Single Parent Dating

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Single Parent Dating
single parent dating
The whole stressful joyous and exhilarating situation that is dating can
befurther complicated by having children.
Single parent dating is complex due to the busy and interesting life that you now live. You are in an interesting time of your life right now and you will want to share it with someone you love.
That nagging feeling inside you pushing you toward the scary world of dating is very real. Terrified of living a life alone? This is perfectly natural as sharing life’s experiences with others is what it’s all about in the end. Regardless of your single parenthood situation you are old enough to know what you want and how to get it.
Once you have narrowed down what it is that you want the question moves on to:
Certain single parent dating rules
The kids
And exactly HOW do you date again?
You might well have been in a long marriage or complicated divorce so your game is a little shaken up at best.
Apparently almost 62% of all parents are single parents so the good thing news is that you’re not alone.
I don’t really want to go into custody schedules and complicated single parent issues but this is about dating parents… This topic is hardly romantic but often times you have to bring up when you are free as having kids on certain days can tie up your time.
There are ways to open up your schedule to make time for dating. Remember if YOU are not happy then wont be able to give your best to your kids.

Make Time For Yourself

The single parent feels a tremendous sense of responsibility when raising children. This can often lead to a sense of guilt when it comes to leaving them and going dating. You need to realise that this guilt is natural and that it’s OK to leave your kids with someone to go out for the night. Don’t forget to make time and be adventurous! Relax… Your kids will be fine.

Single Parent Dating And Kids

Give your relationship with your new date at least a month before you introduce them to your kids (depending on age). To reduce guilt and stress on their lives you want to reduce the change in their environment as much as possible.
As long as you appropriately manage their external environment you should feel confident about going out and meeting new people. The problem rises when you bring a date home and call him their new “daddy” then he leaves the next week and they never see him/her again.
Get it?
Children do not deal well with changing external environments when they are young so when you are a single parent ready to date just be weary of this and organise your dates appropriately.
When your kids do see this new person in your life they will naturally be defensive. Introduce him as your new friend first!
There are a ton of ways to meet single parents such as
A dating website is a great discreet way of finding single parents that are in a similar situation. It’s also a really quick way to find new people so it’s easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Other Single Parent Dating Issues

Now you may be in the situation where you are dating the parent with the kids or you have the kids. Either way one person is going to have to deal with ex partners and the potential jealously and awkward moments that this causes. Non parents may not really get the complications that come about when you have kids to feed.
In this case there are some conflicts of interest and the non parent is going to have to be very understanding about how they approach the situation. They might want to run out and go partying or travelling around the world but there are obvious complications when children are involved.

No Horror Divorce Stories

Ease up on the crazy ex and divorce stories until you really trust your new partner. They don’t want to hear about your past dating issues or anything about what he used to do! He/She may have been a big part of your life but they are gone.

Rebound Dating

Ensure that you are 110% over your past relationship before moving on. Dealing with hardship, guilt and breakups in general are tough but you need to be ready to open up again. Allow a substantial period of time before you move on (but not too long), you want to get on with your life! You will know when the time is right to move on and start dating again.
If you have children to take care of I would recommend dating a fellow single parent. They understand what it takes to go through a divorce and having children of their own will bond the two of you through mutual interest.
So dating when you are a single parent holds various complications!
For one you need to keep yourself safe from another emotional rollercoaster
You need to keep your children safe as they grow up through the crucial stages of their life
But on the other hand you want to share your life with loved ones and find your life partner.
Considering single parent dating?
Remember that you are the role model in your children’s lives!
Remember that dating single parents raise new unseen issues
Remember to heal yourself before moving on
Once you are ready go for it! I wish you all the best.

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