Simple Ways to Be a Better Man

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We all strive to be a better person. We live a life with constant struggle for our betterment as well as for others. We all have something to improve it may be the physical, spiritual, social or psychological aspect of our life. The point is we want to be good at whatever we want to do and that is how we live our life to the fullest.

To help you become a better person, as a lover, parent, professional or just everyday normal guy that is you. The rules we have laid below will be very helpful. We have divided it into two parts namely the Fundamental Ways to a Better Man and Simple Every Day Habits to Be Better Man.

4 Fundamental Ways to be a Better Man

To become a better man we must realize that we are a social animal. We live in a world where we need to relate and connect with the people around us. You can be a better person as you personally perceived and based on how other people thinks and feel about you. If you want to have better relationships with other people it’s a must to follow the following fundamental ways on social interaction.

# 1. Be genuine

The very best thing that you can do is be true to yourself. Be the real you. Don’t try to copy someone else personality. You are better off being the sociable and cultured yourself. It’s easier for you to get along with other people if you are being real. Other people will also notice if they know that you are just putting up a face.

#2. Think first before you act

This is not an easy thing to do if you are not used to it. Some of us has developed a bad habit of acting first before thinking. This is the reason why you are getting into a lot of trouble. Try to relax and think of what to say and do. Consider the impact of your actions. You should think of alternatives that can be beneficial for yourself and for others. Sometimes we say or do things that we don’t really mean. But the truth is it can hurt other people’s feeling. Once the damage is done it becomes hard to fix. This is what we should try to avoid.

#3. Practice selflessness

Selflessness is avoiding being greedy. You should put the welfare of the majority before your personal interests. In fact you should make  the welfare of everyone as your personal interest. This is how you become selfless. This is a noble act that everyone will appreciate.

#4. Walk it like you talk it

Now that you have considered your actions. It’s time that you prove to yourself and others that you are trustworthy individual. To do this you should mean what you say or do. It is the only way for people to trust you. With trust you can build a good relationship with others. You will also earn their respect and loyalty.

Simple Every Day Habits to Be A Better Man

  • Be helpful.  Be ready with a helping hand especially to those who can’t repay you. Always be willing to help and go out of your way just to assist or help someone.
  • Compliment genuinely. Make sure that everyday you compliment someone. You can compliment anyone even a complete stranger. It will NOT take too much effort to appreciate someone but it will make them feel a lot better. But be sure that you give genuine and wholesome compliments.
  • Talk to your loved ones. Don’t let a day pass without calling or talking to someone you love. Call your parents to say hi, or someone from your  who are far away. Just talk to them, tell them what you did that day and ask about how have they been.
  • Exercise. Take 10 – 15 minutes everyday to workout. You will be surprise at the results and how it will make you feel even better.
  • Do your best. Always give it your best shot at work or on a hobby.
  • Cook. Learn to cook or prepare for your dinner or lunch. Get into the habit of cooking for yourself and let go of the dining out and take out routines. You can save money, eat healthy, and learn some culinary skills. Which is very sexy for a guy these days.
  • Read. Reading is a good habit. It stimulates your brain and lets you relax. Read the newspaper or watch the news.
  • Save. Start saving for the future. Saving is not a one time bank deposit that you do every time get your paycheck. This should be incorporated with your daily life. Think about what and how you can save.
  • Change bad habits. Recognize your bad habits. Work on changing them. If you smoke a lot try to reduce the amount of cigarettes you consume everyday. If you think you have a drinking issue it’s time that you slowly let go. Again do it slowly but surely. The change should be slow but effective.
  • Learn something new. Look for ways to improve yourself. Learn something new or develop a new skill. You may also want to enroll in a short course class. Some dance lesson or voice lesson. Attend workshops and seminars or start a new DIY project.
  • Control your temper or emotions. Having a total control over your temper and emotion is a skill. This is very useful because you become objective on your judgement when dealing with people.
  • Smile and make an eye contact. Make it a habit to smile and make eye contact. This is to show that you are polite and has manners. Don’t avoid having eye contact by facing away or trying to toy with your phone if someone is talking to you.
  • Make firm handshakes. Make firm handshakes. This tells about your personality. It means that you are a person with high conviction.

Final words…

We all have room for improvements. But we don’t really switch from one ordinary asshole person into a super liked by all people. It’s a process and it does not happen over night. It will take weeks or even months. The key is to start doing small things that will make you a better person. Good luck!

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