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The Best Sexting Apps for Hookups

What Exactly is Sexting?

Sexting is a very popular act carried out mainly by youths and young adults online. The term is also widely used by celebrities where they mention sexting often in their music videos and lyrics.

Wikipedia defines the act of sexting as the act of sending, receiving, or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs, and images, primarily between mobile phones.

The norm of “sexting” became a global phenomenon only very recently. The main fuel for recent popularity and wide world usage is the development of modern technology for communication. Also the public’s general liberal stance towards sex and sexual activities.


The word itself derives from two primary terms “Sex” and “Texting.” That means that you are trying to describe sexual acts, sexual wants, and needs through a medium of text messages, photographs, and videos.

The word was added to the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary in 2012.

In 2005, An Australian Magazine article broke down the word “Sexting” into various formats. The first form of sexting was described as- a situation where only images are exchanged between two partners that are genuinely in love with each other.

Another form of sexting occurs when someone in a committed relationship exchanges explicit forms of communication with someone else that they are not in an official relationship with at that moment.

New technology has made sexting become an easy communication option for all. Unlike going to a studio to take photographs and waiting for days before these photos are finally processed, digital devices make it easy for sexting partners to take pictures and send them within seconds.

Who Can use Sexting?



Sexting is often a very prevalent form of communication among individuals who live in societies that have a very liberal stance towards sex and sexuality.

A study in 2011 showed that about 54% of people in that study had sent an explicit picture or video to their partner at least once in their lifetime.

Another study in 2013 revealed that partners often engage in sexting to enhance the communication in their relationship and also to gain a form of sexual satisfaction. In this study, sexting was often referred to as a form of bonding among partners. Also, it’s referred as a way to solve interpersonal communication problems among lovers.


Some people are not the best communicators in their relationships, and some people are generally just too shy to express themselves.

In those instances, sexting can have positive effects on their relationships because it can be used as a tool for better, more open, and more honest communication between partners.

Somebody who is shy to talk about their sexual wants and needs person to person, can use sexting and express their wishes more easily without fear of judgment or humiliation.

Sexting doesn’t occur only between partners or people that have a relationship. Sexting can happen among friends, and even strangers, depending on what kind of interaction brought them together.

Thus, sexting is not just limited to romantic partners but largely involves strangers who have a little romantic attachment towards each other. It can be used to showcase their feelings or to ignite some form of relationship with them.

And it could just be done for fun.

In relationships where the partners are less likely to have casual sex, sexting can be used as a form of intimacy for the partners.

Through sexting, both individuals can express their feelings more than they would do in person.

Thus, sexting is used instead of a physical form of intimacy.

So we can say that sexting can be used as an effective tool for:

  • couples
  • married people
  • single people looking for hookups or fun
  • people shy to talk openly about their sexuality
  • people in committed relationships looking for some adventure on the side

Is Sexting for Teenagers Only?

The growing conversation right now is whether sexting is just for teenagers and adolescents or is for everyone. Mind boggling?

The study conducted in a survey of about 1,280 teenagers in 2008 revealed that about 20% of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 20 have at one point in their life sent full nude or half-nude photos of themselves to another person via sexting.

The study further revealed that 33% of young adults aged between the 20 and 26 years had also conducted sexting at one point in their life. The statistics of sext receivers who further received content from another person has not been adequately estimated.

However, a study in 2011 revealed that nearly 20% of individuals who receive explicit images from others end up forwarding those pictures to other people.

So, it’s clear that sexting is not limited to a group of people. It can be enjoyed by any two people from any part of the world at any time.


Professor Diane Kholos Wysocki also noted, in an article, she wrote that a significant number of women engage in sexting more than men. She further stated that this did not mean that women were the ones only receiving images.

In fact, she said that women sent more images than the men did. She added that most of the pictures that were posted by some of these women were sent to complete strangers or people who they had rarely had a meaningful conversation with before reaching the point of sexting.

Another study revealed that almost half of all the young adults interviewed in the survey had a copy of a sexually explicit image on their mobile devices. These pictures were either theirs, that of their romantic partner or a complete stranger.

The study further revealed that men are most likely to initiate a sexting conversation and are also recorded as being the ones to make a request for such images to be sent.

What are Some of the Best Hookup Apps used for Sexting?

Hooking up and sexting among individuals have never really been easy. Individuals have, over time, had to deal with privacy issues and the fear of being blackmailed.

Due to the possibility of blackmail and exposure, it is typically advisable to sext with a secure mobile application.

When it comes to sexting and hooking up, there are tons of sexting mobile apps that have been developed across the Internet.

These hookup apps enable individuals to enjoy the time and adventure that they request in sexting.

Hook-up and sexting apps are essentially incredible for people who do not want to go into a relationship just for the sake of sex but are also interested in the exchange of intimate nonsense and explicit images.

All that is required for people like this is the click of a simple installation button, and they are ready to go.

How do people get to know which hook-up application is best for them? How do people even know some of the best free hookup sites?

It’s quite simple! The first thing you need to do is look through some of the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages that the mobile app or websites have to offer.

No hookup site is entirely free or perfect. Knowing the free hookup sites that are entirely free is quite difficult. The same thing applies to mobile apps.

There are several hook-up apps online that sexting partners can engage with and get satisfaction from in real time. A great example is Ihookup.

There are other fantastic hookups and sexting app options apart from ihookup.


Top 9 Free Sexting and Hookup Apps for You


  1. Blendr Mobile App


blendr app

Blendr is a relatively new hookup and dating mobile app. The app was launched in 2011, and ever since then, it has been one of the most preferred hookup apps used by individuals across the entire globe.

The primary purpose of the Blendr mobile app is to enable people to connect and chat with people in their locality through the use of GPS  on their mobile devices.

With Blendr, users do not need to connect with any other social networking sites before they interact with each other. They also don’t need to to use their original details and photograph to register their profile.

This app is perfect for individuals who are shy and do not want to reveal their real details to random strangers. A fake profile is allowed on the Blendr app.

After chatting and engaging in conversations for a while, users are free to exchange their details with the strangers that they have met if they seem comfortable with it.

All the app requires is some form of mobile verification to make its use reliable. The mobile app is free and available on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store.

It is a perfect mobile app for dating and one night stands.

  1. Pure Mobile App

pure app


The Pure mobile app is another hook-up and sexting app used by individuals across the globe. The tagline of the app is, in itself, very inviting and convincing to make use of by the user.

The aim of the app is to enable users to find love from other people using the app. The app developers have stated that it is free of judgment and provides a sex-positive attitude.

Their tagline is “We promote an exclusive sex-positive attitude, which is free of judgment and the discouraging weight of social constraints.” It is a great form of sexual recreation for anyone who is willing to hook up with others.

The Pure app is very similar to the Snapchat mobile app in the sense that messages or pictures exchanged do not last for more than an hour at maximum. This feature makes it very safe for the users to use without any fear or having their conversations getting exposed by any third -party.

To use the Pure mobile app, all you need to do as a user is to upload your profile picture, and various matching profiles will come up on the surface of the mobile screen. After doing this, users can subsequently select their perfect sexting partner.

After the selection, users can go ahead and begin the conversation with the user they have selected and enjoy the hookup process. The mobile app is also available for all iPhone and Android devices.


  1. Tinder Mobile App


tinder app

Another fantastic free hookup app that is also used by individuals across the globe is called Tinder. The Tinder mobile app is more of a dating site than a hookup app, but it is used for both anyways.

This is because it provides almost the same services that dating and hookup sites offer.

Tinder is very popular in the world and is being used by nearly 50 million people globally. These users include random individuals and celebrities as well.

Tinder users are known to check their phones at an average of about 11 times in a day. These users are recorded to spend almost ninety minutes each day on the app.

Tinder connects with social network giant Facebook for authentication purposes in registration. However, it does not automatically connect to a user’s Facebook profile.

Thus, a user doesn’t need to worry about their private information getting exposed.

Tinder also makes use of GPS authentication to determine the user’s location and help the users find suitable hookup partners in their locality.

Users are allowed to like the pictures of other users by either swiping left or right. It is one of the best hook-up apps and, like others, it is available on both Android and iPhone devices.

  1. Skout Mobile App

skout app


Skout, just like the word “scout”  is also a good option for sexting. The mobile app enables individuals to find the nearest person that is ready to hook-up in their locality.

The app has a commendable user-friendly screen and provides a great user-experience for individuals who have it downloaded on their devices. The app is open for downloads for users aged between 13 and above.

However, it is not available for people below the age of 18 in some particular countries.

Skout is available on Android and iPhone devices and is free for downloads.


  1. Down Mobile App


Down mobile app was originally released as Bang with Friends, but later changed its name since it did not meet certain terms and conditions.

This mobile app is free to download for people in search of partners for sexting, hookups and one-night stands. The app makes use of a connection to Facebook for login and authentication purposes.

Through the Facebook connection, users can exchange messages with other Facebook users as anonymous persons.

Users can meet up with their current friends on Facebook and can also make new friends for hook up via this mobile app.

The app is rather beneficial to people who already have a large number of friends on Facebook.

Down mobile app is available for free on all Android and Apple ios phone store.


  1. Whiplr Mobile App


Whiplr mobile app is another great mobile app for hookups. Although it is not widely known, users have complimented it as an undoubtedly good one among other several mobile apps.

Whiplr mobile app offers a great user experience and a clean user-interface. This mobile app enables users exchange photographs, especially nudes, and delete them almost immediately. Thus, it promotes a lot of privacy among its users.

The major disadvantage of the Whiplr mobile app is constant interruption thanks to the display of advertisements. Other than that, the app is worthwhile for users and enables users to chat, send images, videos and so on.

This mobile app is also free for download from Android and iOS stores.

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel Mobile App

Coffee Meets Bagel is another cool dating and hook-up mobile app available for Android and iOS users. It is perfect for sexting. The mobile app is fantastic, and it works differently from many other mobile apps.

People using Coffee Meets Bagel mobile app get to enjoy various matches daily during noon. Thus, spicing up their lunchtime. Similar to several other apps, this app requires a Facebook Login and will show the users according to their shared mutual friends on Facebook.


  1. Tingle Mobile App


Tingle is a very popular dating app available in the US, Canada, UK and several other countries. The app is a favorite among females mostly.

The Tingle mobile app is very secure as it does not ask for any personal information. All users need to do is to create their profile using any information that they want, search for other users and communicate with them.

With Tingle mobile app, users can send short messages, make voice calls and also make video calls at no extra charge.

Users on Tingle can easily like and dislike each other’s picture by swiping up to give a thumbs up or swiping down to give a thumbs down. Users can also set winked targets for their meetups.

The Tingle app is available for free on Android and iPhone.

Her Mobile App

  1. Her Mobile App

her app


This is another free but fantastic mobile app that has an incredible advantage. It can be used to search for the hottest females in a particular locality.

For individuals that are desperately looking for beautiful girls to hook up with for one-night stands or sexting, Her mobile app is a good option.

However, the mobile app is strictly for lesbians and can only be accessed through a secure connection with a user’s Facebook account.

It is also very secure as a user’s privacy is highly respected. Thus, users do not need to be concerned about having their private information or conversations leaked online.

The Her mobile app is free on all Android and Apple iOS devices.

These are some of the best sexting apps available online. Before you proceed to download or use any of them, remember to be as discrete as possible.

How Should Your Sexting Look Like- According to Women


On paper, sexting can seem like an easy task, something that everybody can do successfully. But according to women and their experiences with sexting, not every guy can turn them on effectively with their sexts.

You see, just randomly writing dirty words in your text messages won’t produce a lot of results. For successful sexting, you must first prepare your partner with a few generally innocent texts that are alluding to sex. Then after that, according to how they received that text and what mood they are in you can calibrate and decide to continue or not.

Trying to get your partner horny is not much different whether you are doing it in person or through text. You first need to get them in the mood for sexting.

  1. Test the Water

Sending a dirty text message randomly to your partner won’t always produce wanted results. You never know what mood they are in or how busy their day really is. Sending a dirty text and then not receiving anything back would be a total bummer. So, in order to avoid such a failure, always test the water first to see their reaction.

You can do that simply by asking them innocently what are they wearing now. The message is not inappropriate but gives them a clear message in what direction you are heading. If your partner is open and ready to play he/ she will continue to play the game.

Then, from there you can amp it up and make things more interesting.

  1.  Be Very Descriptive

If the first part went ok and your partner responded positively to your sexting, you can proceed forward and amp it up a notch.

Start innocently but always be descriptive in your language. Imagine that you are writing a sexy novel and you want your partner to experience it firsthand. You don’t have to write a hundred page long text, but on the other hand don’t be too cheap with your words.


Describe them everything. The place in which the action is happening, the smell you can feel, the taste, how would you touch them and where. That way, the story will be much more interesting. We want their imagination to run wild from our sexting.

  1. Lead Your Partner


If you are a man you know that in order to charm a lady in real life you must possess certain qualities that women find desirable and attractive.

To have a successful date you will need to learn how to be a leader and lead your girl. The same thing applies to sexting.

If you are the one who started it, then it is your duty to lead your girl to the desired conclusion. It will be much more pleasurable for her if you know where you are going with your sexting and what you want to accomplish.

So decide what is it that you want from your sexting.

Is it mutual masturbation? Or maybe just preparing your partner for your evening meeting between the sheets.?

It is always best to be prepared and know where is your sexting leading.

  1. Send Naughty Photos

You know the saying: The picture is worth a thousand words.

Use that to your advantage and incorporate some sexy photos to your sexting. But again, be certain that your sexy photo has its time and place to be effective. Start innocently and amp up the sexiness from there. Don’t be that guy that sends a dick pic like a hello. It could kill the mood very quickly and your sexting efforts could easily be categorized as creepy. Always calibrate.

Also, take into consideration who are you sending your sexy photos to. If the recipient is someone who is close to you and you trust them, then feel free to be bolder.

If it is someone who you met just recently and you haven’t built that relationship yet, be a bit more careful and think about the consequences. You definitely don’t want to find your photo somewhere on the internet.

  1. Actually, Deliver What you Promise

Sexting is best used as a tool. To show your partner just a preview of what they can expect when you finally meet 1 on 1 between the sheets, and also to rev them up for your meeting.

If you characterized yourself as a dominant and sexually open in your sexting exchanges, actually deliver that in person. Always be who you are and don’t pretend that you are something which you are not. It can only lead to disappointment.

  1. Use Sexting to Play a Character

If your sex partner has some unique sexual fantasies that he/ she wants to experience, you can use sexting to  bring that fantasy to a reality.

Sexting is supposed to be fun and what is a better way to make it fun than to play a certain role. Try it out and if your partner reacts positively just continue and play along.

You never know how your partner will surprise you the next time.