Sex with Curvy Girls is Addictive

I don’t believe that many guys would feel proud if they told their guy friends how they had sex with a curvy or BBW girl. That is still something you do in private so that nobody finds out.
But on the other hand, I believe that every guy would absolutely enjoy having sex with curvy girls if he had a chance.

Today’s modern culture is giving us instructions on what is attractive and what isn’t. We can see it all around us; on TV, in the commercials, in fashion and youth magazines, in the music videos and especially on social media.

All that matters is the external look and nothing else. You must be of a certain height, of a certain weight and you must have certain facial features if you want to be considered attractive.

If you don’t have a six pack you don’t measure up. If you are a woman and you don’t have an ass like Jen Selter, sorry, you will never find love. At least they want you to think like that.

Modern Media Influences our Tastes

That way of thinking is completely shallow and a lot of people have low self-esteem because they believe everything they read or see.
Attraction is not a choice and if you listen to your body more then you listen to the media, you could easily find out what is it that you really find attractive.

If your standards on what you find attractive are different than those being promoted in media, you are considered weird. So even if you meet a curvy or BBW girl who you find very attractive, sleeping with her casually is something you would do in private so nobody finds out. At least that is the opinion of the majority of the male population. Men are afraid to be judged and made fun of, even if they are really attracted to curvy women.

But that is a totally wrong thinking. How can you judge something if you’ve never even experienced it?

Well, not all men are like that, and there are a lot of guys who find curvy, big busty girls very attractive. You could even say that they prefer curvy girls over skinny girls who are so popularized in media.

And speaking of personal experience, sex with curvy girls totally rocks. When you try it yourself you will forget that those skinny girls even exist.

But what exactly is considered curvy and, what is the difference between curvy, BBW, and obese?

The Difference between Curvy, BBW, and Obese

Modern culture places all people who have a few extra pounds in the same category. We simply call them fat.
But there is a difference between the categories and to be honest some categories of fat could never be considered attractive.


A curvy figure is simply when a woman has attractive curves. A curvy woman has an hourglass figure, big ass and in most cases big breasts, but her waist is pretty thin.

If a woman is curvy it doesn’t mean that she is overweight. She can be living a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food and even practice some sport but she is simply built that way.

Magazines today use the word curvy to describe fat women in order to make them feel better about themselves but, curvy woman cant’ be placed in the fat category.

Example of a curvy woman would be Christina Hendrix from the TV series Mad Men.

BBW or Big Beautiful Women.

BBW in the adult industry has a few different meanings. Some use it to describe big beautiful women, and some to describe a big black woman.

Bbw would be a woman that is curvy but also a bit overweight. She is not considered obese but could certainly benefit by losing a few pounds. They are typically big boned, larger and even called chubby.

Nevertheless, a lot of men absolutely adore BBW women. They usually have a very pretty or cute face, big boobs, and big ass.
Men who love BBW girls say that sex with curvy girls and BBW girls is the best sex you can experience.


Obese would be a girl that is pretty fat. In such a degree that it interferes with her health and as such cannot be considered attractive at all.

Why Men Love to Date and Have Sex with  Curvy girls?

If we say that all men like sex with curvy girls, well, that certainly wouldn’t be true. A lot of men prefer skinny model type girls.
But we can say that generally speaking there are three categories of men:

  • Men that don’t find curvy and BBW girls attractive
  • The ones who absolutely love curvy girls
  • Men that don’t know yet that they like curvy women

When I look at my experience I would say that I was in the third category of men. I didn’t know that I was attracted to curvy women because I actually never even thought about it.

Since the beginning of my sex life, I always had a picture of an ideal, perfect girlfriend in my mind. She looked exactly like  the girls portrayed in media, tv shows and music videos – tall, skinny and beautiful. Perfectly photoshopped.

Another thing is that I had the wrong expectations of how the ideal woman should look like. A lot of guys get the same false expectations from looking too much porn and they think that girls in real life look like in the porn videos.

It’s all a Lie

All of that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s all a big fat lie. Only when you step outside in the real world and meet real girls, not the ones from the tv screen, will you find out what are you really attracted to. Real girls all have flaws. There is no photoshop in the real life.
Maybe you will find out that you feel absolutely zero chemistry for your idealized girl when you find her in the real life.

How I met my first curvy friend with benefits

The same things happened to me when I met a girl who had an amazing curvy body. She was curvy but, some people would call her chubby or even bigger. But she wasn’t morbidly obese or even fat per se.

I was at a party and she was dancing with her friends. I remember that she was wearing a red dress, high heels and she had an amazing voluptuous figure with big breasts, round ass, and amazing full lips. She looked like a real woman and I was immediately attracted to her, even though I never thought that I would ever be attracted to a curvy girl.

I was very curious about her and I decided that I want to meet her. After I gathered my courage for a few seconds I approached her and introduced myself. To cut the long story short we immediately felt a strong mutual attraction and continued to talk for the whole evening. We continued to see each other for the next few months as friends with benefits.

In those few months, I came to the conclusion that sex with curvy girls is amazing and that I am definitely attracted to girls with curves.

After that experience, I decided to do a little research and I quickly found out that I wasn’t the only one who shares the same opinion on girls with curves.
Actually, a lot of men find them attractive dating partners and here is why…

Reasons Why Men Love to Date Curvy and BBW Girls

Curvy girls look younger

Believe it or not but a lot of curvy and BBW women look much younger than they actually are. The reason is that they have some extra fat in their faces and that makes their faces rounder.
Also, the extra fat in their face smooths the wrinkles around their eyes which also makes them look younger.

From ancient times curvy girls were considered more attractive

For example, women who lived during the Renaissance period weren’t concerned with a little bit of extra fat on their thighs, arms, and neck. Actually, quite the contrary was true. Women who were more curvy and voluptuous were considered very attractive. Paintings from that era clearly show that what was then considered attractive today would be considered fat.

During the Renaissance, women were praised for their God-given curvy bodies.

They look like real women, feminine, not boyish

Today if girls aren’t starving themselves to death they are not considered beautiful. Today skinny is praised and fat not so much.

But if you look closely, a lot of today’s world-class high-level models look like boyish. They are tall, skinny, with the strong jawline. Many of the most famous modes look like tomboys and they don’t have curves like real women. some don’t have curves at all.

Curvy girls look more fertile

Another reason why men love curvy women is simple biology. Subconsciously men associate big breasts and wide hips with fertility. Women with wider hips have a greater chance of giving birth to healthy offspring without complication.

So men want to have sex with curvy girls because it’s deeply ingrained into their biology.

Curvy girls love to eat

You can be sure that you will actually enjoy taking your curvy date to a dinner. She is not like a skinny girl who counts every calorie that she eats and afterward feels guilty for eating the desert.

With a curvy girl, you won’t have that kind of problems. What is even better, they are in most cases excellent cooks, so you can have a great time cooking and eating together.

Sex with curvy girls is absolutely addictive

Whole my life I chased only after the skinny model-like girls. After all, that is what is considered attractive in our society.
Only after I’ve tried sex with curvy girls did I found out what I was missing. That personal experience totally changed my mind.

It was like when you go out to the party, and you are not really in the mood but you go anyway. You don’t have some extra expectations and in the end, you actually have a great time.
I experienced the same when for the first time in my life I experienced sex with curvy girls.

Here are reasons why sex with curvy girls is absolutely addictive:

  • Curvy girls have the best bodies

If you only had sex with skinnier girls, sex with curvy girls will be a totally different experience for you.
Curvy girls have big round asses and big soft tits. I mean what else could a man wish for?

If you ever had sex with an ultra skinny girl you know how uncomfortable it can be when you have sex in the doggy position, and her ass is so skinny that her bones are hurting you.

And once when you grab the tits of a curvy girl with your hands, and you feel how soft they are, you will not want to release them ever again.

  • Curvy girls are the best snugglers

When you feel those curves on your skin you will want to snuggle with her every night. Curvy girls are soft and warm, like giant teddy bears.
Also, curvy figures happen to be perfectly proportioned for cuddling. And hugging. And, whatever else comes next.

  • They are more eager to please you

I don’t know why is that but every curvy girl I’ve ever met had very pleasing personality. They want you to feel good and they will do whatever it takes.
I’m sure you already heard that bigger girls give the best blowjobs. Well, it’s totally true.

Maybe they have problems with getting guys to commit to them in relationships so they make extra effort to please you, so you don’t leave.
Anyway, if you reciprocate and you please them in return, they will absolutely spoil you. They will cook for you, take you out for dinner and give you the best sex of your life.

  • No pressure to perform

Sometimes when we have sex with a new person for the first time, we can feel certain pressure to perform. This goes especially for men when they sleep with really beautiful women.

That pressure can sometimes destroy the whole experience. You worry and put pressure to perform on yourself when instead you should be enjoying the moment with a beautiful girl in front of you.

Well, I’ve never experienced that kind of pressure when I was having sex with curvy girls. I don’t know why but it was like their curves mesmerized me. All I could think of in the moment was how to best pleasure them.
After all, all sexual experiences should be like that. A time to leave all worry and problems behind and just enjoy the moment.

  • Not afraid to get rough

When you are having sex with curvy girls you can be a bit rougher than when you are having sex with skinny girls. If you are too rough with a skinny girl it could leave her bruises and that certainly doesn’t look too good.

You don’t have to worry that you will injure a bigger girl if you spank her a bit harder. After all, they have thicker skin and an extra layer of fat.

Where to Find Sex with Curvy Girls?

If you are someone who absolutely loves curvy and BBW women or you are yet to experience what is like to sleep with a real curvy woman, no worries.

It has never been easier to find a partner for sex than today.
We have hundreds of online dating sites to choose from. Some online dating sites are designed for people who are searching for love. Some are for people who want casual no strings attached sex.

You also have online dating sites designed especially for bigger, curvy woman and men who love to date them.

But if you use only dating sites for curvy women you are restricting your options. Curvy women can also be found on general dating sites like Ok Cupid and Plenty of Fish.







You have the best chance to find sex with curvy girls on dating sites like:


General dating sites

Adult Friend Finder

Adult friend finder is one of the best online dating sites with the best reputation. It has over 50 million active users and they are all there with one goal in mind: to find sex and hookups.

As a welcoming message, AFF tells you that it’s a place to “find worldwide sex dates, adult matches, hookups and fuck friends” and that it has “helped millions of horny members meet through online chat, chatrooms, sex cams, member blogs, group, and email.”

So you see, the objective of the site is simple: when you want to get laid, AFF will gladly help you out.
With such a large members list you can be assured that you will find curvy and BBW girls that you actually like.


Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps on the planet. It seems that everyone is using Tinder. The app is pretty shallow and you are judged just on your looks in most cases.

To increase your chances of success invest in quality photos and be patient because you can expect a lot of flaking. Tinder is definitely not suitable for serious dating, but it’s very fun and easy to use. It’s great for casual sex and friends with benefits relationships.

A lot of different people are using Tinder- from skinny, fat, straight, to gay. So if your goal is to find sex with curvy girls I’m sure it is achievable.

Match is one of the top paid sites with a large user base.
You’need to invest in a paid membership to communicate with other members.


The site is very user-friendly and straightforward. When you make a profile you will have the opportunity to choose anything specific that you are looking for. If you are really serious about giving online dating a chance, whether you are looking for something casual or serious, Match is the right choice.


Bumble is a very interesting dating app with the similar ratio of men and women on the app.
It works just like Tinder which means that you must swipe and wait for a mutual match. But the difference is that on Bumble women are the ones to start a communication.

So if you are a lover of curvy women, let them know by writing it in your profile and swipe away. After you match with someone, the mutual match expires after 24 hours.
Bumble doesn’t work well for serious dating, but if you want to have some fun and find sex with curvy girls, you have nothing to lose.

DAting sites for Curvy and BBW women

BBW Cupid

BBW Cupid is a BBW dating site. It’s advanced search features and matching system make it easy to find the person you are looking for.
BBW Cupid is a paid membership site but if you are looking for a site with the biggest curvy and BBW userbase you cant go wrong.
BBW Cupid gives you everything you need to find that special someone, without being distracted by too many features. If you are looking for a site that’s basic, easy to use, and functional, BBW Cupid is a good fit.

BB people meet

You’ll have to have a premium membership to communicate with other members. Other benefits include seeing who has flirted or favorited you. Some packages will place your profile and messages at the top of the list to get more exposure. All packages also include full mobile access.

BB People Meet is easy to use, and the perfect site for plus size dating. Connect Me can allow you to communicate by phone, and your daily matches make it easy to find people you are interested in.
It’s a good choice if your goal is sex with curvy and BBW girls.

Large Friends

Large Friends claims to be the #1 dating site for BBW dating. BHM are welcome as well. If you are a plus size single or want to date a BBW, you should give Large Friends a try.
If you are a lover of curvy girls you will also have a plenty of opportunities to meet someone.

It is a premium membership website. Premium membership works differently on this site than most. You can conduct a basic search and respond to messages for free. Instead of charging you for the basics, Large Friends offers lots of features that are only available for paying members

As a gold member, you will be able to see how often someone responds to your messages, write notes on profiles the most interesting to you, see who liked and favored you and even initiate messages.


So, as you can see if you are a lover of curvy women and your goal is to find sex with curvy girls, or even relationship, you have plenty of options.

Sometimes we need to ignore the opinions of media and people around us and ask ourselves; what really attracts us?

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