Should I Make The First Move?

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Ask PL: Do Women like it when a man makes the first move?
Women will very rarely approach a man that she does not know in the hope of striking up random conversation. Women are just to submissive to make this happen – men are often pretty scary things to approach especially if he is a dominant guy.
If a women is interest they do their best to get noticed and get attention in the hope that she will trigger YOU to approach her.
A women does NOT like guys that just approach them if they are not showing signs of interest.
I did a post on the 21 signs of female interest. It details what you should be looking for. So if it looks like she is attracted to you then defiantly approach her in a non threatening way WITHOUT pickup lines.
If she is showing no signs of interest it would be best to try and catch her gaze before you do.
A great way to approach a women is by asking them
Hey… I need a female opinion?
This would be to the group not the target (women you are interested in)

You can also use keno escalation or light touching… If she does not shy away she is good for a verbal approach.

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