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Where are all the single black men?
According to
there are 1.8 million more black women than black men. Great for single black  guys, not so great for black women looking for  a guy.
Even more sadly for black women if you start with 100 black guys and eliminate:
the young
the old
the unemployed (17 percent)
those with no high school diploma (21 percent)
you are left with about 50% of what you started with (an already depleted stock!)
So if you are an overweight, average looking black women (perhaps with a child) (perhaps unemployed) and you are looking for a handsome successful rational black male you have the odds stacked against you!
What does a black single do when looking for love?
This is where a site like black people meet can come in handy – thousands of black singles ready to be contacted. You sign up, pay a small monthly fee and then browse and email as many black singles as you need to before finding “the one”. It really is that simple. Instead of getting down about your continued single life – get online and set up some dates for the weekend. Yes I said SOME dates… Play the field a little and increase your chances by setting up multiple lunch dates this weekend. You will meet some idiots (that’s the nature of dating) but you might also find a great guy who really likes you! It’ll all be worth it.
If your not into the online dating idea then why not try dating outside your race?
A single black women can only wait around for a black guy for so long … why not trying a white guy?
Steve Harvey mentions that the white guy population wont be perfect (bad credit, cheating and idiocy) but why not increase your chances by dating across races… A great dating site for white guy/girl hunting would have to be either eHarmony or singlesnet.
Another suggestion that steve harvey mentions when trying to find love in 2011 is to take another look at your standards…. Could you date a guy with a low income job or a slight alcohol problem? Could you date an overweight guy or girl? Re-evaluating and even dropping your standards allows for new doors to open and new dating experiences to be had. When your a 32 year old women with the biological clock ticking you might be thinking…I’ll take what I can get at this stage
The african american population is strongly affected by educational problems, incarceration problems and unemployment problems especially in males. Yes female black women seem to be able to stay strong and hold communities and families together says Harvey (they deserve some admiration).
So where to from here?
Get out there and keep trying – there are still a ton of great black men waiting for you. Just dont expect a black knight in shining rims to pull up outside your door and blow your mind. Perhaps it’s time to check your standards just a little. Look online for single black men in the same situation as you actively looking for single black women at sites like blackpeoplemeet. Set up multiple dates for the weekend and play the odds. You might have to meet more than a few shitty guys before you find someone right for you.


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