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Free Casual Sex Dating… What could be better?
A casaul sex website that allows you to get into contact with other singles in your area looking for friends with benefits and casual dating.
PL CASUAL DATING is set up with blogs forums and groups enabled – however it was designed with simplicity in mind – all you really want to be able to do is get in touch via email with someone that you might get on with. With free applications like skype and gmail video calling it makes sense to use these services.
Pl casual dating gives you plenty of room to express yourself in your profile – from favorite music books and interests to height weight and sexual preference… It also allow you to upload as many photos of yourself as you wish.
The chat enabled feature was recently removed due to security issues but any contact can still be made through your own personal email inside or within the forums and groups themselves.
Blogs are a great way to express yourself and share with the world your thoughts.
The power of the friend finder network is the great active community run by user written blogs – if you have something to share with the PL community you should do it through a blog at
If your looking to set up an encounter within a certain area of the US start a location group.
Currently there are location groups set up for a few states CA, AZ, NY etc
Other site updates are a couple of new photo albums and forum threads.
The great thing about dating stories is that EVERYONE has a least one really funny dating or sex story to tell. And because it’s pretty much anonymous you can be honest about sharing all the funny bits without someone you know seeing it.
Every great piece of dating advice really is just a good story – in order to teach others what we tend to do is give an account of our personal experience.
This allows you to come across personable and on the same level while also getting your message across.
The listener can then take what they wish from the story and perhaps even replicate your success.
Stories are how we have communicated for centuries – your own experiences can hold more wisdom than you think.
The thing with dating advice is that there are rarely right and wrong ways – so in the future if your friend asks you what to do try a story. If you have tended to dictate the correct way to do something in the past practice empathy and reply a story in the past that relates to his/her situation.
They will feel that you understand them and will thankyou for the funny and insightful story you told.
You can share a story at other sites such as:
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