The Ultimate Guide on How to Find Sex Tonight

The Ultimate Guide on How to Find Sex Tonight

If you have not had sex in months or even years you could be getting a little frustrated and nervous about the whole thing. What you could be failing to realize is that there are opportunities to have sex tonight all around you.

If you need to get laid immediately and are looking for women that want the same thing there are sites online that help you with that sort of thing!

A great example would be the friend finder network!
You can contact them immediately and get to know each other via chat and email correspondence.


Take The Lead

Dominant guys take charge – if you want to have sex tonight you are going to have to take the initiative.
If you leave it up to her she will delay any sexual contact until she later on in the “relationship”… trust security and a feeling of connection is a must for women but you can escalate these kind of feelings by being completely open and honest with her but you must remain a little mysterious.

The sharing of stories and secrets can help to enhance the bond you share with your girl as well as the trust she feels for you.

Getting laid should come naturally for you but for many guys it’s just not a natural progression. You might be the guy who always get’s stuck in the friends zone but this does not mean that you can’t get out of it.

You just have to demand it – not in any nasty authoritative way but in a way that you take something that’s yours. You just assume that it’s going to happen.


If you hesitate she can sense it immediately.

If you blow your cover at some stage during the night she will become aware that you have no clue what your doing.

This can go one of two ways:

1 – it can enhance the night and bring you even closer together

2 – it can ruin the night and she will be turned off at the thought of being the a guy that has not game

It really comes down to the women your with – You should be able to turn it into the first scenario.

Do you dare tell her that you haven’t been laid in years?

If you think she is the kind of women that would think that’s cute then YES go ahead…

You could always bend the truth and say you haven’t been with another women for awhile because you have just recently been out of a long relationship.

What this does is brings you further together – she realises that you have nothing to hide and this allows her to open up further. She will likely have some reservations about being with you… she will be wondering what your expectations of her are.

When you let your guard down and let her know that you have no expectations you can move forward together – there is a sense of togetherness about you now rather than a distant connection forged by meaningless conversation.


Find Sex Tonight

We are talking about getting sex tonight with a girl that you have never met before… meaning that you have to escalate physically and gain a world of trust in just a few hours. But those that know they can go out and get laid all within a few hours also know how fast a relationship can move if you know what to say.

Some have the natural ability to charm the pants of a women in 20 minutes within a crowded noisy bar.

Others prefer the confines of a quiet restaurant… Understand where you “work” best. We are not talking about exploiting women in any way – if they are happy to invite you back to theirs they are clearly happy to be charmed.

Perhaps they think they are the ones that are doing the seducing. That’s an ideal situation to be in. If they are the ones forcing the conversation forward then just enjoy the ride.

In most situations if you want this hour long relationship to turn into sex the same night you will be HAVE to force the flirtation.

This means you will need to get her flirting with you – you will have to move the sexual tension and physical touch otherwise it wont happen.

This is one of those crucial seduction points that most guys miss. They don’t feel confident enough to force the issue. This is understandable as you might feel like you are intruding on them. You have to base your decision on the feedback that you are getting.

If she is not receptive to anything you say and you don’t feel her body  language represents an interested girl then it’s time to move on. But don’t make the mistake of failing to physically escalate. Lightly touching an arm or shoulder seems like nothing but it’s crucial to moving from friend to sexual partner.

This is why women love dance so much – it’s a great excuse to be physical in a sexual way without committing to anything.

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