Simple #5 Step Guide to Using Tinder to Get a Hookup

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Even if there are billions of people all around the world, finding a date can still be a real challenge for a lot of people, more so with getting laid. Some women might have men chasing them from all directions, but others are not so lucky. Thanks to the explosion of online dating sites, everyone has a chance of getting some action in what might be a really boring and uneventful life. While meeting new people can start in social media, joining dating sites clearly delineates between friendship and relationship. It is expected that anyone who joins such sites are out looking for a potential date or partner. So anyone who tells you they are looking for friendships is clearly in the wrong place.

Among the many dating sites in existence today, Tinder continues to grow in popularity. This may have something to do with the fact that the dating platform uses the one element that will serve as basis on whether or not two people have chemistry — photos. In the real world, Tinder works in the premise of physical attraction. Call it shallow if you like, considering that members are judged based on looks, but you have to like your date at first glance to want to go through with dinner or whatever is planned.

So, are you ready to hunt for prospective male dates?

• #1 Create an account

How else can you use Tinder if you don’t sign up? The registration process is basically the same with other online dating sites, but your life would be easier if you have a Facebook account. This is because you can directly log in using your Facebook data. Tinder would also use photos from your Facebook profile until such time that you can upload some on the dating site itself. But whatever happens in Tinder will not be published on Facebook, so you can breathe easy.

• #2 Get started using Tinder

For quick and easy accessibility, it is best to download the Tinder app on your iPhone or Android mobile phone. Once you have downloaded and installed the application, log on to Tinder from Facebook. With this kind of arrangement, you do not need another username and password to add to your long list of usernames and passwords. But because the two sites are interconnected, it is highly recommended that you buff up your Facebook profile. If you are active on the social media site, this should be easy to do.

• #3 Set up your Tinder profile

When it comes to any online dating sites, it all goes down to how well a profile is created. The same thing is true with Tinder even if it is a photo-based app. After the pictures, people would need more information to determine if you would really make a good date. Whatever details you provide can also be used to set up a date that you would not soon forget. If a guy is thoughtful enough to want to find out, that is.

When writing your profile description, honesty would still go a long way. Make sure that you fill out the BIO section, as this is where you can really sell yourself. Treat it like you would a resume, except that you are not after a job but a date. Just do not overdo it, so you do not end up looking shady. Avoid using clichés or cheesy lines. It would also help if you add more interest on your Facebook page. That is, add likes on interests that might serve as common ground between you and a potential match. So start searching for books, films or music, and then hit the Like button.

• #4 Add the right pictures

In Tinder it’s all about the photos. Since only up to 6 pictures will be displayed on your profile, you should make the most of them. Add images that would encourage other people to want to dig some more on your profile, or even start a conversation. Make sure your first picture is the best. It should clearly show your face — what’s beautiful, what’s wonderful, and what’s exciting about it. Even if you think sunglasses would add a touch of mystery to your profile picture, you might want to forgo it. Unless you have a shiner, it is best to show off your beautiful peepers. Remember that your first picture could make a person swipe right or swipe left.

You should also add a picture that showcases your stature or posture. If you are looking to make men swiping right like crazy, choose a picture that showcases your body. This means, you would also need to dress up for a photo shoot. And, to show that you are not boring or that you have a life outside of Facebook, add photos where you indulge in any of your interests or hobbies. A picture of you while surfing is sure to validate your love for the sport.

Quick note: Take it slow on the Photoshop, unless you edit all your Facebook pictures. Remember that a potential match can check out your Facebook profile, as a way to determine how you look in real life.

• #5 Qualify people

Once you have set up your profile, potential matches will be thrown your way. This is the time where you qualify each person as negative or positive, depending on which direction you swipe. If you are somewhat caught in the middle you can always click “i” for information, so you can see other interesting photos and personal details.
Some men might find it insulting that you qualify them as negative, even if they think they are too good for you. But if you made it clear on your profile description the kind of guy you are looking for, they will get a good idea why you swiped left.

With the options to just swipe left and swipe right, Tinder is considered one of the easiest dating apps to use. But how effective is it? That’s for you to find out. One thing is for sure, however, using Tinder can get you laid. Sure, it takes some effort on your part. But, if the first and second date leads to the 3rd or 4th base, then your efforts are all worth it.

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