more comfortable.

69 – Sideways

Excellent cunnilingus position for those less athletic or less mobile of couples. What is amazing about this position is the comfort it gives to couples. Try this after a tiring day at work!

69 – Sitting

Another crazy one to try – she now balancing on her head with he arms supporting. You can help support her with your arms lifting up above her ass.

69 – Standing

Very similar to the kneeling 69 position… Not for the faint hearted – more novelty value than real enjoyment.


If your girl is flexible at the knees this can be a very sensual sexposition. You can kiss her neck and lips while you play with her breasts and vagina. Your hands are free to play. This position gives you an amazing insight into what it would be like to have a vagina because of the sensation of not being able to look down and only feeling pussy. Truly amazing.


It’s like her being on a bouncy castle with your legs as the springs. Can get a little clumsy if your out of sync!

Amazon – Kneeling


This position will amazing for her if she likes to be in control. Can get awkward if she doesn’t know how to thrust properly – she has to undulate and belly dance rather than in and out thrust like a guy would. Hold your knees right back and push your dick forward to help her out.

Amazon – Kneeling Reverse

A change up if the prior was not working out for you. This hits a nice area of the vagina and the sensation of having your legs in the air while she holds them ads to the amazon experience.

Amazon – Reverse

Very similar to amazon kneeling reverse except she is standing/crouching.


Is your girlfriend a gymnast? She may not be able to hold this for long if she doesn’t have support underneath. Great for allowing her to thrust back into you.

Arm Chair

A really GREAT sex position if the dimensions are right between you… Meaning she can’t be a heavy set girl for obvious reasons. A really fun position if her arms are strong enough. She can use your shoulders as leverage to pull herself up and down… Athleticism required!

Asian Cowgirl

A standard girl on top position however she stands/crouches over you.

Asian Cowgirl – Reverse

Change it up for a different view and a different angle.


Not sure where this name came from – a classic in most pron films. A great starter if you like head…


Once again she has to be extremely flexible… Great position for those looking to do some shower sex. Bend your knees a little allowing for deeper penetration.

Basset Hound

Great name isn’t it?
A small variation on the standard doggy style position. You are both crouched down on your knees.

Ben Dover

Looking for a great view? If she is much smaller than you this position can also be used for anal sex. Could be uncomfortable for her but a great view from the back as her vagina will really stick out for you.

Bended Knee

Romantic undulating and sensual sex position this face to face body to body variant is great for slow loving sex.

Here is another variation on how to do Bended Knee sex position.

Bent Spoon

Bent Spoon

Open her up with this one as she lies on you and you pull her knees right up against her chest.

Big Dipper

Big Dipper

Are you strong enough for the big dipper? Get a serious ab workout while your at it. She has great leverage as she is standing and can work down on you… Just keep your torso up long enough for her to enjoy it.



Great shower sex or quickie sex variant coming straight in from behind with no bend.

Book Ends

Book Ends

Another excellent loving sexual position the book ends allows you to kiss and touch each other all over while both easily thrusting forward from the hips. Change up turns on thrusting. Allows a narrow point of entry as her legs are close together.

Booster Seat

Another funny name the “booster seat” works against a chair or raised object. Let her lean into you while you lean back taking the strain off.


Not one you would be able to keep up for any length of time.


Flexible dick? I have no idea how this would work mechanically. Go easy on the downward thrust. Perhaps it would work with a semi erection.

A real animal position this one – You crouch over her and because your standing it can get pretty rough.

Bumper Cars

Once again – flexible down their? A novel sex position – try raise her hips up with a pillow to allow you easier access.


If you don’t mind having a face full of ass the butler is for you. I have a feeling that’s what it was designed for.



Does your girlfriend look like a butterfly? Admire her body as she lays back on the bed while you kneel in. Get the bed height right and this one can get very sexy.

Cinema Stroke

Another oral sex position that pretty much allows her to conceal her actions.



A great narrow entry position
Very comfortable for the both of you
Excellent thrusting position


One of the most popular girl on top positions as she can control the angle and pace until you get to frustrated and start thrusting hard from underneath that is!



Go from cow girl into crab! It’s an easy leg forward movement which can be a lot of fun. Her feet are now next to your face… You can see a lot more of what’s going on down their in the crab position.


With your hands clasping her thrusting butt your sure to get turned with the cradle.



Ask her to pull her knees up close to her breasts so you can move right in. The cross is a fun relaxing sex position but it lacks intimacy.



Best shower sex position ever! Grab one knee or ankle and take charge. Excellent for sex outdoors or around the house. Because your standing up you can really get some torque going!

Deck Chair

Get her legs in the air like she just don’t care!
The deck chair or some variation of it is a widely used position… Great view and great deep penetration.

Deep Impact

Get your legs up girl!
Get your bed height perfect and you can go balls deep with this one. Slow and steady strokes wins the race…

Deep Stick

Pretty much like the deck chair… Get her legs over your shoulders and get to work.



Great visuals on her vagina and the face to face body to body contact will drive her wild. Your kneeling will allow amazing thrusting ability while she controls the angle and depth… A delightful sex position indeed.

Doggy Style

DOGGY STYLE!!! Is this not THE most popular sex position of all time? Women seem to adore being screwed from behind despite the lack of intimacy. It might just be our animal past shining through here.

Doggy Style – Standing


Get the friction on with standing doggy – she holds on for dare life while you go for your life.


Almost like the pile driver… sort of midway between! Great angle and visuals.


Bit of a ruthless name the drill! Wrap her legs around the back of you and pin her down against the bed.


Why stick to the regular cunnilingus when you can use the drive thru? She can really move around and force your head between her legs with this one.

Ear Muffs

The muffs refers to he legs wrapped around your head… A great oral sex variant to try out. She will love you for it.

Eve’s Ecstasy

She can force her ass right down on top of you and help you lick her by using her fingers. Great fingering position for you too.
Never thought of using these oral sex variations?
Well now that you know of them… Try em tonight!

Ex Sex

Another odd position – break a dick off rather than bust a nut… If your dick bends the wrong way then bring on “ex sex”

F*ck Face

The one you see in the pron clips online – a great bukkake ending. Allow her to regulate the depth of your thrusting. You will have a tendency to want to ram it down her throat. Great feeling of her boobs underneath your ass and a feeling of dominance.

Face Off

Ass pleasuring is not for the faint hearted… wash up together and ask her to bend over. Mutual oral masturbation at it’s finest.


Another weird name this one allows the smothering of your face while she wraps you in a headlock.

Final Furlong

Your off to the races – can be comical at times as you both try to thrust toward each other. (not shown in this image: your both sitting down straddling a rectangular seat)

Fire Hydrant

Bit of an ab workout this one – the women suspends her leg over yours as you are also on one knee… Great g spot stimulation… a fun variation on the doggy style position.

Folded Deck Chair

Gives the guy an amazing sense of power as he dominates the women with her legs hanging in the air over the mans shoulders. Great for deeper penetration.

Forbidden Fruit

Prop up her pelvic area with a pillow or two which will make it easier to perform cunnilingus. Licking clit or ass?

Frog Leap

Does your women like to squat? give the frog leap position a try!
Does she have strong thighs? She will need them with this one – support her weight with your hands on her ass as your kneeling


This is a position where the women does all the work – the guy is in a straight legged position while the women is supported by her arms…

Fusion Open Leg

Pretty much like the one above, only the man will spread out his legs allowing the woman to move freely as she likes. You can watch her get in control, while you just sit back and taste the goodness of her body.

Game’s On

Funny name huh? Games on referring to him watching the game while she sucks him off. Simple bj position.

Golden Gate

A truly adventurous position – the golden gate requires your women to be very flexible – help her out with your light thrusts into her open mouth + support with your arms. If you can pull this one off all credit to you!

Hang Ten

Is another exciting position to enter her from behind. In this position you have the full view of her rear and you even have the choice which hole to enter.

Head Rest

This is a great oral sex position because it allows you to relax and keep it up for long periods. The head rest always seems to end up with 69 as the guy can’t resist getting a facefull of wetness.

Head Rush

You have to have certain mechanics to pull this off. If your a strong guy with a slight girl it could work… more novelty than anything.


Not a popular one due to the womens lower leg having to support the weight of the guy…

Jack Hammer

She is well positioned to give hand stimulation while sucking your balls and playing around that area.


You might get a little foot and leg pain with this one but it’l be worth it. A very close and intimate sexual position as your both hugging each other fully from the front.


The jockey is a real crowd pleaser! Super comfortable for both parties and you get to control the pace. Great view and great shallow angle.

Jockey – Inverted

Another winner!
Tight shallow penetration.
Face to face connection and intimacy.


Most couples are yet to hear of the jugg head! it’s a great sexual position for visual stimulation for the guy but also unique sensation of penetration due the elevation of the supine lover’s hips.

Lap Dance

We all know what the lap dance looks like – try this one all over the house!

Lap Dance – Kneeling

A little easier on the thighs the lap dance kneeling allows for the bouncy fun without the tired legs.

Launch Pad

Hilarious name – really great position for continual gentle deep thrusts while in rhythm with your partner. Her feet actually rest on your leaning chest.

Leg Glider

Named by sexinfo101 the leg glider is a tough on to pull off for those who are not flexible.

Licking the Flag Pole

She opens herself right up for you to get in their and use your mouth and hands. You could even try tying her leg to the bed to suspend it in the air.

Little Dipper

A little crazy is what it should be called – this one would be a hell of a tricep workout for a women.


The most intimate and loving sexual position their is. You cannot help but feel deeply connected to your lover when your practically inside their soul both via hugging leg hugging and kissing. Not a thrusting position but more an undulating and rocking love session.

Lotus – Kneeling

Another very loving sex position – but this allows for a more free up and down motion with the help of the guys hands on the womens ass.


Guy lays flat… women get’s her lunge on over you… the young and athletic can pull this one off but it’s tough for older women.


Once again the women is in control here and needs to do most of the moving. She needs a solid footing! Great position for lots of kissing.

Mastery – Kneeling

The enjoyment of a lap dance but with the mastery addition. The fact that her kness now have a solid foundation she can really start thrusting.

Mastery – Suspended

sex positions

Could be used as a small change up to the regular mastery position.

Mirror of Pleasure

Get her ass elevated with either your arms to pull her up or pillows underneath her.


MISSIONARY… Everyones stock, go to sex position. Deep thrusting and clitoral stimulation. Can’t go wrong.

Missionary – Inverted

Standard sex position with women on top

Monkey Bay

Monkey what? If your looking for a workout while you have sexand don’t mind doing pull up after pull up while thrusting AND you have a pull up bar… try this!NOTE: the guy is holding onto a bar not shown in this picture

Mover and Shaker

To get into this position your girl should be on top of a washing machine. Then you will have to enter her as deep as you can and held it there. Then turn on the machine. the vibration created by the washing machine should give her the satisfaction that will send your girl sky high.

Oral Therapy

Your lying down on a therapy chair and your therapist is helping you out with some mental issues by giving you head from the side.


This can be used for anal or regular sex… you both have to be very fit and flexible for it to work… go slow and work into it. It’s not exactly for the faint hearted.

Quickie Fix

Quickie Fix is a good position for urgent love making. Make it quick and easy. You don’t even have to take off your clothes or anything. Just bend her over, and enter her from behind. Best done anywhere any time.

Pearly Gates

A real winner here – masturbate her with your free hands. The full body closeness really ads to the sensation.


A full side face fu#$ing. The peep show is sure to get you exited.

Pie in the Sky

Excellent name… pie(pu$$y) in the sky – a real naughty and exposed position which allows your lover full access to every inch of you. She needs to be very flexible so that she can get her legs right over and balance on her shoulders.

Pile Driver

What a graphic name! If you have a flexible female partner your in luck again. She is completely opened up for you to thrust down into you…

Pile Driver – Reverse

A real image for the women this one also allows her to play with herself while you choose which hole to enter.

Pirate’s Bounty

With one leg in the air your ready to play pirates bounty… similar to other kneeling sex positions.


Can you focus and time your thrusts to act like a piston with your partner? This is a fun and challenging position aided by her leg support on a chair or bed.


This belongs to the rear entry class of sex positions. In this position the women back is on from on him like shes sitting on your lap. She can move up and down while as she feels the length of your penis inside her. The man does nothing while the woman is in control.


Plumber is suggested by many sex experts as the real way to perform fellatio as it gives the receiver a chance to control the angle and pressure while the giver can relax their head on a pillow.

Poles Apart

Apparently this ones a real g-spot smasher and easier than it looks – it’s just a reverse spoons position.

Prison Guard

Make her feel vulnerable with this stand to attention sex position. As you hold hands you can use that to pull her back against you.


Use of a STABLE chair is a must… could be uncomfortable for the guy if it goes on to long as he is resting in a crouched position.

Rear Entry

Judging on the comments at sexinfo101 girls are actually into the rear entry… some even asking how they can get their bf’s interested… Don’t be shy guys!

Riding Astride

Think I’v seen this one before – the change up in angle enables a different sensation. The women has a stable footing and support from her arms.

Riding The North Face

Similar to other positions discussed above – she is able to control the pressure on your face while your in a comfortable lying position. She can lean back and masturbate you.

Riding the South Face

A more extreme version – the inverted north face means you get a face full of ass to go with everything else.

Ripe Plum 

Ripe plum is taking her from a side view position. Kneel on her side and take one leg up so she is facing you and her legs are wide open for your entry!


Less slip out troubles when using this position but less clitoral stimulation and no face to face contact. Similar to cowgirl except the other way.


Legs are placed over your shoulders while you perform cunnilingus. The scarf can also be performed on the side of a bed.


A favorite the world over the scissors allows you to get deep between her legs however thrusting can be awkward if your not used to it.

Scissors – Seated

Use your arms to stabilize and allow you to force yourself forward into her. She is lying down while you are seated.


Brilliant position for tight side entry. Surprisingly comfortable for both you and her. An easy position which allows freedom of movement.


Grab her ass and rock her forward and back while maintaining erection! There wont be much thrusting going on – this is a more loving and kissing sex position.

Sexal SeeSaw

Another must try for experimental couple. This will require flexibility on her part, and be caution not to crush her. This position is great because it gives him a unique angle for deep penetration. Plus the position will naturally squeeze your vaginal canal. He will surely love a narrow hole.

Side Rider

Just like riding astride but now she has less stability!

Side to Side

A very romantic position and extremely widely used among couples in love. The close face to face contact adds to this loving position. Because it’s one movement from lying in bed to sex the side to side is used often as an initial sex position. Hold her leg up while you enter to help out.

Sitting Bull

Difficult to get any forward movement with this position because your sitting down.

Slow Dance

A really amazing position if you can get it to work! It’s tough because most guys are taller so she might need to stand on something raised. If you get the height right it can be very romantic.

Snake Charmer

Try this one for fun! Dam near impossible to balance yourself like that and you can only hold it for a short period of time.


Can you point your penis in a downward angle? If so the women is laying on her back and you are inside her in the scissor position.

Southern Exposure

A fantasy of many men – the women has great access to balls and below the belt. An amazing feeling of being in the womens position for a change.


Spider is a man on top position only that you are facing the same direction. The ability for her to tighten her thigh, abdominal and virginal wall muscles will create so much tension and friction for greater pleasure.


SPOONS – The best morning sex position on the planet – just roll over and slide in. Her ass against you plus the angle makes for one the world favorite sex positions.

Spread Eagle

The standard oral sex position with female in a very relaxed orgasm ready position.

Stand and Carry

Great for transitioning into another position if you have the strength.


Change up the rear entry by pulling her leg and holding it back behind you.

Suplex – Her

Expose all of her with the suplex – not very comfortable but an interesting change up.

Suplex – His

Now it’s her turn – this allows you to get head while being held by the legs!


She dominates over the top and also has a great thrusting position from the added leg stability. Lay back and enjoy the ride.

Sybian – Reverse

Reverse version of the sybian – her legs could get tired but some women really love this reverse position.

Symmetrical Congress

This position is the usual sitting position where you are facing each other. This may not offer deep penetration unless you have an extra long dick. But it will allow more passionate lovemaking. This a good position if you want intimacy and a lot of kissing.


Similar to spoons but your now both kneeling! Have you tried this one? Give it a go tonight. Change it up between you sitting on your legs and her backing into you and you both kneeling up with a mini doggy style.

The Knot

This is one of basic sex positions from Kama Sutra sex positions. You can start by sitting and let her sit on your lap. She will be flat on her back her legs extended to your back. It is very similar to scissors sex positions.

The Rising Sap

This position requires some flexibility on her part. She needs to sit on you stomach or chest while shes on split position. It’s used mainly to tease him with her wet thing.

Throat Swab

Brilliant name throat swab because that’s pretty much what your doing. Takes MUCH trust on her behalf. Don’t force it to deep or you’ll never do the swab again.


She turtles right up in a ball and your kneeing behind for deeper penetration.

Twisted Doggy

Flexible penis? This ones for the adventurous! Go easy on the thrusting!


Not quite sure how this would work as your not really able to enter from the right angle. Worth a try all the same.

Under the Cuckoo’s Nest

Brilliant oral sex position with your girl standing up with her leg propped up against anything around the house!

Under the Hood

There was a male version of this now it’s time for the girls turn… Ask her to wrap her arms under her knees and pull right back or even tie them up against the bed posts!

Under the Sink

A little like Eve’s Ecstasy however she is standing. Great as it gives her the ability to move around and position herself just right.


Could this name get any more boring… the name says it’s all but it’s a great bj position.

Usual – Hers

After she made the effort on giving you a mind blowing blow job it’s time to return the favor. Let her relax time for you to go to work on her. Lick and suck on her as much as you want on this position.


Stick those legs in the air and allow for full entry. A freeing and fun position.

Viennese Oyster

Does your girl have the flexibility to push her legs back behind her head? Your body weight and arms are forcing her back on herself while you enter an exposed upright pu$$y.


A funny position to try for awhile but it gets tiring for obvious reasons. Change it up and focus your energy on moving rather than holding her weight.


Great view of her rear end – Flexible penis required to pull this one off.


Another crazy one to round off 139 sex positions! The YMCA is a novel one for sure.

Unnamed Sex Positions

Here are a few sex positions which waiting for appropriate names. Let us know what you think or any name suggestions on the comment form below.

From face to face setting position, you can both lean on your back with your arm suppurating your weight. This is a nice position if you want deep penetration and wanted to have a full view of the action down there. Just remember that this may be uncomfortable if your not physically fit.

This position has some degree of difficulty for the man. So before you try this be sure you are fit to do this. Start from lap dance position with woman on your lap doing her own thing, then raise both of your leg and ask her to grab them. You can lean on your back and push her back forward. This is a nice position if you want to experiment.

This is another variation of dog style with man on top, rear entry. The woman should be on all four and you enter her from behind from a 90 degrees direction. Looks weird but it could be fun.

Talking about flexibility, you should have enough to perform this position. Let your woman ride you as she on top and you arch your back on a supine position. You have your legs and arms to support your weight. This is the ultimate rodeo position.

Do you want her to be in control? Try this position, it’s like doing scissors position only that your woman is standing above you and your upside down! Try this if both of you can take it!

Want that awesome Freddie Mercury pose? Go ahead and try it, raise your hand up and clinched your fist. But be sure that your standing above your woman fucking her from above as she witness your awesomeness.

Want to make a quickie fix that is more passionate and intimate? You can try this one. Instead of taking her from behind. Try to set on a comfortable chair and ask her to sit on your lap. You can take her from this position, plus you can enjoy kissing and lot of caressing from this position.

Here is another way to get her from behind while sitting. It’s more like of a meditative posture.

While we could not find a name for this position. What we are sure of  is it’s a form on rear entry position. This can either be an anal sex type or a regular sex type.

Now it’s good to see her on top right. But this position looks really awkward. Perhaps this can be done while your on the edge of the bed or a couch perhaps. Help us find a name for this position.

Cant Get Enough?

Here is some more links to related sex positions:




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  1. Im trying to figure out what a certain position is called. Ive seen it done in a video and it’s pretty cool. Guy standing girl suspended facing away from guy with her legs wrapped around him and hands behind his head. Like a upright suspended wheel barrel. Or reverse stand and carry. Is there a name for it?

  2. Im trying to figure out what a certain position is called. Ive seen it done in a video and it’s pretty cool. Guy standing girl suspended facing away from guy with her legs wrapped around him and hands behind his head. Like a upright suspended wheel barrel. Or reverse stand and carry. Is there a name for it?

    1. Hey there… The position you’re looking for could be one of two… Its either “The breastplate” or the “Leap of faith” Both need strength and trust to perform properly… but I think “Leap of faith” relies on all the strength of the male and non of the female.
      Kinda the same way the “Standing spread eagle” does.

  3. Any females from 510 or the Bay. I wanna try out every single position, in 1 night 😉 Get at me 510-305-3433 🙂

  4. Any females from 510 or the Bay. I wanna try out every single position, in 1 night 😉 Get at me 510-305-3433 🙂