Should Casual Sex Become A Relationship?

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Casual Sex…Also Known As: friends with benefits, chance encounters, anonymous encounters, booty call, one-night stands, hook ups, anonymous sex, meaningless sex, fu*k buddy…
In short: It depends on your situation… But on the whole if your honest and open in your conversation and have similar personalities and goals there is no reason why your casual sex relationship shouldn’t progress.
A common question that we here is one related to casual sex and emotional attachment. The idea of casual sex is a wonderful one… but can we it JUST be casual? After all we cant control our emotions and emotion is where the attraction is initiated.
Thinking that you can have no strings sex and get away with no feeling is a little ridiculous. Sex is a very personal and intimate process which requires much trust from both parties.
There is always going to be a connection forged when sex is involved even if it’s on the bonnet or back seat of your dodge charger one Thursday night.
This is especially true for women: Women don’t necessarily need love to have sex but some sort of connection certainly heightens the experience. Don’t be surprised that your booty call girl keeps ringing you up wanting you to come over and watch a movie on a Friday night.
So are casual sex to serious relationship transitions a good idea?
Depends on the situation…
Most of the time they cant be stopped, once the great no strings sex starts it’s all over (or it’s just begun). Some great relationships have been created as a result of initial casual sex and almost all relationships begin with some sort of physical (sexually related) attraction…
There some instances where this can all get a little confusing for everyone involved. Women who believe that there is something more to the relationship than just sex and want to progress further are often unaware that the guy is seeing other women.
To make casual sex work their must be plenty of honest communication. The trouble is that you hardly know the person you are with! Because it’s just casual sex you pull away from nights in discussing future goals and aspirations (understandably).
You can and should still speak honestly about your intentions involving the relationship…
As long as everyone is one same page the casual nature of the relationship should be able to continue.
The other alternative is to simply keep finding new singles to be intimiate with.
By reducing the time you have with individual partners you reduce the chance of them getting involved.

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