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It’s arguable that most dating is sexually motivated. But at PL Dating the word CASUAL means that everyone is there to share in the joy of sexual liberation.
We live in a blessed period of time right now – everyone has the right to do what they want (providing it is legal)…
Women’s sexual rights have come a long way and they are now more sexually promiscuous than ever before. With the ease of finding each other online now and the popularity of online social networking it makes sense to have a central social network for casual dating.
At you can only message and receive messages if you are somones “friend” if you like what you see on a profile and want to get into personal touch with someone simply send out a friend request.
This way you don’t get inundated with messages from singles you are not interested in or have bad intentions. You choose who you want to interact with and who enters your friend circle.
PL Dating is 100% free online sex dating – members are self moderated by the community – by clicking on the flag button next to a profile you can suggest to moderators that the user is acting suspicious and should be deleted.
This way only singles that are really interested in chatting and meeting up get to stay inside and use the free personals service.
Create your own groups to spark conversations and discussions or to organize a swingers meetup in a your town.
There are some free personals sites around such as plenty of fish or even badoo – but PL Casual Dating is different. It is the equivalent of a free friend finder network.
Post daily updates to a blog…
Share video, photo and content from the web
Interact with friends and chat online in a free sexually open network.
By sexually motivated I mean that there is not this generic term “dating” associated. You choose to look for dating in your profile but there are also options such as “casual dating”, “1-on1 sex” and several others.
This conveys in an obvious manner to other users that you are specifically looking for intimate encounters. You can also look for online chat email as well as friendship.
The intent with which you are able to make public to the community means there is no beating around the bush. You get straight to the point and are able to find out a lot about your online sexual match before you meet up later in a bar.
By then you know so much about each other that it’s just a case of chemistry and seduction. Getting past this initial social barrier in my opinion is THE BIGGEST barrier to casual sex. By finding those who are already looking for sex in your area you cut straight to the chase and avoid rejection.
We recently moved to a different  platform so if your profile is not found simply re-register and your ready to go.

Pulling Back The Curtains

PL Dating pulls back the curtains on motivation and intent – it removes social sexual  friction by allowing you to anonymously message and contact nearby singles without rejection or judgement.
Gay straight kinky or innocent… anyone and everyone that comply with the ethical behavior policies are welcome to share and flirt within the network.
PL sex dating pulls back the curtains by providing an online home for you to express your sexual side.
Elimination of judgement and social pressure means you can search for whoever you please.
Organize offline meet-ups with the friends that you get to know well enough to trust. You will have already discussed fantasies and shared photos so your casual dating relationship is well on the way to actually happening.
Who knows – if you really get on like house on fire they could be long term relationship material.
Did that sound like a “try before you buy” ???
I guess it is to some extent – you sample what your after sexually and see if there is chemistry before committing long term.
This is a fairly male mindset of course.
What do you think of it?
Do you “try before you buy?” I think we all do to some extent even if you are christian.
So get registered and get posting lifestreaming and connecting with sexy singles in your area at pl casual dating! It’s 100% free and always will be.
Helping you get laid since 2010!

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