Sexually Seduce Women With Speed Seduction

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Basically what this concept teaches is to focus on the emotional states you want a women to feel rather than any specific technique.
According to NLP and seduction teacher ross jeffries there are #10 specific mindsets you should be in which include:

  1. Lust turned way down
  2. Attention outward focused
  3. You have physical point of contact (feeling of your arms and fingertips)
  4. Grounded
  5. Relaxed
  6. Playful
  7. Centered
  8. Focused
  9. Relaxed
  10. Self aware

How do you get in that state? I have found Exercise! to be the BEST way to maintain a healthy and confident mindset. It allows you to silence the monkey in your head talking crap and really become centered and focused on the important things.
Follow this up with mediation and healthy eating habits and you will find these mindsets start to become a natural part of your personality.
If you can get into these states you will find the women you are talking to will soon follow.
How do I know I’m doing the right thing?
Look for states of absorption, fascination and trance which have the following characteristics:

  • She’s looking only at you and not looking away, seemingly hanging on every word.
  • Her lower lip get’s bigger and her pupils dilate
  • Her breathing becomes slower and more rhythmic
  • Rigid unchanged posture
  • Very light parting lips
  • Eye scan, scan your eyes rapidly

Personal trance words that you are taught to use in conversation include vague words have no strict consensual meaning. E.G. you should not talk about anything that could be put on a CV or anything to do with work.
Words such as karma , excitement and discovery force women to play back the emotions they feel when they think of such experiences.
These words stand for a much deeper level of her mind and a much more profound level of imagery and behavior.
Notice self anchors: gestures/sounds/expressions

The very fact that you don’t need a  guarantee of excellence or even success before you do something is attractive to women. So rather than feeling dis-empowered by fear recognize that it’s a natural emotion to have. Rather than resisting the fear accept it and focus on the “edge” of the fear.

Speed Seduction Questions:

AFC’s (average frustrated chumps) ask themselves the wrong questions:

  1. what should I wear
  2. where should I take her
  3. do I have enough money
  4. Am I good enough enough for her
  5. will I get laid

Instead of focusing on the behaviours , actions and words…
Instead of thinking how you can get laid by women think about the emotional states that you want them to feel.
You don’t want them to feel, nervous anxious or timid around you. You DO want them to feel.
Lust, fascination, intrigue, trust, fun, carefree, connection, challenge, investment, comfort.
If the only thing you can be is nice – women feel distrust! not comfort! Because if you are overly nice you are clearly trying to manipulate them + you have nothing else to offer than nice.
Another great tip from speed seduction
Vulnerability does not = needy and weak!
It means your authentic! It’s VERY powerful.
Vulnerability shows the human side that women want to see – they are sick of seeing fake facades of men trying to impress them. Show your true self and show some vulnerability.
Being vulnerable does not mean you turn into a wuss… it just means you show your authentic self. Along with being authentic it’s also important that you speak your truth.
Speaking my truth is more important to me than getting into your pants.

When a women says: I have a boyfriend
You say:
You dont need to convince me that someone else finds you attractive

Credit: Ross Jeffries

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