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Finding sexual encounters can be tricky – you don’t want to hurt their feelings – you want to find a women that is open to one night stands… This means that she can let the relationship move on after the night of casual fun is over.
The trouble is that there are very few women that are open to this happening. There are an even smaller pool of women that are hot and open to casual sexual encounters.
So depending on your attraction scale expectation you have your work cut out. The internet has undoubtedly made it easier to find like minded singles in your area. In just a few clicks you can be chatting to a girl from down the road with the potential to be in her bed a few hours later.
Just because you met her online does not mean that she is keen for a one night stand.
But the majority of women on risky dating sites are much more open! Many of them are bisexual or bicurious which means they are sexually attracted to men but open to fun with girls too.
The dating scene is used a lot for the more risky sexual fantasies. For sexual fun that is still a little taboo the web can help to unite like minded singles and couples.
Categories like bdsm and even gay and lesbian dating are hard to talk about in every day life.
The web opens this conversation up and gives you an anonymous voice with the potential of meeting up with community members. Sites like are dedicated to such community openness and exploration.
Which type of sexual encounter you are looking for will control what site you move toward or are drawn to…
If you want casual fun that is not explicitly sexual then girls date for free or be naughty are options… But for those that are looking for one night stands and exclusive discreet sex there is only really one option.
sexy dating sites that push boundaries have been around for some time and as a result have a large following. The community video and blogs play a large role in the continuing success of the site. For 20 dollars per month you are allowed access to every profile on the network (in the millions).
So it’s easy to see how you could organise sexual encounters with girls and guys in your area.
You simply search by geographic location and age and then send an introductory message to the profiles that you like. Standard membership users can only respond to emails, they can send them out.
Apparently the best sexual position for a casual encounter is called the standing spoons! It’s when you are both standing up and the whole experience occurs from the rear.
This is great for spontaneity and the fact that clothes do not have to be taken completely off for either party.
Plus a casual encounter is usually not filled will the love making vibe of face to face kissing so the standing spoons makes for a quick and naughty experience.
It also allows you to make it happen in all sorts of different environments and situations.
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Best sexual position for casual encounters?

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