Sexual Role Flipping


Here are some more edge elements you can use which lead into sexual innuendo…
It’s always women that get stared at and treated like a piece of meat right? Flip the interaction on her using this.
Make her out to be the sleazy girl looking to get laid while you are the calm and collected guy that is not going home with anyone.
A great one from mehow
Your looking at me like a fat kid looks at a hamburger…
she will say… what? or No I wasn’t
Don’t worry this happens all the time… i just hate being treated like a piece of meat…
Girls are usually the ones with the “that time of the month” excuse right? Flip it on them with and assume dominance with.
hey I’m not on my period…… sooo I guess you got lucky.
Any idiot can make these sound corny by treating them like a pick up line… They are not lines they are examples you use to inject inside conversation. They must be said in a cocky and funny way otherwise they just sound weird.
I mean imagine saying the period line with a straight and serious paedophile face… Just wrong.

Sexual role flipping involves any sort of dominant assumption on your part of her wanting something from you. Usually it’s guys trying to hard to get into the pants of women right…?
Let’s flip the assumption.
Change up the scenario and comment on how much effort she put into her makeup and dress.

  • wow… you must really be desperate for attention… that makeup mustv taken two hours
  • spend some money on your hair today? Hoping to get lucky huh?
  • Do you always act this desperate? Your like a teenage boy on heat!
  • Maybe it’s just me… but you smell funny

(women are very obsessed with smelling nice and being presentable, usually it’s the mans role to be filthy every no and then… This will hit her hard. She will immediately seek validation by saying something like “is that good or bad?”… keep her guessing by immediately moving onto another topic.)

These role flipping techniques should be used inside positive value giving attraction techniques otherwise you just come across as one big piss taker. By changing up the elements you take her on an emotional rollercoaster ride – she never knows what she is going to feel when she talks to you which is a good thing!
This usually means you get laid pretty quick! Make her experiences emotionally satisfying by keeping her guessing.
Another important point when using edge sexual role flipping is your response to her reaction.
You should never act as though you got away with sin… You take the piss all the time and calling girl desperate for dressing well is no big deal to you. If she gets mad and leaves let her go… She will be back and if she doesn’t your care free attitude must remain intact.

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