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A sex website is an APP or site that allows users to register and message to arrange sex within their current city location. They allow couples to arrange couple-couple swinging hookups as well as gay and lesbian arrangements. In fact just about anything you can think of so long as there are willing parties.

There is no limit to what you can do and say within a sex website once you are chatting to an interested person. Video sex chat can happen where mutual masturbation and orgasm live on camera inside a private one on one environment.

Sex websites offer private and public forums for the organisation of meetups and friendships to blossom.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Sex Websites ranked by

  1. Features
  2. Credibility
  3. Safety
  4. Support
  5. # Users

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Some of the websites in this list have low sexual intent but very high credibility and user numbers (badoo). Many of the users within the site are looking for sex they are just not as forward about it as they are on other sex websites. So just a warning up front, badoo/pof etc are not sites that you can post dick pics while being extremely sexual in the way you speak… however it can be used for hookups if you’re respectful about it.

You should understand that many younger women (and men) may be seriously looking for marriage or a long term boyfriend/gf. If this is the case state your intentions honestly and respectfully leave the conversation. Your intention I’m assuming is the creation of a sex hookup because you are reading this post about sex websites. So long as your honest about what you want “nothing serious” then no hearts are broken.

This list will be updated as new sex websites are added and user reviews alter the overall score. It’s predicted that new sexual APPS will be added such as TINDER and social websites that are less sexually orientated outperform sex dating websites due to the larger user reach and high credibility.

Credibility is a measure of how ethical and honest both the owners and users are. Is the primary role of the sex website to convert you into a paying customer regardless of your user experience? Is the website using online cupids to artificially inflate site activity?

The only real way to get an honest reflection of the sex websites “performance” is through high volume user reviews. Through the law of large numbers a statistically significant result should emerge, in this case a relevant review score out of 10.

Let me know if you think other rating criteria should be added so that all features of the site are measured and taken into account.

At the end of the day the sex websites success or failure should come down to the amount of happy sexual encounters that are organised /day.

How to Use a Sex Website?


Not every sex website is the same, and the way you use it will depend on what do you want to accomplish by using it. Some sex websites are just for sex and hookups, while others are geared more towards dating, friendships, and marriage.w

  • Decide What you are Looking For

First, you need to decide what are you looking for on a sex website. If you are looking for fast sex, sites like Badoo and Plenty of Fish maybe won’t be the best match for you. They are designed more for users who are looking for slow dating and potential long term relationships. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find sex there. It just means that you will need to tweak your strategy a bit.

On the other hand, sites like Instabang and Adult friend finder are a perfect match for somebody who wants to skip all that getting to know you process and find a sexual partner as quickly as possible.

That’s why is important to choose a sex website with high sexual intent if you are looking for hookups.


  • Make a Free Profile

When you have decided on your preferences it is time to choose your sex website accordingly and make a free profile. Some sites are completely free. Some are partially free where you can use the majority of sites options for free, but some special perks and options are available only if you pay some small amount of money.

For starters, it is always best to choose a free option. No reason for you to pay before you see firsthand do you like the website or not.

Making a profile and setting everything up won’t take long and in a matter of minutes, you can use the sites completely free.

  • Pick some Good Photos and write Killer Bio

The quality of your profile could make or break your internet dating career. Imagine that your profile is like an avatar for your life. A photo says a thousand words and anyone who sees your profile will make certain assumptions based on your photos and bio.

Take some time to choose some great photos. Let them do all the work for you. Show your personality and lifestyle and you have a much greater chance of meeting someone.Forget a bathroom mirror selfies.

If you love sports and outdoors, let your photos show that. If you are a very social person, put some photos of you doing some social activity.


Statistics have proved that profiles with great professional photographs always get more matches, especially on sites based heavily on photos, like Tinder.

Also, use your bio to show your creativity and describe in a few simple sentences what makes you unique from others. If you are not very creative, the Internet is full of funny and creative bios you can use and stand out from the crowd. Just don’t use something generic and boring. Show your personality.


  • Play the Numbers Game

Just like dating in a real life, online dating and sex websites, in general, are a numbers game. Maybe you will be lucky and find somebody with similar interests very quickly, but in general, you will have to invest some time and effort to play the numbers game and increase your chances of finding a perfect match.

So, in the beginning, the best course of action is to talk to as many people as possible. Then after some back and forths, you can see who has the same interests as you and you can proceed to move forward and chat some more. But to increase your chances don’t lose too much time on incompatible profiles.


  • Choose Your Niche

Just like in the business world, to give yourself the best possible chances for success you should know exactly what are you looking for and where.  Are you looking for kinky partners who share your interest in BDSM and roleplay, or maybe you are gay and you love the people of the same sex? Find your niche.

Define exactly what is it that you want and set up your profile that way. That will give you the best possible chance to find someone compatible and at the same time save you time and money.

  • Always Move the Interaction Forward.

If your goal is to meet someone online and actually meet in real life it is best to always move the interaction forward.

The online dating world is fast paced and if you stay in the chat land for too long, you could potentially kill all attraction.

It is always best to build some interest, chat for some time and then move the interaction away from the dating site.

After all your goal on a sex website is to find somebody for sex in real life.


  • Have Fun

Your goal on the sex website is to meet a potential sex partner in a fun and easy way. Don’t be that boring and logical guy/ girl that talks endlessly about their work. That doesn’t mean that you should be a comedian but always try to make the interaction as fun as possible.


  • Be Respectable but also Polarizing

This goes hand in hand with having fun. Don’t forget that you are talking to another human being and always try to be respectable.

It is best to find a balance between fun and polarizing. If you have decided that the purpose of using a sex website is to find yourself a sex partner, always try to steer the conversation in that direction. Try to incorporate some sexual intent into your messages and make the vibe sexy, but on the other hand, don’t overdo it and become that creepy guy. That means no dick pics, especially on sites and apps like Badoo, Tinder, and POF where people are looking more for dating then strictly sex.


Different Types of Sex Websites

As we said before, not all sex websites and apps are the same. Some sites are for dating and marriages, other are for sex and hookups.

It all depends on the sexual intent behind them and you should choose one based on your preferences.


You can choose from:


  • Sex chat sites
  • Dating websites
  • Hookups web sites and apps
  • Video chats and webcams
  • Marriage websites
  • Websites for secret affairs

Not every dating site is for hookups and sex. To increase your chances of finding free sex, aim at the ones strictly for hookups.

Your approach to those dating sites should also depend on the type of the dating site. Don’t be blatantly sexual and vulgar on the dating sites where people are looking for love and romance. Your chances will be minimal and you will only end frustrated.

Choose your approach wisely and try to meet the other person. Communicate, share, and connect first. Don’t treat online dating differently than dating in real life just because you are hidden behind a computer screen.


Also, there is a difference between free and paid sex websites and dating sites. Although you can use a free version and find a sex partner without a problem, statistics say that you will have better chances to find a partner when using a paid version.

When you pay money for something, you are generally more invested in that activity and that will increase your chances.

Also with paid versions, you will have much easier time to navigate through your matches and choose someone more compatible based on criteria you chose. Paid versions generally give you more options where you can choose someone based on your compatibility and interests, not only geographical location.


Who Can use Sex Websites?

Today, modern dating sites and dating apps have become wildly popular. With the rise of technology, anybody who knows how to use a smartphone and a laptop can use sex websites.  They are easy to setup and easy to use. The only requirement is that you are of legal age, depending on your country laws.

Today the use of modern dating technologies have become pretty normal. Not like in the beginning where people were put off by online dating because of social stigma. The popular belief was that online dating is only for losers and antisocial people.

Not so much today. The younger generations are using all options when it comes to dating, love, and sex. Social stigma doesn’t exist anymore and using sex websites has become an everyday occurrence.

When you put things into perspective, sex websites are the easiest and most practical way to meet a partner with the same needs, wants, and preferences.


It’s perfect for single people looking for sex and romance or divorced people who are out of the dating market for a longer period of time.  You can use it if you are black, Asian, white, gay or straight. That doesn’t matter. The sex websites will give you an opportunity to find love, sex, and romance quickly and discreetly. A perfect opportunity to try something that you have always wanted to try but were never able to find a partner to try with.


If you still think that online dating is only for losers, maybe information that many famous people are using or have used online dating in the past will change your mind.


Is it Possible to Find Love on Sex Websites?

The simple answer is: definitely YES.

Many people have an opinion that dating sites and sex sites are only for quick hookups with no strings attached, sex. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Many people have found their soulmate online. Maybe you will need to play your numbers and invest more time into chat and getting to know each other, but when you meet someone and you click instantly you will see the real power of online dating world.

It gives you the opportunity to get to know someone much better while chatting than in some loud bar full of cigarette smoke and drunk people.


Obviously, you will need to change your strategy a bit and take things a bit slower, but the same rules still apply. Chat for some time online, exchange phone numbers and actually meet in the real world. Use sex dating sites only as a tool, not as a means to an end.



From all of this, we can conclude with absolute certainty that online dating and sex websites are slowly changing the way in which we are looking for sex, love, romance, friendships and even partners for marriage.

They are easy to use, fast, free in most cases and if you are smart you can use it pretty anonymously. online dating provides you with the opportunity to make your wildest dreams and fantasies a reality with a few clicks, using only your smartphone or laptop.

After all, if you really want to try it, go ahead, you have nothing to lose, and you could have the fun of your life.

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