11 Bulletproof Signs a Woman is Attracted To You Sexually

signs a woman is attracted to you sexually

Maybe you ’re thinking to yourself that no woman would ever want you. You just don’t see any signs a woman is attracted to you sexually.

But in a lot of cases, that’s just your negative voice speaking from the inside.

You know that little voice that keeps popping out when you are stressed out, or you have a terrible day.

That little voice says things like:

  • I’m ugly, or
  • No woman will ever like me for me, or
  • I’m not fit enough, or
  • I’m not rich, why would she want me…

But, what if women are giving you clear signs they’re attracted to you sexually  all the time, but you just haven’t been paying enough attention?

We all have stories when we totally blew it with a girl we liked a lot, and then, two days or a month later we remember a situation when the girl was giving us clear indicators of sexual attraction, and we haven’t even register it.

Yeah, it happened to all of us, especially when we were much younger. And it’s not a big deal when you look at it. You lose one girl, and you get another one.

But what is important is the fact that we learn from it, and apply it the next time when we encounter the same or a similar situation.

A lot of times, men have a wrong perception that they must have the perfect game to seduce a girl sexually. You must have the ability to talk forever, to be a good listener, to be this confident James Bond character.

All these expectations create a false picture that you must be something you’re not to meet girls.


But with experience and a lot of mistakes made you learn that there’s actually a lot of women that like you for who you are. At this exact moment, there is a girl that thinks you are her ideal perfect ten.

You could be fat and unemployed, and there will probably be a girl that would give you a chance because she likes something about you.


But in reality, women are already giving us clear signs they are sexually attracted, but we are just not seeing it. We don’t spot it because we are so stuck in our head, and we’re not present at the moment.

The majority of people live in this haze of constant stress, hurry, and overload of information, caused by the fast-paced life in the modern world.

Why it’s important to learn to read signs a woman is attracted to you sexually?

I don’t know what your personal goals in life in regards to women are. But, whether you want to meet your next girlfriend, find a woman for marriage , or you just want to live a playboy lifestyle and sleep with as many women as you can, you will have to play the numbers game.


  • You can meet women while making tiresome day game approaches.
  • You can meet girls through your small social circle
  • Grinding bars and clubs every Friday and Saturday with minimal results or
  • Use online game ( which gives you the best leverage with your time and money)


In either case, you can’t escape the fact that meeting girls is a numbers game.

Every one of these methods of meeting girls is a hard way, which means that you are meeting and contacting strangers. It’s a hard game.

But there is a much better and faster way to meet girls that are already giving you signs they are attracted to you sexually.

Warm approaches.

Girls are giving you approach signals and invitations they are attracted to you sexually all the time. The problem is that the guys are totally oblivious to it or they miss them.

When you learn to spot the interested women, your job of introducing yourself and getting them on dates will be much easier. These girls already like you and want you to make your move.


But, can you see the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually?

Before we go through the signs, let’s explain how sexual attraction works with women vs. men.

The difference between how sexual attraction works in men vs. women

Some studies suggest that women and men both know in the first few seconds if they’’re sexually attracted to one another. You have up to seven seconds to leave a  great first impression. But there are slight differences.

Let’s explore them…

How sexual attraction works in men

Men are pretty straightforward when they decide whether they are sexually attracted to a woman or not. Whether we want to sleep with a woman or not, we conclude in a matter of seconds. Show us a great pair of boobs, long legs, great ass, and a pretty smile, and we are in.

It’s in our genes to try to spread our genes as wide as we can so we could say that men are less picky when choosing their sexual partners. Men could care less whether the girl is educated, poor or rich. Our sexual attraction is based more on the physical aspects.

Not so much in women

How sexual attraction works in women

Women, on the other hand, need more time and more information about you to decide if they are going to share a bed with you. This doesn’t mean that women are not making rash and stupid decisions based on emotions and sleep with guys that are not a good pick for them. They do, of course.

Especially if a woman is in the phase when any long-term relationship option is out of the picture, and she only wants to hook up. In these instances, women are very similar to men. They base their decisions on looks, but not just looks!

Women pay a much higher price if they sleep with a man who is clearly not a good fit for them, and they get pregnant.

Women will have to endure nine months of pregnancy, give birth and invite in their life a man they maybe never intended to do so.

That’s why women take much longer to get to know you before they decide to sleep with you.


Why some women try to hide the signs they’re attracted to you sexually.

All women show signs they’re attracted to you sexually, that just something that they can’t control. It’s an unconscious reaction, the same as blushing. But we could divide women into two groups actually.

In the first group are women that are more liberal and not ashamed of their sexuality. These women are uninhibited and have no problem showing you they are interested in you sexually. They will openly touch you, give sexual innuendos, or in some cases directly propose sex to you.

But the other group of women is more interesting, at least to me. These are the women that are more conservative and not so open to directly tell you or show you they are dying to have sex with you.

But even these women show signs, you just have to be more experienced in spotting them. Because as much as they want to hide the signs, they’re sexually attracted to you, the signs are unconscious and cannot be hidden.

We could say that the other group of women is more conscious of their social status and that’s why they are hiding their sexual arousal. Or at least they try it.

But why do they do it?

For women their social status or social standing in the eyes of their peers is everything. The last thing any woman wants is to be called a slut amongst her social circle.

The women who get labeled as sluts, especially if that’s something that everyone knows about them, have a much harder time to find quality boyfriends. And that’s why some women hide that side.

But the fact is that all women are sexual, and they love sex as much, if not more than men.

11. Signs a woman is attracted to you sexually.


1. She stares at you or glances a few time

When a woman gives you a stare-down, it’s an obvious sign she’s sexually attracted to you. The problem is that men don’t pay enough attention to these details. People in general, are not paying enough attention to the things happening around them, because their eyes are glued to their smartphones.

From now on, remind yourself to pay more attention to your surroundings and the people around you. When you are riding on a train, walking through the busy street, or when you’re sitting in Starbucks and drinking your favorite latte. Pay attention to the girls walking your way, or that cute barista that is giving you firm eye contact and a smile. It’s an obvious sign of sexual attraction.

If you learn how to catch a woman’s gaze and hold it, you can forget about cold approaching random women ever again. This is called a warm approach, and if a woman gives you a warm approach invitation, 50 % of your job is done. She already wants you to approach her because she clearly sees something that caught her attention.

Next time when you spot a woman giving you a sexy gaze, hold the eye contact and give her a slight smile. There’s no reason to be nervous and make it awkward. That’s how women show signs that they’re sexually attracted to you.

When you look at each other, hold that eye contact until she breaks it first. That’s an obvious sign of submission. You just won in a staredown contest, and now she knows you are an alpha male. Your next step is to approach her, introduce yourself and carry a normal conversation. And remember to always close and ask the girl for her phone number. The date is guaranteed because just a small minority of guys have the guts to do something like this.


2. She radiates a glowing sexual energy

When you are talking to a girl, and you spot that she is glowing, she is clearly sexually attracted and aroused by you. What do I mean by “”glow.”” You can see a glow in the woman’s eyes- her eyes become sparkly, and her pupils dilate. Another way to recognize a glow is a woman who is smiling from ear to ear. She merely can’t stop smiling at you. Her skin also gets this glowy look, or she could even blush.

You can recognize glow even in her body language. She acts youthful and full of energy. She merely radiates this sexual energy, and with experience, you’ll be able to feel it and recognize it quickly.


3. She carries the conversation.

We have all been on a date or two where holding a conversation with a girl was almost impossible. Whatever topic you started to talk about, it was quickly dismissed.

Some girls are naturally shy, and they  need more time to relax in your company to become more talkative, but if the girl is usually talkative or was wordy for example before a date, but during the date you couldn’t get a single word from her mouth- it means she is not finding you sexually attractive.


Women who are sexually attracted to you will make your life very easy. They will gladly talk about anything. Whichever topic you choose they will contribute to the conversation and make it pleasant.

If a woman is giving you these kinds of signs of sexual attraction, you could even find yourself in a situation where you can’t get her to stop talking.

But it’s just a signal that she likes you very much.

4. She’s not afraid to touch you.

When I say she touches you, I don’t mean touching in a friendly or formal sense, like a handshake. Women who are sexually attracted to you will give you subtle touches, that you sometimes won’t even acknowledge, especially if you’re nervous.

Physical touch is potent, and humans love it. Start paying attention the next time you’re on a date and try to spot when a woman touches you.


You grabbed drinks with a girl on a first date, and you are sitting beside one another. During a conversation, she subtly brushes or touches your elbow as she’s explaining something. Register it.

As you get to talk more, she will probably do it again a few more times. That means she likes you and wants to be physical with you. Acknowledge it and touch her back, also subtly. Make it a little sexual dance of subtle touches.

Another example is when she pulls her chair to sit near you and accidentally brushes your knee with her knee. She is subtly getting closer to you, and in a situation likes these you can actually feel that sexual energy is getting stronger and stronger.

If you meet a girl in a  club or a bar where the music is loud, she could get closer to you to say something to your ear. She could at the same time touch your belly or your chest as she’s trying to speak to you. This is a clear sign that the woman is sexually attracted to you.

5. She makes sure her hair is on point.

Women pay a lot of attention to their hair. They wash it, they iron it to make it longer, they use extensions to make it appear to have more volume. They use all kinds of things to make it smell good.


Because women know that men love to see a long beautiful hair on them. Long hair is a sign or fertility and beauty, and we men are not immune to it.

So, when you spot that a woman can’t stop playing with her hair, twirling it with her fingers, or moving it from one side to the other, she’s doing it unconsciously because she is giving you unconscious signs of sexual attraction.

6. She bites or licks her lip.

This one is big. When you are talking to a woman, always try to hold steady but relaxed eye contact. Naturally, look at her eyes, and glance at her lips. That’s what women do all the time if you pay close attention. It means that she’s thinking of kissing you. She just can’t help herself and stop looking at your lips.

This is especially important to remember because if you learn to recognize it, you will never again have problems on first dates with finding a moment to kiss the girl.

When you catch her glancing at your lips, then at your eyes, then again at your lips, take that as a sure sign that she wants you to take the initiative and kiss her.

7. She “fixes” herself

A woman that finds you sexually attractive will try to present herself to you in her best look. If you are an alpha male that has other women vying for your attention, she will do anything not to lose your attention.

You can recognize this on dates when women tend to disappear to a women’s toilet to fix themselves up. They quickly fix up their hair, makeup, apply more perfume to smell sweet, and make sure that their tight dress shows all the goods in a best possible fashion.

8. She laughs at your corny jokes.

This dynamic is best observable when you are in a group setting socializing. When you are talking, pay attention to the people that listen to you carefully and laugh at all your jokes. If a woman smiles at your jokes even if they are not particularly funny, you can be assured she finds you very sexually appealing. Her laughter is merely a way to get your attention on her and make her a center of attention.

9. Her body language is positive.

They say that nonverbal communication is much more important than the verbal. Humans are visual creatures, and you can read a lot just from the way someone walks, sits, or positions himself in communication with you. If the woman sits very close to you, and her whole body language is oriented towards you, she likes you. That means that she enjoys communication with you and she is invested.

This is very easy to spot when a woman positions herself in her chair that way that her feet point towards you. Or, if you’re standing her whole body is parallel to yours, meaning she is facing you directly as you two are talking.

Start paying attention on dates and try to spot how the woman sits.

10. She says low-key sexual comments

Learn to read between the lines. The communication between men and women is a lot of times indirect. A woman will only on rare occasions say directly to you that she finds you sexy and that she wants to sleep with you.

Instead, she will use sexual innuendos and double talk to describe everyday things, to turn the communication into a more sexualized tone.

For example, if she is feeling hot, she could say that she feels sooo hot, maybe she should start undressing. If she smiles as she says that to you, you can be sure that she’s giving you signs that she’s sexually attracted to you.

11. Time flies by when you’re on a date.

When the first date is bad, you will feel it. You and the girl will both wait for the first opportunity to finish the date using any kind of excuse.

If on the other hand, you enjoy each others company and the conversation just seems to flow naturally, you will forget about time, and the date will last much longer. But in this case, you both will enjoy it.

If a girl never mentions that she must go home early, or that she works early in the morning, she likes you a lot.

She is indirectly giving you indicators of sexual attraction and a green light to take it to the next level. In a situation like this, you have a clear shot of sleeping with a girl even on the first date.

How to get better at recognizing women who show signs of sexual attraction

As with any other thing in life, you will get better at recognizing signs a woman is attracted to you sexually by practicing it a lot.

This means you need to go on a lot of dates. It is not even important how the date ends. The important part is that you get better at social and sexual dynamics every time you go on a date.

Then with practice, you will get so good at it that you’ll never again have to worry about losing that special girl you really like.

You can even make a game out of it, and sit somewhere where there’s a lot of people and just observe people. Watch how they walk, how they talk, watch their mannerisms.

If you are currently struggling to get any woman on dates, and you still rely on old pickup tactics and cold approaching women on the streets, use online dating sites and make your life 100% more comfortable. You can meet more women in ten minutes online than you would meet in a month cold approaching women on the streets or through your social circle.

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How to recognize a woman is sexually attracted to you on dating apps?

All the stuff we talked about earlier is applicable on first dates and when you are meeting girls in real life.

But what if you’re meeting girls only online using dating sites and apps. How can you recognize signs a woman is sexually attracted to you through text?

Here are a few clues a woman is attracted to you sexually on a dating app.


  • she responds to your texts very quickly

Women that don’t find you particularly sexually attractive, and you are only ok to them will take their time to return to you, or they’ll just never respond.

Interested women will invest in the conversation, and never leave you hanging or waiting for a response back.

  • She asks you a lot of questions

When a woman asks you a lot of personal questions- like where do you work, where do you live, what do you do for fun, etc.., these are all signs a woman is attracted to you sexually.

Women who are not very hot for you won’t give a damn who you are, and what you like to do to have fun.

  • she sends you random photos or sends you nudes without you asking

Self-explanatory. If a girl sends you her nudes without you ever asking her, she is giving you a clear sign that she wants to have sex with you as soon as possible. Don’t lose that chance.

  • She tells you directly that she wants sex

Whether you want to believe, it or not some women are very sexual and not ashamed of practicing that. Some women don’t want to even think about relationships, and they’re only interested in casual sex and hookups.

If a woman directly tells you or hints you that she wants to have fun, read it as a sign of sexual attraction and take the opportunity to sleep with her.

Signs a woman is attracted to you sexually and wants sex NOW.

All these signs women give when they’re sexually attracted to you are very subtle. When you learn to recognize them, the process of seducing a new girl will be natural. But when you meet a woman who shows her sexual interest directly, you will know it.

  • She follows your lead.

As men, it’s on us to always lead the interaction with women. Leading doesn’t mean only taking a girls hand and leading her physically, but it goes much deeper.

Men should also lead the conversation, whether that’s online or face to face. Some girls are not naturally talkative, and if you’re waiting on them, you’ll spin your wheels and get nowhere. Welcome awkward silence.

Leading also means that it’s on you to pick a time and a location of your next date.

But the fact that a girl follows your lead means she feels secure with you. She is giving you a clear sign that you’re the captain and that she’s open to the possibility of sex happening.

When a woman finds you sexually attractive, she will make your life easier and let you lead the interaction. If you propose that you two go to your place to have a nightcap and she obliges, you can be sure that she’s very open to having sex with you.

  • She’s very physical

We already talked how physicality is a crucial part of a seduction process. The women that want to skip all the tedious dating process and get straight to the point with you will show that by being very physical. She could grab your arms as she’s talking to you, or press her body on yours as she’s trying to tell you something dirty.

  • She gives you an intense staredown.

This is not just a glance or two. A woman that finds you so hot she wants to rip your clothes immediately will get your attention. She’ll be looking at your eyes very intensely. If she keeps a steady gaze and doesn’t look away, or looks at your lips,  take that as a reliable indicator of sexual interest. Just walk up, introduce yourself and lead the way to yours or her bedroom.



There you have it, a complete breakdown of all the different ways women show they’re attracted to you sexually.

Next time you’re going on a date, or to a club to meet new women, pay close attention to the girls behaviour.

Don’t miss the signs.


As always, take care and have fun! Leave a comment bellow!


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