Sexting: The Art of Nude Selfies

In the digital age, there isn’t much that is left to the imagination. There are websites suited for every fetish imaginable, whether it’s foot porn or food porn, and there were social websites than can link you with people who share those fetishes. Unless you choose not to use the internet, for better or worse, you can turn off your imagination when getting turned on.

Nudity in Art

Enter the nude selfie. The usually erotic twist on the global phenomenon known as the selfie. Usually erotic because without some taste, a nude selfie can be the exact opposite of erotic. A quick gander into the history of photography and even art will reveal that depicting nudity is nothing new. Indeed, work from some most well-known artists depict both female and male nudity. Nudity in art is no different. Well-respected photographers have used nudity as a them in their work. As with the nude selfie, nudity in art can be with or without taste.

Who Sexts and Why?

However, taking and sending nude selfies, often referred to as sexting, is quite different. The most obvious difference is that we are taking the photos ourselves. For some people, herein lies the problem with sexting. According to a The Telegraph in this article, selfies are a way of discovering ourselves. The downside is that it can lead to unbridled narcissism and self-image issues. This is particularly true of nude selfies because it’s a full body photo, rather than just our face. Another downside is of course the problems that arise when the wrong person sees our photos. This can occur via somebody sharing or hacking of the emails. Unfortunately, this is becoming commonplace. Just ask Jennifer Lawrence or Scarlett Johansson.

Despite this, more and more people are sexting. According the Pew Research Center, 15% of people in the age group of 18-24 and 22% of people in the age group from 25-34 have admitted to sexting. Even more have admitted to receiving sexts. According to Sean Young, the Executive Director of the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior, in this report, large reason for this is because the perception of people is that it’s normal. In fact, it’s become so popular, that for some it’s even a sort of business. Check out this woman’s website, Critique My Dick Pic.

With all of this it’s important to point out that, like any sexual behavior, as long as it’s controlled and occurs between consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with it. So we say take those selfies and send them to your sexting partners. Here are few norms to consider when sexting.

Ask First

This goes without saying but people still break this golden rule: don’t send unsolicited nude selfies. This rule is particularly important if you’re a guy and you’re sending pics to a gal. Guys, regardless of orientation, almost never hate getting a random nude pic in their inbox. It’s fair to say that there are exceptions to this rule, for instance, if the profile of the receiver somehow indicates that they want unsolicited nudes. But generally, it’s a pretty serious faux pas of sexting.

Keep Them for Yourself

They are for your eyes only. While it’s true that most states don’t have laws against posting nude pics of someone else on the internet, some states do. Don’t take the risk. Keep the pics on your phone and delete them if they are no longer of use to you. Depending on the location or likelihood of meeting your partner, they will probably never know if you show them off to your buddy but you probably wouldn’t want them to show off your sexts so it would be a great idea to treat them with the same respect.

If You Don’t Have Something Sexy to Say, Don’t Say Anything at All

Very few of us are models and those of us who think we could be models are probably wrong. The point is, don’t be critical of someone else’s body. Enjoy the window into themselves that they have provided you. There is a certain amount of trust that must be extended to the receiver of a sext and you’ll want to be able to trust whoever you send your sexts to in the same manner. So, if you don’t have something sexy to say about the sext you have received, don’t say anything at all. Unless you’re a jerk, you wouldn’t be critical of someone else’s body while you were in bed with them. Think of it the same way and you will be OK.

Remember Why You Are Sending the Pic

According to Psychology Today, you may be sending sexts because you’re an exhibitionist meaning you may be sending the pic for your own thrill. But even if that is the case, the situation presents an opportunity for you to potentially send more sexts of yourself if you do it properly. Meaning that the pics are not just for yourself, they are for the receiver as well. So make sure that the photo somehow includes characteristics that they would appreciate. This may mean, portions of your body, your face, a sexy pose, or some of your clothes on still. As Madeleine Holden, the woman behind Critique My Dick Pic, points out in this article on The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Dick Pics on, “it doesn’t really matter how good-looking your dick is, it’s boring in isolation.” So do what you can to make it more enjoyable for your partner.

So that’s it! A brief look into sexting. Sexting is a great companion to sex chat or a great way to spice up a long distance relationship. In fact, there are many ways to enjoy sexting so strip down and shoot. Any questions? Disagree with something we said? Post in the comments your own experiences or advice! We would love to hear from you!

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