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Singles Parent Meet
Meet attractive single parents today at
The same company that brought you eHarmony and has expanded into the single parents dating arena
It can be tough being a single mom or dad with children to look after. Children and dating usually don’t mix so well due to the “you have baggage” claim. Singles who have choice would rather not have to deal with other children being in the family so tend to stick with singles that are free of past relationship extras.
Single parent meet is clearly the biggest online dating site catering to just single parents. This mom and pop dating site has an average age of 35-40 with a even spread of men and women. The challenges of brining up kids can now be shared between two when you meet other singles in the same situation as you are.
You can become a single mother or father through divorce, life choice/separation, adoption or even death. Whatever path lead you to becoming single with kids the fact is that we all need to be loved and your child needs a father/mother figure in their lives.
Single Mother and Father dating plans are always great to set up so that you know what you want out of this online dating experience.
To be successful at single parent meet you are going to have to accept your situation and move on. However easy or hard that will be for you… it is vital that you are willing to open your heart to someone else before you start your journey with singleparentmeet.
This new dating chapter in your life is a great opportunity to start fresh and move forward.
The next step is to decide and write down exactly what you are in this for. Some mothers and fathers are not looking for another marriage but rather a casual relationship to fill a void.
If you are certain that you are done with marriage for awhile be sure to let the members within singleparentmeet know that before you begin leading anyone on.
Likewise ask the members what they are looking for so you don’t have any unwelcomed dating nightmares at the end of it all.
Socializing with other couples and singles is vital in the process of healing and moving on from past experiences. This may take a bit of trial and error and thats fine but don’t expect that it will happen with you staying in the house all day.
Get out there and speak up about your views. When it comes to socializing it helps to join clubs and sports teams to meet new people.
Single Parents Meet is also another great place for you to meet single mothers and fathers. These single moms and dads are in your position so you will have a lot to talk about. Just don’t talk to much about your past life with your ex etc. Keep things positive and forward thinking.
Finally if you are new to online dating this single parent meet thing might come across a little weird for you.
Test the waters and take your time. If you are feeling nervous other members are feeling the same way.
Know what you want and go out and get it
As with any other dating site singleparentmeet is free to sign up – search users and send flirts so why not have a look who is in your area today.
With 1000 users signing up every day singles parents meet has success stories to tell which can be seen at:

Single Parent Meet – The Good

According to, is 8 times bigger than any other matching service for single mothers and fathers.

Single Parent Meet – The Bad

Cannot filter members by personality which limits search functionality. Users suggesting that profile could have fields that include information about children
Cost per Month: From $9.95
Free Trial: Yes, searching and sending flirts.

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