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Sex stories are accounts, either fictional or factual that are centered on our sexual activities. The intention of creating such is relative. Often it’s intended to entertain or sexually arouse readers. With the advent of the internet where it makes easier for people to publish their work, this intention is sometimes clouded by the author’s need to share his idea or craft.

Erotic fictions which you can find online are rarely published for profit. Most of them are put up for the sake of the reader’s sexual entertainment and an author’s need for readership or audience. In the past erotic satires has been used to criticize political figures, governments and social norms.

Sex stories, erotic fictions, and sexually oriented images and motion pictures have been the subject of censorship over the years. The church is one of the biggest critics of these materials. In the grounds of immoral or unethical conducts the church has censored most of erotic literature in the past.

Even before the advent of mass publication, erotic prose and art were already present. The early Greeks and Romans were already crafting erotic poems, lyrics, and verses. During the Romanticism and Renaissance period, books and erotic literary pieces were not publicly available. They are secretly traded only to the elite and affluent circles in the society.

The advent of mass publication has triggered the calls for strong censorship on erotic materials. The church and governments were both adamant on the need to control the distribution of such material. The government holds firm that it has the right to censor any printed material which may be qualified as obscene.

Today, erotic literature falling under the definition of written fiction is protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the Obscene Publication Act of 1959 in England. Since what are prohibited are “obscene” materials it’s up to local governments and judges to decide what falls under this description. Thus the continued debate and struggle to protect the right of many to erotic fiction.

Amidst these attacks sexual stories or erotic literature has survived over the years. We take a look at different forms of these literary materials and some notable pieces of all time.

Sex Manuals  – Sex manuals are books explaining how to perform sexual intercourse. This may include sex position, safe sex, birth control, and sometime advice on sexual relationships. “Kama Sutra” by Vatsayana is a popular example, this is a celebrated ancient Hindi literary work. Needless to say it’s one of the world famous sex manuals translated in numerous languages. It’s all about human sexual behavior. There are less known sex manuals like “The Loss and Gain of the Chamber Art” by Sun Simiao and “On Venereal Disease” by Hua Tuo, to name a few.

Erotic Fiction This is the widest form of erotic literature. There are numerous books and writers in this field. Sex stories often fall under this form which is subdivided into different categories or themes. To give an example is a book called “The Gabrieliad” believed to have been written by Alexander Pushkin. The book is considered to be a satire, and sexually explicit and even blasphemous in nature. Although he denied it under oath when questioned at court.

Women’s Erotica – This consists erotic stories made for lesbians or heterosexual women. This may include different kinds of erotic material and fetishes. It’s fairly new since the need for female heterosexual fantasies is a recent demand but continually increasing because it has great appeal to male audiences.

Erotic Poetry – This consists of poems, lyrics and verses that are sexual in nature. Ovid and Catullus are known ancient Roman erotic poets.

Autobiography – Although few people would put their real given names as authors of any explicit or erotic story, there are some who find pleasure doing it. These works are often called “erotic autobiographies”. Such are “My Secret Life” by Henry Spencer Ashbee, and “The Happy Hooker” by Xaviera Hollander.

There are a lot of names and books that are worth mentioning here. We are afraid that we may bore other reads with the details. Still we leave some useful resources bellow. Please feel free to check them out if you want to know more about Sex Stories.


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