Single At 30

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Single At 30
However you have ended up single in your thirties is your business. It is likely that you never planned on it happening it just ended up that way and now you have to deal with the occasional lonely night, but on the whole amazing sense of freedom and independence that comes with it.
Being single in your teens and mid 20’s is very common and almost natural, you are still experimenting and discovering yourself and what direction you want your life to go in. When 30 rolls around the pressure to shack up and settle down hit’s home.
Realisation of the biological clock ticking away and the time required to have children is always floating around.
You would like to be married for a certain period of time before having kids of course so add a few years on to 30 and you might be having kids at 35. Not a bad age but you realise that you are cutting it close.
In many ways being single in your 30ties is great – your maturity level now is infinitely higher than what it used to be.
You are now more capable and able to deal with emotional changes and insecurities.
It’s tough in your thirties when you are looking for dates because the available singles that are willing to risk another relationship is substantially smaller than when you were younger.
On top of that because singles at 30 are more certain of what they want they tend to be less flexible in their acceptance of irregularities in relationships.
So on one hand single 30 year olds are slightly more emotionally stable
But on the other hand they know what they want so well they are perhaps too picky for their own good.
This shrinking availability of women and men in their thirties is makes finding casual dates tough. No longer could you find a single from your group of friends because of course now all your friends are married!
Venturing outside your normal group of friends in search of singles can be tough.

Your Single At 30 Plan of Attack

Being single at 30 is your life choice – you could be married now if you choose to be or you could be in a casual relationship. If you plan on having kids some day and being happily married it would pay to write down some goals and priorities for the future.
One thing you need to be sure of is if or when you get married that it really is going to work and you haven’t simply rushed into it because you’re freaking out.
When you are choosing someone to fall in love with you are going to want to be weary of age. Dont go for the younger guy or girl just because it’s the easy option or you have convinced yourself there aren’t any single 30 something’s left. Much older singles or much younger singles will have different priorities. Young singles might be naive about where the relationship is going, older singles may not be interested in kids.
Be patient and find someone your age. That is if you have decided that you want a serious relationship and are committed to finding your “soulmate”
You can choose to treat your single at 30 situation positively or negatively. Truth is it’s a great time to be alive and prosper. There are plenty of career orientated men and women ready to settle down at this age.
On a sour note if you have spent time earning money over the past 10 years and are not interested in parting with half of it because of a failed marriage make sure you talk to an lawyer before tying the knot.
Hardly romantic I know but you need to be aware of some of the functional goings on of marriage.
This is of course in reference to 30 year old singles in the US, marriage laws outside the US may be different.
You may already have kids from a prior marriage. You need to be the role model in their lives and bring in a suitable male/female role model.
Choose wisely – the transition into accepting another mother can be tough for young kids. There are plenty of ways to meet single 30 year old parents online. offers great opportunities for single parent to reconnect.
By now you will have become somewhat knowledgeable and a little more wise about the world. Use this to your advantage. Know what you want and trust your instinct.
Protect yourself from emotional and financial strain by practicing patience. Single at 30 can be a fun part of your life – good luck with your future dating

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